Follow Wise Words, For A Healthy Daily Drink.

I follow a doctor friend for tips on healthy living and solutions to sporadic issues in my quest for wellness.

Ginger juice was advised for stomach issues caused by prolonged fasting and lower belly workout.

As a disciplined follower, I went ahead planning ginger juice for daily consumption.

Ginger is not a friendly root. It’s taken from soil, uneven in shape and slightly hard to deal with.

Namdharis is a good place for quality products. And I bought some ginger from there. I was reminded of the large, shapely and juicy looking ginger that I saw in Vietnam and Cambodia. But what I got are small and hard ones.

Washed the roots quite a few times and removed the skin which was a huge task. Then grated the root on a handheld grater.

I then put the grated ginger in a mixer along with a small quantity of water and ground it to make into a pulp.

The juice was then extracted using cheese cloth.

The fresh juice don’t have shelf life and it’s difficult to make it everyday.

So I poured the juice into ice cream trays and put them in the freezer.

One cube a day with honey is going to be a healthy juice, good to overcome the bloating issues.

Here’s a link to the YouTube channel of the doctor. It’s mostly in Malayalam language. I recommend my mallu friends to subscribe to the channel.

Follow Wise Words, For A Healthy Daily Drink.

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