Kulfi Like Fig Icecream

I got some fresh figs (20 smaller sized) and an idea to make icecream with them came up. More so after the delicious seethaphalam (custard apple) Icecream from neighbor’s daughter.

Scooped the inside of the fruits and added some granola cereals for any crunchy bite that it can bring.

I am not following any recipe here and I can pick and choose what ingredients should go in. Perhaps for the first time I added white sugar. But instead of milk, I added thick coconut milk. And for a creamy mix, added a tablespoon and half of condensed milk.

I thought about some food colour, but decided against it as the fig provided a slight pink tint and kulfi look.

Mixed all the ingredients in a mixer. The contents came up very creamy, which is not bad. But I was thinking of kulfi.

Took a teaspoon and half of Agar Agar, added some water and boiled it. Mixed it well in creamy mix with an egg beater.

Poured the contents into a rectangular container and put it in the freezer, covered with thin foil.

The fig kulfi Icecream block looked attractive. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before enjoying some and sharing a good portion with the neighbors.

The photo is of what’s left behind.

Next time, I will be equipped with some kulfi essence.

Kulfi Like Fig Icecream

4 thoughts on “Kulfi Like Fig Icecream

  1. Kate Irani says:

    I love the conversation type narrative. Makes it very easy to follow. I’m going to try it by adding some pistachios instead of the granola. Does the granola stay crunchy in the milk?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kurian says:

      It didn’t. I didn’t have pistachio at that time. Pistachio will make it more kulfi like.
      I am going get some kulfi essence next time.
      Thank you Kate.


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