Making Of a Chef! The Role Of Ingredients.

You have to do it when you’re just an amateur in cooking, but have a great passion for it, derive satisfaction in making food and follow some great recipes. You have to have the right ingredients at arms length.

We have the usual salt, pepper, chillies, coriander etc etc available, as they are for daily use.

But there are ingredients used once in a while, sometimes just a pinch of it but which would make all the difference between a great dish and something just to satisfy hunger.

Many of them are rare, not always available in the corner shop and one has to turn to Amazon.

But then, you decide to split the living in Kochi and Bangalore! There’s a way to avoid looking for ‘buy one, get one free’. Just buy one and carry with you.

Here’s some of them, brought from Kochi, which will go back with us from Bangalore when we return.

Saffron, for example is pricier than gold, but biriyani has no ‘dum’ without it.

Then there’s shrimp paste for that exclusive taste for the Thai green curry, Bamboo shoot for the shrimp dim sum and lemon grass powdered for that oriental taste.

Because, the right ingredients can make you a chef.

Making Of a Chef! The Role Of Ingredients.

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