Rafa is my kind of a Champion.

Picture credit: Google

Rafael Nadal is my favourite champion.

He’s a champion tennis player, and he’s also a wonderful human being.

Here in the picture, he’s planting a loving consoling kiss on the ball girl, who he accidentally hit with the ball. The girl’s expression tells it all. What a beautiful thing to do!

Good, strong men cry! They cry on success, excitement and when something precious happen. Here I have something in common with Rafa. Tears come to me when I see something empathetic and heroic.

Rafa must be owning the world record in tears, holding championship trophies.

The best tribute came from Roger Federer. When Federer won in 2009 on clay in French Open, Rafa cried. Federer said, Rafa cried for him! He was so happy that Federer won.

That’s why he always comes back after many injuries and win. What a Champ! What a human!

Rafa is my kind of a Champion.

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