Many Things in Common in Maths, Music & Cooking.

A friend of mine quoted his professor as saying this. Mix different ingredients and you get different products.

There’s immense happiness in mastering any or all of them. And the variations by mixing different ingredients add to the thrill.

That’s why I am so happy to read his message. It encourages me to try different things.

Actually it’s not exactly the way I wanted though here, as I am following my favourite youtuber Zaikastreet for this peanut barfi.

I am talking about the sugar that I really wanted to avoid. True, most pleasures come through a sin.

Perhaps one can do penance by burning the glucose and fructose with some heavy workout.

The recipe is in the link. Since it’s in Hindi, I am briefly describing it here.

Heat one and half cup of raw peanuts in a tawa till it’s mildly roasted and ready to remove the husk.

Not an easy job, and a moram would have been handy.

I just imagined how it was done in the childhood days and managed to get the thin husk fly away without the moram.

Allow the toasted peanuts to return to room temperature. Then grind them in a mixer. One has to be careful here. Grinding too fine will make it into peanut butter (I almost did it with the result it had an oily tinge)

Heat 3/4 cup of water and add 3/4 cups of sugar. Stir the mix to a consistency when it becomes sticky.

Add the powdered peanuts and continue mixing till it reaches the thick consistency. I added 1/2 teaspoon of cardamom powder for the flavour.

Take two tablespoon of the mix and add some crushed nuts and kismiss. I had cashew, almonds, pumpkin seeds and kismiss in it and mix well.

Roll the mix into a long shape on a greased tin foil as shown in the video. Roll it up and keep in the freezer.

Add food colour (ideally yellow) to the remaining mix and knead it well for the colour to mix well. Spread on two greased tin foils. Place the frozen pieces on top and carefully roll as shown in the video.

Keep in the freezer for sometime and cut into desired sizes.

Many Things in Common in Maths, Music & Cooking.

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