Avacado Dark Chocolate Pudding

Avacado is healthy fruit and good fat. There are plenty of them in Bangalore and I have done many delicious smoothies and guacamoles.

Change makes it interesting. There are salads and those on toast with eggs are all options done. That’s when I chanced upon this idea, pudding.

Scoop out the ripe avacado and run it in a mixer. This is my wife’s method. The recipe talks about mixing everything together. But this method makes the contents smoothier.

Add honey and chocolate powder into the mashed avocado in the mixer and mix the contents into a very smooth consistency.

Transfer the contents into cups, chill for a while and the pudding is ready.

Put a sprinkle of sea salt on top to get that differentiated taste.

It’s really good and healthy.

I may try variations like adding coconut milk and freezing the pudding, to be softened in the mixer again before serving.

And you know what, the recipe is from the YouTube video by none other than Martha Stewart!

Avacado Dark Chocolate Pudding

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