Tamarind Balls. We, in Conversation!

When I made Tamarind Balls last time I mentioned about using dates to bind them together. Took the powder with that idea, but entered into a conversation with my ingredients.

Tamarind Powder (TP): Make sure to roast me well. And Grind the roasted rice (Rice) too.

Rice: Hmmm I have been the staple food. Now the newcomer TP is telling what to do with me. Anyway use Nutribullet to powder well.

Cranberries (Cranbe) from the fridge: Hey I have sitting here in the cold for long. Try me instead of dates. Use Nutribullet to prepare me.

TP and Rice: Good idea. Will give a tangy feel.

Grated Coconut (Coco): I am ready to go in.

Me: I am mixing all of you. But a bit dry still.

Chakka Varatty (CV): I am here. The best of best.

Me: Come on in. But why are you not mixing.

CV: Mixing, I am like the queen bee. The super food and your favourite. Let them all join around me. Woooohaahaa.

Cranbe: No way, I am the imported one. You paid in dollars. I am the superior.

CV: Remember your daughter said in London. Cranbe is for old people.

Rice: He is not old. Look at him. And the mind is of a teenager.

Me: But CV, when you’re there, I will have to eat all. You’re Sautan (other wife) according to her. She may refuse to eat.

CV chuckles. And by then the 69 balls ( laddus) are ready.

Tamarind Balls. We, in Conversation!

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