About Cholesterol, Do We Know Enough!

Picture credit, heart foundation New Zealand

Cholesterol has been a bad word. It has been used as the single most important measure of our heart strength!

But off late, there are murmurs about it and doubts about if the doctors are right.

Statin, the ‘go to’ medicine when the cholesterol reading is above 200 may be a worse word, considering the side effects. Especially when it’s used without understanding when cholesterol is bad.

Apparently 200 is just a number. What adds upto 200 is more important.

Moreover, proven techniques like intermittent fasting can give us good markers on cholesterol, without statin and the likes.

I watched a video by my favourite wellness practitioner and thought I should share it with my friends.

Please watch this video for a detailed explanation.

About Cholesterol, Do We Know Enough!

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