The Dilemma with ‘Social Dilemma’.

‘The Social Dilemma’ is touted as a Netflix sensation. I saw many Victor Frankenstein‘s coming up and apologising for creating tech monsters.

It sounded more like a warning with probably a hidden pride at creating such an addiction.

The best message perhaps is the mention that only two industries call their customers ‘users’; the drug cartel and technology!

Or that I am an addict, I use social media extensively. Not quite yet as I don’t use Twitter, the largest circulator where people talk in riddles and hashtags.

The Frankenstein here doesn’t kill the creators. They are laughing all the way to the banks.

How about this, we become custodians of morality, nature lovers and all things good. And we use social media to talk about these good things extensively.

The algorithms are stupid and may defy the intent of their creators and start focusing on good things. Whenever someone access social media, he will be bombarded with good messages.

Beat them at their on game. We are the ‘users’.

The Dilemma with ‘Social Dilemma’.

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