T V Antony IAS, my wife Sunu’s brother, passed away in Chennai this afternoon. My wife was with him in the hospital at the time.

A Padmabhushan awardee, T V Antony was Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu State and had the distinction of serving under both the governments of opposing political parties.

Another notable distinction is that his father T A Varghese ICS was also the Chief Secretary of the State.

T V Antony was a specialist in population control and was advising several state governments on the subject.

The funeral is scheduled for Monday, January 27 in Chennai.

RIP brother-in-law.


Chakka Vevichathu. The Health Food Jackfruit

Chakka (Jackfruit) vevichathu is officially recognised as health food with virtues including lowering of blood sugar.

In season, Jackfruit is plenty available in Kerala, but it’s only part of the story. It’s not easy to get to the eatable part of the giant fruit, even if you’re lucky to get it down the huge trees.

Ripe Jackfruit is easier to cut, easier only to the raw one. And the raw one is the healthier food and vevichathu, which is part of the original staple food of Kerala is the best.

Our people in the villages have the right tools and skills to rip open the fruit and to get the delicious final cooked product on to the dining table.

But I know, my curiosity and passion for Jackfruit delicacies like chips, unda, ada etc almost died when I struggled with the whole fruit when I made them.

In that backdrop, I was delighted to see this ready made, easy to cook product on the supermarket shelf.

It’s made by a plantation giant of tea gardens and rubber estates. They have plenty of Jackfruit trees and the brand carries it’s weight.

It’s tasty, easy to make and I am happy trying it today. Just put the stuff in boiling water for about 5 minutes and it’s ready.

Great stuff indeed.

Chakka Vevichathu. The Health Food Jackfruit

Game Changer! It Well Could Be!!

It was Farhad, my Standard Chartered Bank, India boss who suggested I see the Netflix item ‘Game Changers’.

And I couldn’t believe, world’s strongest, fastest and the best go for plant based protein to enhance their performance.

I am a complete non vegetarian and I look at meat, eggs and diary based protein to help me with my new intense workout schedule.

After watching on Netflix, I am now looking at what plant based protein I can go for.

I am going to tell my Intermittent Fasting Group about it. Perhaps they know about it already. But it’s sure to call for major changes to those on Keto diet and non vegetarian diet as to what to eat during the eating window.

Of course, there are many vegetarians in the group and even they can fine tune their diet to proper plant based protein and share their experiences.

Imagine becoming a Vegan! Well if it improves performance, why not!

Especially, with the huge focus on performance.

Game Changer! It Well Could Be!!

Masters Games. Extended Opportunity in Sports!

I am accompanying a contingent of 392 athletes representing Kerala to compete in the National Masters Games in Vadodara (Gujarat) in February 2020.

Masters Games are for veterans and competitions are for older age groups in brackets of five years, like 50 to 54, 65 to 69, 74 to 79 etc.

The events include athletics, swimming, and various popular group games like football, volleyball, hockey and skill events like archery, shooting etc.

This is a great opportunity for sports people to continue the preparations and training for top honours.

There’s in fact world championships and world records for each age group for various items.

Absolutely a golden opportunity for keeping fit and achieving dream honours.

Masters Games. Extended Opportunity in Sports!

Intermittent Fasting- The Best Wellness Program.

Today I am completing one year in Intermittent Fasting. I started it on 19, January 2019 when my friend from Kuwait asked my opinion about it, citing very positive changes to her friend who was on the fasting.

I am mostly devoted and strict with the schedule ever since.

It has changed my life in a very positive way. Right now I am preparing for a national level swimming competition in February. I am looking at developing my dream six packs.

I am also much more positive in life. I am even looking for movie acting roles after a chance appearance in a Malayalam movie, acting as the president of India. I even think positively to a classmate’s comment that I could be the lucky Mascot for the hugely successful movie.

Autophagy is my target in Intermittent Fasting and as such I supplement fasting with some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which alone could usher in autophagy. For this I do intense sets of swimming with Interval rests.

I am slowly getting into a swimmers body shape which comes with six packs.

I feel and perhaps look much younger to my actual age.

The only problem to mention is the ‘Dawn’s Phenomenon’ I seem to have developed. That’s my blood glucose reading of 85 in the early morning hours, going up to like 130 as I progress into fasting. Some say Dawn’s is okay, but I need to get out of it.

I run a whatsapp broadcast group on Intermittent Fasting. This is a broadcast group and privacy and phone numbers are kept confidential.

I am happy to have more interested members and the benefits of sharing experiences and opinions in the group are highly beneficial.

I must also add that I lost 8 kgs in the program, while eating well during the eating window. This is in spite of the muscles I have built on.

If interested, send a message to my whatsapp number +91 9400056031. I will add you to the group, which I am sure you will enjoy and benefit.

I will have the satisfaction of sharing my wellness experience to the group members and by being the mentor to the group.

The learnings from group members are priceless.

Happy IF anniversary to me!

Intermittent Fasting- The Best Wellness Program.

The Aftermath of Demolitions.

I took a ride on a rickshaw (Tuk-Tuk) on way to pick up my car from the dealer service station. We passed one of the sites of the recent demolition of four residential buildings.

I have been upset with the cruel comments from many well known and other people in their articulations in social media, calling the innocent residents who lost their dream homes, violators.

And there are any number of environmental activists in the channel discussions, desperately trying to justify their actions done for cheap popularity.

They are all trying hard to hide their dark side of wishing bad for others and take refuge under the name of clean environment.

The rickshaw driver became sentimental when I mentioned that the rubbles pose more environmental risk than the beautiful dream homes that they were.

He asked me ‘do you think this would happen in any other state’. He referred to some 20,000 violations being regularised in the state of the financial capital.

Also there’s a case in Kerala itself where one North India based giant builder paid a nominal fine to rectify the violation.

And the driver alluded to the new environmental rule where new similar construction at the same place of demolition could be built.

I was reminded of a Europe based architect telling me that the environmental fall out alone would make the demolition a no-no there.

How can I then pardon the vicious writers and activists when they call the innocent flat buyers violators.

These innocent people are trying to defend themselves by citing the approvals by local authorities, supporting rulings by the Kerala high court, banks lending after verifying documents etc etc.

Please, if you can’t shed a few tears, shut up, at the least.

The Aftermath of Demolitions.

“The Girls Are The Smarter”!

It’s heartening to see the youth, particularly girls coming forward and influence the world around us.

Shaping of public opinion in India is a case in point. Here again students, and again it’s the girls in the forefront, spelling out clearly what the future they would like to have.

They are quick to recognise false propaganda, photo shopped and fake pictures as fraudulent methods, trying to influence public opinion.

And then theses overconfident propagandists, are silly many a times, unable even to tell a lie properly. For example two pictures, one taken from mirror image showing injury in one hand with mirror image showing on the other hand and arguing that the injury is fake.

They could fool some people for sometime. But the time has come that no one can be fooled.

This change is driven by the determined youth, led perhaps by the girls in the group.

We can see clarity and openness in their vision. It’s for progress, it’s for equality and it’s for good and cherished values.


“The Girls Are The Smarter”!