Intermittent Fasting, and still three meals a day!

Imagine having breakfast, lunch and dinner and still do intermittent fasting and gain the benefits. That should be acceptable to all.

16.8 is the normal so far, and one needs to skip a meal which is not okay to some, especially when it’s breakfast on the block.

It’s possible to win going slow and steady. Remember the tortoise who won the race against the hare. He has been winning ever since in every motivational story.

Consider this, have the breakfast at 9 am, lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 7pm. That looks normal, isn’t it? Just that, don’t have anything other than water from 7 pm to next day 9 am. Well there’s sleeping time of 7 to 8 hours in it.

14 fasting hours have at least 2 hours of burning of stored fat. Weight loss and the numerous other IF benefits follow.

What about autophagy, the dream benefit of IF! High intensity workout would induce that. But HIIT is not for all. Remember the tortoise is the hero and he needs to win.

I am on a 20.4 schedule and I used to workout real hard burning some 1400 calories in such moves. Lost 14 kgs and waist size shrank 4 to 5 inches.

Initially the energy was good. Then some anxiety with all the talk about losing skeletal muscles in longer fasts and strenuous workout. Oh no, and hence workout calories reduced to 800. Hopefully autophagy is happening.

I also started with 16.8 and two meals. But how about 14.10 and three meals! Now the question is why everyone is not doing it. Let’s do it, for the benefits are many.

Slow and steady, and win.

Intermittent Fasting, and still three meals a day!

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