DOT School of Design, Chennai

It was the YouTube video (link attached in this post) by my niece Elizabeth Josep, Academic Coordinator for the design school that attracted my attention to Chennai based ‘DOT School of Design’.

People involved are with sterling background mostly from National Institute of Design and National Institute of Technology.

With hands on training, Industry experiences and placement support, the courses offered are good opportunity for students with design aptitude. The courses are university accredited.

The admission process begins with an online aptitude test. And rightly so.

I thought, I could assist aspiring design graduates by passing on the details and information.

Though totally unconnected, Elizabeth Joseph acted in Malayalam movie ‘Varane Aavashyamund’ the other member of our family with movie exposure after my role as President of India in ‘Kettiolanu ente maalakha’.

Watch her on YouTube:

DOT School of Design, Chennai

One thought on “DOT School of Design, Chennai

  1. I am really happy to hear about the new design school in Chennai. This is a great opportunity for students looking for hands-on education and interested in making an impact on society. I have some friends that would be perfect candidates!


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