Louki (Bottle Gourd) Ice Cream.

When mind has to sin, it will sin! There are certain things that will console one in such indulgences.

Before telling what it is, I am remembering the masterpiece of all such consolations when it was penned regarding the Movie Diva of yesteryears, Greta Garbo.

The conscious sinner said ‘if mind has to sin, it can at least console itself of the immaculate selection’.

All of us want to cut on sugar, but there’s real sweetness in sugar. So there’s sugar in icecream, but consolation is that it’s Louki icecream.

Grate skinned and seed removed bottle gourd. Boil half litre of milk. Add grated Louki into boiling milk and allow it to cook till the quantity becomes about half.

Add the sweet villain sugar to your taste along with a tsp of cardamom powder. Mix well. Add green food colour and cook for another 2 minutes.

Switch off and allow the mix to cool. Mix the cooled contents in a mixer. Pour into a container and add some crushed almonds. Mix well and keep in freezer.

One can dream of something sweet while enjoying the very tasty icecream. Remember, the consolation is that it’s the healthy Louki.

Louki (Bottle Gourd) Ice Cream.

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