World Milk Day

Image credit: Pinterest

Today’s World Milk Day. And let’s celebrate it at a time when physical celebrations are orphaned with pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

Milk is sacred word, linking every child to the mother in the most loving way of transferring love and life.

A child in everyone then grow out of it, but get tied down again mostly with cow’s milk for growing up.

Some of us think it’s macho if we change the colour from white to brown with strong coffee. But milk is milk and today’s the world day.

Interestingly the white revolution in India is credited to my name sake from Anand in Gujarat.

As a mark of my respect and honour to this symbol of love and affection, I am celebrating the Milk Day by using cow milk for my coffee today instead of the coconut milk.

Well then coconut milk is also white and milk.


World Milk Day

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