Mangosteen And Rambuttan

These exotic tropical fruits are embraced wholeheartedly by people in my State, Kerala. That they are almost local seasonal fruits like jackfruit and mango, and all season’s fruits like papaya and pineapple.
Both are covered with unique outer shells which protects them from birds and squirrels. Well almost. But then, nature feeds all.
The delicious flesh covers the seeds. The seeds are sticky when chewed in the mouth, though the cloned varieties of Rambuttan easily peels off and mangosteen leaves four out of the five pods inside, seedless (sometimes).
Both are opened by slightly crushing the outer skin with the thumb side of the palm.
I like eating them just like that, some 20 of them at a time.
Adventurous people have started making ice creams and payasam with them.

Mangosteen And Rambuttan

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