Jack of all Fruits. It’s the Jackfruit Era.

News Channel Wion covered Jackfruit in one of their broadcasts and it’s heartening for me coming from the jackfruit place Kerala.

The biggest and probably the most beneficial of all fruits was once a backyard nuisance (as mentioned in the broadcast). It’s true, as I remember from the childhood days.

The Vegan food preference is now taking jackfruit to the world stage. Culinary experts say that it is the most resembling taste substitute to meat.

I am a jackfruit lover. The best is the ripe fruits, but now there are many things to explore such as cutlets, burgers, biriyani etc. made of jackfruit.

This is in addition to the chakka varatty, chakka undas and chakka chips that I have the privilege to make myself.

I am sharing the news channel link. It’s the jackfruit era.


Jack of all Fruits. It’s the Jackfruit Era.

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