Is This Tree With Beautiful Flowers the ‘Sacred Tree’?

One of the most pleasing features of my time on the terrace in Bangalore for yoga, is the view of these trees with beautiful flowers.

Is the name of the tree ‘flame of the forest’! Can’t be as another flowering tree is also called by the name. Flame of the forest then is not the name of the tree, but just an expression of the fire like feeling, seeing these colours on green.

Google tells me that it’s Butea monosperma. There are several names for the tree in india. One is Agni, God of Fire, sacred tree etc.

But then there’s this ignominious one, bastard teak.

I am fascinated with the sacred features. Butea monosperma is a sacred tree, called as a treasurer of the gods. Sacred utensils are made from its wood. The flowers are used as in place of blood in sacrifice rituals to goddess kali. The dry stem pieces are offered to make sacred fire. Butea monosperma is an anthropogenic tree of several castes. (Searched results).

The flowers are used to prepare a traditional Holi colour called “Kesari”. It is also used as a dye for fabric.

Good to know these amazing features of these trees and it’s very beautiful flowers.

Is This Tree With Beautiful Flowers the ‘Sacred Tree’?

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