An Easy & Healthy Snack.

Ragi powder (Finger Millet) is healthier than wheat, rice, maida etc that we usually use to make adas, chappathy and other snacks.

Ripe Kerala banana enhances it’s taste when boiled or cooked. And banana fritters is a famous evening snack.

But the batter is refined flour (maida) and rice powder. What if we bring in ragi here.

I used a simple, easy to make technique and the output is a wonderful snack option which is healthy too.

Roast two cups of ragi flour. Steam two Kerala bananas with skin till it’s soft (4 to 5 minutes)

When cooled down sufficiently, mix and mash both together. Add one cup of fresh grated coconut and half a teaspoon of cardamom seed powder. Add salt to taste.

Make the dough into small sized balls, fitting in the palm. No water is required. Spread them into round ada shape by hand on a chappathy rolling wood.

Shallow fry them on both sides in a tawa with coconut oil.

Delicious and healthy ragi ada is ready.

An Easy & Healthy Snack.

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