Reset The Circadian Clock In Lockdown.

picture credit: pinterest

The Circadian Rhythm is upset in our modern life where we tend to be mostly shift workers or night owls.

Ancient wisdom and lifestyle were led by environmental advantages of bright daytime and peaceful nighttime.

Then came the viruses limiting life expectancy to below 50. The scientist in man invented vaccines and life expectancy is shooting up to 80 and beyond.

Unknowingly all work and play moved to nighttime upsetting the rhythm which accelerated chronic diseases into the longer life.

In the ongoing battle between virus and vaccine, there is an opportunity to reset the clock during the lockdown by bringing back most work and play to daytime.

Adopt the Circadian Rhythm into lifestyle. Absorb daylight, eat only during daytime, sleep well at night and exercise morning and or early evening. Thus enjoy a healthy aging.

Recommend reading: ‘The Circadian Code’ by Dr. Sachin Panda.

Reset The Circadian Clock In Lockdown.

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