Laddu and Jilebi of Paradise!

‘Thou shan’t eat these’, shouts the mind in wellness paradise.
The only way is not to go near the forbidden tree. The serpent is not just showing them, but hisses ‘remember Best and Rosarios’
The laddu and jilebi from these two bakeries in Kottayam (now closed down) of my childhood were just divine. Worth losing paradise!
Temptation revived when a bakery in Tripunithara near Kochi come out with these rare beauties.
The laddu is brittle with rock sugar and comes with raisins. The jilebi, well folklore has it that heavenly juice is injected with a large syringe after making usual jilebi.
Paradise is not lost fully. I managed to stop with half a laddu (well, maybe two third) on the first go.
But, the serpent says that the paradise keeper is jealous. ‘Come, have it all, and make paradise a heaven’.

Laddu and Jilebi of Paradise!

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