It’s When You Eat! It’s Also What You Eat!

I have been following Intermittent Fasting, religiously since the 19th of January 2019 and I have benefited immensely from the program.

But I used the eating window of 8 hours or less to deliberately enjoy the food I liked best like the unique ‘Kunju’s Jamroll’.

Now, a mini veteran in the wellness world, I take a review of events. And intermittent fasting is the best I have done with numerous benefits.

But I take medicine for a slightly higher blood sugar to get it under control. Is that alright or should I take a re-look!

Dr. Jason Fung’s book ‘the Diabetes Code’ is an eye opener. One can reverse type 2 diabetes completely without medicine and medicine can be very bad for health.

Intermittent Fasting helped me to reduce the medicine by a fourth. Then I tried some of the recommendations of Dr. Fung, and yes I can get normal readings without medicine, by way of adjusting diet, some exercise and intermittent fasting.

That’s why it’s not only ‘when you eat’, but also ‘what you eat’ that matters.

This is true for other good things like losing weight, getting rid of belly fat and boosting immunity etc.

I also learned that ‘sugar is poison’ and ‘fructose is cyanide’.

It’s When You Eat! It’s Also What You Eat!

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