It Tastes Better With Traditions!

A hot coffee or tea from the roadside while on a drive is quite refreshing.

Coffee and tea get ingrained into our daily routine as a necessary beverage.

And there comes the likes of Starbucks, taking the beverage to different levels. Convenience brings in disposable cups with combinations and additives trying to justify the price.

That’s when one yearns for a quiet coffee or tea, sitting down at home or restaurant, sipping it in a regular porcelain cup.

And then, once in a while you drive rural and get refreshed in a roadside stall. Coffee and for that matter Kerala tea are frothed in glass tumblers, making it uniquely tasty.

Well, then glass tumblers have something to do with it.

So I am here with my coffee in a glass tumbler and it’s better.

It Tastes Better With Traditions!

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