My Type of Light Dinner. Vegetable-Fruit Juice.

NutriBullet is star again. I am keen to share this as my new diet/exercise regimen is finally working.

Past mistakes were corrected after watching the videos of Dr. Jason Fung’s and Subah Jain’s presentations.

The 16.8 Intermittent fasting method was started on January 19, 2019 on prompt by my dear friend who sent me the doctor’s presentation.

There was immediate result of about 4 pounds knocked off within the first few days. But then it stood solidly put!

That’s when my niece sent me Ms. Jain’s presentation. And I started on it, which actually is complimentary to the earlier one.

Some of the differences were in how to eat during the 8 hour eating window, information on the time taken for various types of food to come out of the system and what to eat last before fasting.

Such last meal is recommended to be soup and salads which goes out of the system swiftly giving maximum healing hours during fasting.

This is my innovation for such light meal, thanks to NutriBullet. Today’s concoction has iceberg lettuce, carrots, raw mango, apple and kiwi fruit with water and ice. The raw mango gives the much welcome tinge of a pleasant sour taste against the sharply sour on its own.

This light meal, started a few days back, have another 3 pounds taken out of me. More importantly, the visceral fat seems to be going down and the tyre across the waist is flattening.

Ms. Jain recommends two more steps. I am already on one of it, wet pack. The second one needs some courage, but to be done (enema).

This works friends. I hope ‘big time’. And one big secret! One can stay on course easily when experiences are shared with friends and supported both ways.

Anyone interested in the video presentations, let me know. More importantly, come and join in the support program of sharing experiences, holding hands to stay on course and to celebrate success together.

My Type of Light Dinner. Vegetable-Fruit Juice.

Hearing Aid With Bluetooth!

I just saw this advertisement of the hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity.

We come across many drivers on the road with their cell phones in use while driving. Worse is when some of them choose to text and are typing on the phone while on the road.

Many or most new generation cars come with phone connectivity through Bluetooth, but it’s not popular as everyone in the car could listen and participate in a conversation.

I have seen some drivers getting busy to take out the phone earphones, connect them to the phone and push the buds into the ear for attending a call. All these while driving.

In fact I acquired a set of air buds with Bluetooth connectivity, primarily to answer phone while driving or when in public places. But I am yet to start using them.

Combining the phone option with hearing aid is brilliant. In fact it can link to the TV also enabling a better audio experience.

Probably we can see increased use of wireless and hand free phone access with the merging of the purposes of use.

Somehow, the use of phones while driving must end.

Hearing Aid With Bluetooth!

Offbeat! What It Takes To Be World’s Best!

It was fascinating to chance upon a news “Tiny South Africa Beach Restaurant, With $60 Menu, Crowned World’s Best”.

The news was titled ‘ Offbeat’ and I would say the restaurant is ‘offbeat’.

“Chef Kobus van der Merwe, who did not begin to cook seriously until he was 30, forages every day for ingredients on the wild Atlantic shore of the Western Cape near his Wolfgat restaurant, where he also makes his own bread and butter.”

“But its humble setting and Van der Merwe’s belief in sustainable, back-to-basics cooking won over the judges of the inaugural World Restaurant Awards in the French capital.

The 130 year old cottage and cave, can sit only 20 at a time.

When working with Standard Chartered Bank based in London, my responsibilities included Africa region and the favourite place was Zimbabwe. Offbeat again, Meikles Hotel, my favourite was adjudged world’s best. And I fondly remember it’s sadza and oxtail stew.

I have one near to where I live in Kerala. Madhu’s Restaurant a totally offbeat 16 seater is the best for fish. Offbeat indeed!

Offbeat! What It Takes To Be World’s Best!

NutriBullet, Friend of Nature

It was a gift from my daughter in London, that I am now a proud owner of a NutriBullet, my favourite appliance to fulfil my desire of avoiding processed food.

A fitness enthusiast must be aware of the benefits of clean nature, which our ‘Hunter-Gatherer’ background, demands and the modern day systematic poisoning, forces us.

Along came the success of the all natural wellness resort in Kerala by the best resort people in the country CGHEARTH.

‘Prakriti Shakti’ (nature’s power) even boasts of having no cooking range, stove or fire for cooking food for the inmates. Instead guests are served all natural food.

And the healing resort is full, even at daily rates of nearly $ 400.

Apparently, fresh fruits take about three hours to get out of the system, fresh vegetables six and solid food 18 hours.

That means, if your last meal for the 16.8 Intermittent fasting is solids, you don’t have any food free curing period in the system.

So I took my bullet out and made a smoothie of lettuce, cucumber, apple and kiwi fruit. This dinner is taking me well into the 16 hours before my lunch of solids. That’s 10 hours of healing time.

Of course, I FaceTimed my daughter and showed the NutriBullet in action.

NutriBullet, Friend of Nature

On Intermittent Fasting Again

I am still on it, religiously on the 16.8 schedule seven days a week.

Not very easy, to go starving from dinner to next day lunch, but discipline is something I am accused of!

The good thing about this dinner to lunch is that you don’t make other people inconvenienced. That’s, people don’t generally join or call you for breakfast; but they do for lunch and dinner.

And as part of discipline, I do 12 Surya Namaskars with 45 minuets of Yoga in the morning and alternate on half hour swimming and strength training in the evening, six days of the week.

But the weight stays constant after an initial 5 pounds loss. Of course, I started to look at the mirror again as it has started looking better.

Then the idea of sharing experiences and learning from there and a friend suggested Facebook group.

Went there to join. The best and most popular one has Just one restriction ‘women only’.

Instead of crying discrimination, let me bask in the knowledge that I am in good company.

On Intermittent Fasting Again

‘Wet Pack’, An Effective Hydrotherapy.

My niece sent a video on Intermittent Fasting and Internal Cleansing which I found very informative and worth following.

One of the steps in the process is ‘wet pack’. My Yoga instructor had advised a wet pac which was only the wet cloth around the waist and covering the tummy.

Here as in the picture, it’s around the waist, head and neck.

I had stopped wet pack for quite sometime, but after watching the video, assembled some suitable clothes and after wetting them in cold water, tied them around the waist, head and neck as specified.

The video is superb, it supports the 16.8 Intermittent fasting that I follow from January 19, 2019 and shows further about cleaning the internal systems.

While wet pack is one of them, it includes enema which I am pondering over.

But when you do it, do it well.

Such a fantastic video, which is more than Intermittent fasting and better as an end to end process.

‘Wet Pack’, An Effective Hydrotherapy.