Personal Social Responsibility- Covid Times.

We bought three Imam Pasand mangoes online from a local store.
These are the best mangoes we tasted this season and it was at a reasonable price of ₹100.
Some private mango growers offer the same mango at ₹300 calling them organic.
There’s an offer from Organic Mango Farmers Association, Muthalamada, which is the mango place in Kerala. Their prices are in the range of ₹25 per kg for local varieties and ₹70 the highest for the premium Alphonso mangoes. They need help as they can’t export.
The minimum order is 20 kg, but delivery charges to anywhere in Kerala is only ₹200. Kerala based people can contact Benny at mobile 8547297584 or 9446437584. They will send matured raw mangoes which get done in a couple of days.
I wish that fruit and vegetable stores get them in bulk and deliver through solicited online orders after a decent marked up profit.
Consumers get good organic mangoes at reasonable prices and the growers who can’t export are assisted.
Remember Ruchir Sharma in Financial Times ‘Billionaire Boom: How Covid cash ended up in the wallets of the rich’.
Many of us might have seen some inexplicable surge in our stock market portfolio, while common people are suffering in this pandemic times.
We should invoke the Personal Social Responsibility (ISR if CSR is not working)

Personal Social Responsibility- Covid Times.

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