Toilet Rolls. Something to Fight For!

Probably the first signs of any riot in the virus led scare was in the scrambling for toilet rolls!

The attached New York Times article talks about it. It’s a long one but I think it finds out that water is a better cleaner, wet wipes better than coarse rolls and bidets are useful sanitary fittings.

Indians increasingly fit hand faucets in their toilets. And we didn’t see any ‘tissue wars’ here.

Personally, I have gone for bidets with three of our four (five including the one for domestic help if we go for one) washrooms. And like most indian homes there are hand faucets in all. We also keep toilet rolls.

Like i said, bidet is my personal preference, though hand faucet could do the job just as well and saves space.

Perhaps this is not a good choice of a subject when we are reeling under the devastating impact of a virus.

But washing is the new trending subject. The best defence against the virus is washing with soap or sanitizer, several times and especially before touching your face. And wash for full 20 seconds or more.

So hand washing would be the biggest revolutionary change going forward. It could save billions on healthcare and make people healthy. Simple but very true.

And we may see a debate on toilet rolls! Or just that people would allocate space in houses to hoard six month’s supply!

Toilet Rolls. Something to Fight For!

Oil Pulling! Watch Namita Lal.

Namita Lal, successful banker, senior Standard Chartered Bank colleague, Actor, Movie/ Theater Producer/ Director, International award winner, singer, has just released a YouTube video on oil pulling.

We look at such a personality and then watch her walking the red carpet in the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood, Cannes Film Festival, International Film Festivals, receiving awards and all, and then say ‘hey I know her’.

‘Nutsaboutme’ is what she describes her amazing talents which match or even rival her successful banking career record.

That’s why, when I saw her video on oil pulling, I thought of featuring her in my blog and introduce my friends to this amazing person.

I had blogged about oil pulling, some three years back and received a lot of interest among friends.

Watch Namita on YouTube and learn more about it and enjoy the cute presentation of how and why we do oil pulling.

Subscribe to her channel and I can assure that we will be rewarded with more from her.

Enjoy !

Oil Pulling! Watch Namita Lal.

Be With Us in Bad Times Too!We Feel Betrayed!

(Picture courtesy Pinterest)

Online purchase and delivery has been revolutionised by big players led by the multinationals. We were happy, and they were too, as happy customers mean more cash in the kitty.

But where are they now! They may have their own reasons, but we also have a right to be upset. One would expect them to take the lead and manage the delivery of essential goods to us, stranded by the lockdown.

Even better, they could have used their expertise in designing effective, safely distanced, virus protected delivery methods.

We clapped for the brave health angels and law maintainers and these giants missed the chance to receive any piece of it. We will continue to clap and don’t miss the chance to be there, at least now.

But they won’t! History says so. In 2018, Kerala was submerged by the biggest of floods and the first to stop service were these multinationals. It was the fisherman of Kerala who kept the stranded alive, delivering bread and water. I thought that these giants with all their experience, resources and knowledge could have shown that kindness and bravery.

So, frankly it’s not a surprise to see them washing their hands off this current requirement to get the essentials and medicines across to the stranded needy. Of course, we are seeing the likes of fishermen in the kirana/ corner stores. And we are alive, still.

I am not demanding goodwill from these giants for the money we paid them to be rich. But I am wondering why the kindness is not inherent. You need some qualities for that. One we say in Malayalam, ‘nanma’ (goodness). The other is ‘karuna’ and there’s no appropriate translation and close one is ‘empathy’, but still very distant.

I hope good sense will prevail. They are anyway sure to reap benefits of the new habit of digital technology that we in isolation are forced to learn. But memories remain.

Be With Us in Bad Times Too!We Feel Betrayed!

A Beautiful Visit From Nature!

My cousin sent me this photo of the lovely peacock visiting his house in Koottikkal, Kerala. That’s my mother’s house and we used to spend most of our childhood holidays there.

Those days we could see a peacock only in the zoo in Thiruvananthapuram. Even now it’s very unusual to find one in our interior Kerala.

This visit is special. This is nature enjoying the peace, the forced isolation of humans is providing. Look at it, it’s stunningly beautiful. And at ease.

Fond memories come back. Though peacocks were rare, we had wildlife and birds rivalling a bird sanctuary. And the adjoining river had cristal clear water and varieties of fish.

The childhood association with peacock had been romantic. The feathers that the peacock shed, were in great demand. We used to keep them in school books and it’s said, it used to multiply.

Usually it’s the girls who used to get to see the peacock feather growing. The reason is simple, when we get the beautiful feathers, the overpowering desire was to give it to the beautiful girls.

Believe me, no other gift had the power to generate that most beautiful smile on her face and if I am not mistaken, the ability to colour the cheeks pink.


A Beautiful Visit From Nature!

What About the Other Half

I just read it yesterday! The statement mentioned about the other half. While the half that include me, are trying to make the best out of the lockdown situation with chatting with friends, watching serials etc. there’s this other half is worrying how to survive.

It’s mostly the poor and marginal sector in India, while it’s those who are worried about their jobs, about their businesses in the rich countries.

It’s always a great dilemma. Perhaps we can spend sometime thinking about it. Individually we can do pretty much nothing. But if that compassion, that concern is genuinely implanted, then half the work is done.

That will shape our outlook when we come out of this great mess! And come out we will.

And the empathetic future is perhaps, worth the price we pay now.

What About the Other Half

Stay at Home and Intermittent Fasting

We are in a different environment with ‘stay at home’ strategy to counter the spread of the dangerous virus.

For intermittent fasters, this has brought about some challenges with family being together all the time and the meal times.

There are indications that intermittent fasting boosts the immune system, which is a major plus in these difficult times. And of course there are numerous other benefits with intermittent fasting.

As a mentor to a small group of intermittent fasters, my advice is to stick to their usual schedule without making much of a change now.

An aggressive 3 day water only fast could reset the immune system quite positively. I have clearly advised the group not to try it now as it has to be done under proper supervision.

And if someone wishes to start intermittent fasting to gain it’s benefits now, here are some tips suggested by Max Lowery, personal trainer and intermittent fasting champion, who is the author of The 2 Meal Day fasting method,

  1. First, eliminate snacking in between meals by eating three square meals a day. Once you are used to this, move onto step 2.
  2. Finish consuming any calories by 8pm.
  3. Try waiting an hour to break your fast in the morning.
  4. Try extending your overnight fast to 12 hours.
  5. If the first four steps go well, try upping your overnight fast to 14-16 hours.

Take care, stay safe!

Stay at Home and Intermittent Fasting

Stay at Home- Pick up a new Skill.

It all started with an impulse decision, facilitated by a practical ‘nothing to do’ situation with closing of swimming pools and the need for social distancing to protect self and others from the spread of virus.

But why something that I have never done before! There’s a reason, we just did a modification to the kitchen in our Bangalore house and the cabinets were polished.

The varnish job was done by the contractor with much ease and we were stunned by the simple job and the contracted amount.

The realisation that the job is simple and the regret of the feeling that probably we were duped by the disproportionate charges led to the idea of trying it out on the other wood furnishings in the house.

That’s how the ‘project polishing’ started. And now I have the satisfaction of acquiring a new skill. Of course, this also has given the opportunity to spend time in the lockdown scenario.

There’s however a small glitch! The varnish is used up and I can’t buy a new tin now. But there’s much wood when we get back home in Kochi.

Friends, try and learn a new skill now that we’re locked down.

Stay at Home- Pick up a new Skill.