It’s X’Mas Time in Uparika Malika……

Best time of the year with friends and family visiting for a treat in a ‘Christmasy Environ’.

This year Sunu has Gold theme for the tree with decorations from Philippines, USA, UK and Kuwait. And a first Christmas for the new tree.

The crib is collected during a holiday in Spain. The hut, brand new from Kochi.

Collected during the US trips

For a total X’Mas feeling

Merry X’Mas……

It’s X’Mas Time in Uparika Malika……

Happiness……The Next Level.

Ever since my coach convinced me that happiness is the most important, I have been chasing it. She then told me that one can be even selfish to be happy.

Now the new idea that real happiness is to be bodily felt has captured my imagination.

Simply put, the body has to be devoid of any aches and pains to feel happiness and pleasure.

And then the stories and spectre of too many things harming the body. Main risk is the food where we are forced to eat dangerously contaminated fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and grains. Why bother listing, its everything.

And we hear the stories of how harmful the modern appliances and gadgets are. The microwave can kill, the refrigerator is injurious to health, mobile phones cause radiation.

It’s a dangerous world……

It’s important then to adjust the lifestyle with organic, fresh produce as food, and do exercises to tone up and prepare the body etc etc.

Love is the most beautiful and powerful of all feelings. Love then should bring in happiness. And yes, to be really really happy in love, it’s to be bodily felt.

There then is no dispute……

Happiness……The Next Level.

Wet Pack……

My Yoga Master suggested wet-pack for effective tummy reduction and for a healthy pancreas resulting in regulated blood sugar.

It’s simple, it’s a wet towel would around the tummy and waist, in the morning on empty stomach for half an hour.

The towel need not be wet at the back side but the portion covering the front and sides should be wet.

I do this now, every morning while watching the migratory and local birds getting busy on the backwaters.

There’s certainly a result, but I must say that there’s a combination of factors such as swimming, resistance workout, a bit of walking and pull ups. All topped with Yoga classes.

And on food, a portion control is supplemented with an attempt at just fruits for dinner, fresh vegetables as snacks and limited use of processed foods.

For indulgence, where I am a victim, restrict them to all time favourites like ‘Kunju’s Jamroll’, ‘Ann’s white halva, laddu, juicy red jilebi, bread pudding and Sunu’s special Trifle Pudding and a regular bite on the Snickers bar

I can easily pass ice creams, cakes, muffins and other packaged foods but not the traditional sweets dishes like payasam, ela Ada, paani etc.

I am writing this for anyone who would like to follow them, except the indulgence part of it please..

Wet Pack……


I enjoy assisting people with their studies, career, structuring their resume and sharing experiences with them.

I have now over 65 of such mentees, ranging from students, job seekers, mid-career executives, professionals and journalists.

Interestingly it’s from the very young, students that I have learned maximum while engaging in intellectual exchanges.

The first mentee was a relation/ student, whose mother requested me to help her with her campus recruitment process.

That’s when I learned that the youngsters have a lot of inner strengths and wisdom and when put in bullets can make a resume ‘wow’. More than a mentee I got a precious friend.

She then asked me if I could assist a friend of hers who was studying in USA, and you know what! I adopted her CV style henceforth.

A number of seniors benefitted from this youngster’s design.

That’s the reason why I am so excited with my new mentee, a student with very high caliber and clear thoughts. The success of the subject that I am mentoring her is now taken for granted.

But my excitement is on the prospect of my learning from the wisdom of this youngster.


Life Expectancy……Rising Bar.

Life expectancy is just growing. Predictions say that it could reach 120 by 2050 and 150 by 2100.

And then there’s talk about the stem cell researchers and others working on conquering death.

That’s challenging the one thing that’s said to be certain- death!!

When someone becomes immortal, he’s a god. Well that’s what mankind is looking for, to be equal to gods.

But then these gods die. Scriptures are full with stories of fights among gods and the killings, some in brave fights, some through deceits.

And we have enough ammunitions in the present day world to address the spectre of earth being full with centurions. We have wars, terrorists, famine, natural calamities and even suicides.

Then what we do if peace comes to the world! By 2100, most people will be the retired variety. Social Security, the NHS and the like in developed world crumble, pension funds will go bankrupt, insurance companies just wind up.

Even a life expectancy of 100, which every child born today can safely inherit will have the pension and old age care systems to fail.

Start addressing this spectre, if we are serious about doing something for the future generations……

Life Expectancy……Rising Bar.

All You Great Readers, Please Write……

I know many great readers who are just reservoirs of information and knowledge and who are capable of understanding and interpreting the dreams, visions and passions of great writers.

And I wish that they become inclined to write a paragraph on something they’re experts on, for the many bloggers here, who like me are great followers.

The great minds, please put down on this site your precious feelings and thoughts and thereby encourage us also to dream.

Please don’t stay away……

All You Great Readers, Please Write……

A Fish Boutique……

Madhu’s Restaurant on the National Highway at Cherthala on way to Alapuzha from Kochi is a 16 seater fish paradise.

Tipped by the Directors of Kerala’s (may be India’s) best resort and restaurant group, Sunu and I ventured out there for lunch.

We were advised to be early to avoid spending time in the queue and we were just in time to occupy the last of the four tables.

I am sure, Sunu would have turned back when we saw the place, if it was not strongly recommended by the connoisseurs.

We ordered prawn fry, Seer fish fry and varal (Kerala delicacy) curry along with rice, vegetables, ully theeyal (onion gravy with ginger), sambar, pulissery and very tasty buttermilk.

Seer fish or king fish fry is good, but recommendation is to go for some exclusive sardine fry, and some smaller fish like Natholi etc.

Prawn fry is mildly spiced and can be described as out of the world. Highly recommended for the adventurous foodies.

A Fish Boutique……