Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

The world is fighting an epidemic and most of us have no clue as to how to manage it.

Wash your hands several times, social distancing, wear masks etc are precautions. Then there are lockdowns, quarantine, containment zones etc as imposed restrictions.

Herd immunity is something being spoken about. Let me start with what I imagined what it could be! (Caution: this has no scientific backing or verified results, just a figment of my imagination).

Healthy people get the virus. Their strong immune system attacks the virus and make it very weak or kill it. They in turn pass the weakened virus through contact to others. These transmitted viruses are weaker after being attacked by the strong immune humans. The transmitted weak virus gets resistance inside the new body.

This then become the norm and the virus is defeated. This is what I thought herd immunity is all about.

Look at the above Pinterest image. It’s telling something similar.

No blame on anyone who keep people away indoors. But did the lockdowns and quarantine work? Perhaps yes and perhaps no.

Then we’ve the Swedish model where the government just took the backseat and relied on people to take precautions on their own. No specific lockdown and least damage to economy and livelihood of people.

Now Sweden has the least bad news from the pandemic.

Not many want to experiment which could be termed as playing with people’s lives. But the need to survive is getting countries to unlock even before the vaccine.

There will be a spike, but results already show that the mortality rate is majorly down.

People may go bankrupt and die economically if not unlocked. If herd immunity is acquired in the process, it’s a blessing. Albeit, late!

Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

9 thoughts on “Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

  1. Nopes it is not. There is no Herd immunity in this. The virus has mutated 21 times so far and still going strong. It has not weakened. In fact, now people are coming with scarred lungs and difficulty in breathing, there’s dementia and chronic exhaustion. One study has found 40 % of unsymptomatic patients have come up with myocarditis some of them fatal after 3 to 6 months of exposure. Herd immunity is for a virus which is found in nature not for engineered virus.

    So stay at home and be safe as far as possible. There are too many deaths happening. Even one death is catastrophic for a family. So I don’t agree with your points as the medical literature shows evidence of how deadly this virus is.

    Sweden may have had the least bad results because something in their body resists it naturally not because of Herd immunity that needs further research.

    The news does not report it, the youngsters are dying now and more people are having complications even when they have no co morbid conditions. The virus has become virulent now which I thought was becoming milder. So this has not shown a single side of it becoming milder. Don’t underestimate this virus please. It is deadly.

    I know more about the inside things happening as teh world seems to have forgotten pandemic in this need to fight other political agenda. The selfishness of humanity has been exposed now.

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    1. Kurian says:

      My God, this is really scary. Perhaps the world has to think about actions which will stop engineered viruses for ever.
      I hope the vaccine will be available soon. Otherwise the lockdown and continued economic impact will be catastrophic.
      Thank you for the insights Shalini

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      1. Let the economy reset. It is high time it does that. The virus is killing health and the policy makers are killing us with their laws and strange taxes. You know there is 18% GST on a mask? An essential item and the government didn’t think of making it tax free?

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      2. Kurian says:

        Mask GST is a good valid point.
        On the whole the situation is frightening. I hope people with the knowledge and duty will take appropriate steps to get us over with this problem


      1. I lost my student on Saturday and my colleagues in the past month. That is not getting reported. More than half of docs are infected and some are struggling, that is not getting reported. Docs have not been paid since May. That is not getting reported. Apparently Sushant Singh Rajput is more important than the virus killing people. Do you know they don’t have a record of hoe many migrants died? They don’t care. Because Bollywood is more important. On the other side elections is more important. Tourism is what is more important. The virus has caused a re-infection in some because of the mutation. So please don’t believe anything what is told in the news. Everything is told to sell and for making money.
        Instead of trying to find a cure they are spending on vaccine. How do you find a vaccine for a virus which has mutated 21 times in 6 months so roughly 3.5 times a month?

        As a society we have lost all that is good in us.

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