Stay In The Group, Or What?

Friends and friendship are something we all yearn for.

There are physical friends who we meet on a regular basis. Then we have friends we speak on phone regularly.

Social media has thrown open the prospect of having a sizeable number of good friends, with whom we correspond on the respective sites.

This category is also very valuable. Then the human nature comes in. That’s “you like some people more than others”

This happen all the time with social media friendship.

Then you may think of upgrading to phone or physical friend status.

And then you look at their social media activity and find you are just one among many.

So stay in the group!

After all friends in WordPress blogs are the most beautiful.

Stay In The Group, Or What?


It’s actually nice to have a mentor in every field and particularly true for an youngster who’s talented and capable of much more than what’s apparently available.

My success as a mentor has been in areas similar to what’s described above.

In fact it is nothing much more than just being there as a reliable second opinion.

It may look very simple, but its not that easy. First and foremost is the trust. Once you succeed in gaining complete trust of the mentee, things will fall in place.

There are instances where everything was done by the mentee with involvement of the parents, but the reassurance by me as mentor, is regarded as the reason for success.

A good position to be in. But that reassurance, it better be well researched as it’s the trust which is giving me the edge.

And then there’s this new case where I am not sure if my entering is a bit too early. And also if I am actually fit for the position.

But the two, currently live ones, are progressing very well and are most satisfying.


A Magic Potion.. The Elixir

When you get up in the morning, not exactly being sure of the mood, but knowing that it’s not the best, and come across some poetry in passion and romance!

You have the Elixir, and it’s a magic potion too and then you’re all awake, ready for sure.

Such is the power of poetry and I am happy to drink the Elixir and I am on.

And of course, memories too.

Such special

Thank you.

A Magic Potion.. The Elixir

Wonder If They Even Visit!

I was inspired by a friend who blogged here occasionally, that i started blogging.

And then I invited some of my friends to the pages through email. And they’re still email followers.

Sad thing is that I don’t get any comments or likes from this group and I am not sure if they even visit WordPress!

One of the memorable marketing advertisements that I had come across was with tag line “we look after our existing clients while chasing new ones”.

That’s well and okay. But the accompanying picture took the cake. It had a rooster energetically chasing a hen, and another ruffled and tired hen is seen behind, just getting up on feet.

Though I could remember the words, I lost the picture and I am no artist to recreate something like that.

And I do care for the first time followers and will try and activate them. That’s priceless!

Wonder If They Even Visit!

Coconut Consumerism

Consumerism is increasing use in an economically feasible way. Actually I am not going to delve into the merits and demerits of consumerism. Here I am talking about coconut becoming super food and then becoming hard to get and the resultant trade practices.

Earlier coconuts used to be sold by numbers. But the goodness of it, resulting in demand and price increase, made sellers to sell by weight.

That’s fine, but increasing the weight by retaining some husk on it is not fine. Here the coconut with husk on would weigh at least 10% more than the equally sized one with husk removed.

So who’s the winner in this consumerism! The buyer ends up paying more for the husk, and he has to remove it spending extra time and effort before use!

There’s always a remedy and like in all anti consumerism methods, it’s rather difficult. That’s to grow your own coconuts and if necessary limit it’s use.

After all, we are victims of consumerism.

Coconut Consumerism

Hungarian Goulash. I Made It! Yaay.

When I started my ‘Cooking Exotica & Fitness’ broadcast whatsapp group, I didn’t think that I would get to make such a traditional and centuries old international dish. And as certified by my wife, it’s superb!

Thanks to Diane whose blog site ‘indianeskitchen’ is always an inspiration.

I am pleased to get glowing feedback from my group which included the comment ‘restaurant quality’ from a leading restaurateur, are quite satisfying.

Yes friends, it turned out to be exceptionally good, giving me confidence to venture into similar ones in future.

Thanks again Diane and if you are not yet following her blog, here’s the link to the dish.

Hungarian Goulash. I Made It! Yaay.