‘Pettiyum Parayum’, Keeping Paddy Fields Green.

We have been to the new fabulous house of my niece, built near their paddy fields. It was an opportunity to learn something about rice cultivation which was getting relegated on profitability concerns.

Not any more! At least that it’s what I learned. It’s profitable with a Minimum Support Price (MSP) from the government.

There’s something else that’s keeping the paddy fields green. The traditional “Pettim Parayum” seen in the short video here.

Water is moved in and out from the enclosed paddy fields using this traditional mechanism.

The machines are back to life with MSP and citizens are happy with a backing subsidy which is 100% in Covid times.

Is MSP on threat! Oh no, that will upset everything. Perhaps Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to be recognised. It’s even putting up candidates for election and winning. But not at the cost of farmers.

But in my story here, the heroes are not the government or the farmers or the citizens enjoying food for free; it’s the taxpayers like us.

Our contribution is to be recognised as PSR (Personal Social Responsibility). To make everyone happy!

‘Pettiyum Parayum’, Keeping Paddy Fields Green.

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