Learning From Young And Bright Minds.

I just read a blog post from a young friend who wrote on ‘Novelty, Dopamine, Follow-through and Persistence’ (@decodinghappyness) and I am like, ‘I have found the best things to do’.

There’s in fact a challenge to readers of the blog to spell out two things in Novelty and Persistence that could give the Dopamine effect.

And I am thrilled to realise that it is easy for me to identify and they are 1. Acquire six pack 2. Explore chances to act in movies.

Both to me are novel and involve persistence to achieve.

Going for it!

Goal set, with learning from young and bright mind

Learning From Young And Bright Minds.

Dream In Uniform! Walter Mitty Style!

The discipline and fame in uniform has always attracted me. With two of my brothers as police officers, the power and respect were definite aspirations.

My country went to a few wars other than world wars. That’s when the focus moved from law enforcement police, to country’s defenders, the soldiers.

And I wanted to join the defence forces and wrote the exams and came out with flying colours. That’s how I went to Meerut Service Selection Board for the final selection.

And I was there with 19 other contestants (I am No. 12) who were sons or nephews of military generals or similar ranks, and who all studied in military schools and trained on the test hurdles.

Actually I fell from the rope on stage seven of the eleven hurdles thus scoring only 21 out of 55, but came back rich in experience and my first multicultural group of friends.

The fascination to uniform continued.

In remote Kerala, going to war was mistakenly associated to dying for the country. That’s around the time when I saw the movie ‘Patton’.

The movie was released at the time when I was at the Service Selection Board, but I saw it a bit later when it was released in India.

The opening scene and Patton’s speech of the movie revived the fascination.

“No poor dumb bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making other dumb bastards die for their country”.

George C Scot after the movie started signing his name ‘George C Patton’.

And you can imagine what the self proclaimed dreamer ‘Walter Mitty’ can do.

I have thus led several wars and won as Generals and sometimes as Field Marshals.

Dream In Uniform! Walter Mitty Style!

And I Am A Movie Actor!

I am an actor in this Malayalam language movie.

The movie just got released yesterday. I have a small but important role in the movie acting as the president of India, presenting an award to the hero of the movie Asif Ali.

From feedback, initial reports and the ‘BookMyShow’ review (90%) the movie is a success.

The house (shown here) where most of the movie frames are filmed is our house where I grew up.

I am super excited to be part of a movie and a successful one for that matter.

And I Am A Movie Actor!

Bangalore- There’s Always Something About It!

‘Unliveable’ many would say getting frustrated at the traffic jams plaguing the once garden city, Bangalore.

But there’s always something about the place! Many a times I would wonder what it is.

The weather, yes at 3000 feet above sea level, the city enjoys a very comfortable mild weather. When asked, this is the first mention as a plus for the city.

Bangalore certainly has evolved over the years, not just into the name Bengaluru but from garden city and retirement paradise into the undisputed Silicon Valley.

That drives the techies to migrate here. I remember someone telling an interesting story of world’s richest man making a data based decision. His analytics found a large number of experts from Indian state of Andhra Pradesh working in his company.

That made Microsoft to open their second development centre outside USA in the state. But apparently the preference of these talents after USA is to work in Bangalore.

The migration brings in more jobs, employers, buildings, home demand, taxes and traffic.

Many of world’s back offices are located here. But like a Bombayite who just shifted said ‘there’s no night life in Bangalore while Mumbai never sleeps’. He however added hastily ‘but I like it here’.

Perhaps those working on US timings may get inside their offices by 9 pm when the city goes to sleep.

There’re pockets of hope and progress. Namma Metro, the city’s rail network, though terribly delayed is set to be totally covered when completed. The segments already completed are running full and brimming.

And then this view from our balcony in Jayanagar. Here’s a forest before the 270 degrees view of the Bangalore skyline. We can point at the landmark buildings from World Trade Centre in Yashwantpur through to Vidhan Soudha, Kanteerava stadium, UB City, my former office in ‘Raheja Towers’, Koramangala, Banarghatta to Sarjapur.

The title ‘Garden City’ may be in dispute, but Bangalore still has those trees protected dearly by the well wishing residents.

Bangalore- There’s Always Something About It!

Wellness Is Best Achieved In Groups.

We have a small but active group of intermittent fasters and we notice that group communication and sharing of experiences have resulted in better outcome in the fasting program.

I am happy to reproduce here my message to the group today:

“Broadcast on Intermittent Fasting:

I think it’s time to reflect and see what we as a group should be looking for at the minimum.

One thing we can say with confidence is that all of us want to get rid off the excess fat.

And we know that calories from food supply energy for the body to do even minimum things. And that energy from food gets exhausted after sometime, definitely in 12 hours if we don’t eat.

After 12 hours of clean starving we still do things and body needs energy for that. This energy source is there in us, stored as excess fat. So excess fat is taken if we continue starving beyond 12 hours.

And the energy requirement and burning excess fat will get accelerated if we exercise during the period.

Of course, we need to think what the body will do after all such excess stored fat are used up.

Well, we are at the risk of our body starting to eat our muscles. Good thing is that none of us are anywhere near that stage as we have stored enough and more fat.

So getting rid of excess fat is our primary target.

And then, what if the fat is taken from the belly side first! Great no!

What if that include the ‘love handles’ that’s around the waist. Divine! as we can handle it without that handle.

When we do clean fasting for minimum of 16 hours, fat and size reduction is inevitable.

By the way, this is better way than extreme dieting. A sick look is probable in a dieting, while we tend to do it with a nice look.

To give a personal example, a friend who saw me recently, after about 4 months, told me that I have reduced in a nice way.

Do clean fasting for 16 hours, 4 to 6 days in a week. Longer the time, the better. Please try clean fasting, no black coffee, green tea or dark chocolate, just water.

Let’s start using our fat for energy.

Our ultimate goal of course is autophagy.

Kurian Jacob”

Some of the benefits we discuss on Intermittent Fasting are:

1. Weight loss

2. Improved glucose control

3. Reduced cholesterol

4. Reduced liver fat

5. Improved blood pressure

6. Increased endurance

7. Better sleep

8. Brain health

9. Rapidly increased production of human growth hormones

10. Improved insulin sensitivity

11. Reduction of markers of inflammation which is key driver of many chronic diseases.

12. May prevent cancer

13. Probable protection against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

14. Anti aging benefits

15. Repair of damaged cells and regeneration of new ones (autophagy benefits”

Should you be interested in benefitting by joining the group, please send a message to me on my whatsapp number +91 9400056031 and see how it works better as a team.

Of course, individual privacy and phone number are confidential in the broadcast group. As the mentor, only I have a global view of who the members are.

It’s surely a better way to benefit maximum from this wellness program.

Wellness Is Best Achieved In Groups.

Those Floating Vessels On The Backwaters!

It’s not only the migratory birds that make the balcony view exciting. There are these boats and barges of different sizes, shapes and purposes that’s a treat to the eye.

And occasionally something like this happen! Identical boats traveling in opposite directions meet giving almost a mirror image.

They didn’t stop, they didn’t speak but I am sure there was a glance. Perhaps it’s love at first sight, for they moved on faster, excited.

There went many and more are coming. It’s fascinating to capture them all.

It’s then boat watching also for the birdwatcher.

Those Floating Vessels On The Backwaters!

Book Blitz: ‘Mercy’ by Stephen Bentley.o

I am doing a Book Blitz for the book ‘Mercy’ by author Stephen Bentley, thanks to Shalini and her Digital Reads Blog Tour.


His daughter was taken. He’ll never get her back.

Set in the near future, Matt Deal is a British businessman married into a wealthy Florida family.

Mercy, his fifteen-year-old daughter, is the glue in his rocky marriage to Lorey. His life is changed forever after Mercy is brutally sexually assaulted on a Destin beach leaving her in a persistent vegetative state.

Trusting the local detectives to bring the rapists to justice, mixed martial arts expert Deal concentrates in vain on his Florida gym business, only to have his world further explode on learning the men responsible for his daughter’s injuries may escape justice. Deal is isolated and at his wit’s end after his rich father-in-law sends death threats blaming him for all these ills.

Who can he turn to? Where can he go? What will he do? Who can he trust?

Will he return to a post-Brexit Britain or ultimately will he seek revenge?

Fans of Jack Reacher, Barry Eisler, and any vigilante justice novel will love this book.

Genre: crime fiction (noir)/thriller/urban fiction with some graphic scenes and language.



It is on pre-order for only 0.99 until release date November 30 then it will be $3.99.



Paperback universal link http://getbook.at/PAPERBACKMERCY

All digital stores http://bit.ly/2MWEHjF that includes Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple etc. 


As much as he tried to hide it, Deal felt nervous as he knocked on the door of Internal Affairs.

The voice resonated in his head. “Enter.”

It was the tone, the command, the authority in the voice that reminded him why he was nervous. One false word, one false move and I’m fired, he thought.

Reading the open file, Emily Breen looked up through heavy-rimmed glasses before speaking again. “We meet again, Detective Deal. Sit.”

Breen pointed to a regular-looking seat on the opposite side of the desk from her high-backed executive chair. She continued reading. Deal sat watching her in silence.

Peering over her glasses, Breen said, “Remind me. When was the first time we met?”

“I think you know. It’s all there in my file. Larry Etchwell, Coroner’s Court. I was still with the Human Trafficking Department.”

Breen was silent. She appeared to be deep in thought.

Her next words broke the silence. “The psych evaluation is all good. Says you are fit to remain on active duty.”

“Good. I knew that but it’s good to hear the experts say it too.” Deal emphasised experts. The sarcasm wasn’t missed by Breen.

“Deal. You know the score. Why do you make things difficult for yourself?”

Deal ignored caution. “I always do things the hard way. Haven’t you heard?”

Breen ignored him. “What is this thing with the stutter?”

“How do you mean?”

“You’ve seen the report. What you told the shrink.”

“Remind me. What did I say?”

“If you were a rattlesnake, the stutter would be your rattle.”

Deal smiled at the thought of that meeting with the shrink. “Yeah. That’s what I said. It’s a fact.”

“But why? Why a stutter?”

“I don’t fucking know why. Why does a rattlesnake have a rattle?”

“There you go again, Detective Deal.”


“Not helping yourself.”

“Are we done?”

“No. We are not. I have to tell you, one more loss of control. One more death, self-defence or not, you are finished. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you.”

“Good. Is there anything else you wish to say?”

“Can I ask a question?”

“You may.”

“Why does a bird fly?”

“What do you mean?”

“Asking me why I stutter if threatened is like asking a bird why it flies. Why an elephant has big ears. It’s just so. And one other thing – ask these guys what they were going to do to me.”

“I can’t. You killed them.”

“Too right. Before they killed me.” 


Stephen Bentley

Stephen Bentley is a former UK Detective Sergeant, barrister, and author of a bestselling undercover cop memoir. He also writes crime fiction.


Bookbub https://www.bookbub.com/profile/stephen-bentley

HuffPost UK Blogger https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/stephen-bentley/spycops-is-there-such-a-t_b_12857408.html

Website https://www.stephenbentley.info/

Books2Read https://books2read.com/ap/n6Pgrx/Stephen-Bentley

Amazon Author page https://www.amazon.com/Stephen-Bentley/e/B01CNPG7K6/All Author https://allauthor.com/author/stephenbentley/

AI Sheets for trade booksellers may be found here at hendrypublishing.com

Twitter @StephenBentley8

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Book Blitz: ‘Mercy’ by Stephen Bentley.o