Doing Things Differently, This Covid Times.

I am not making a landmark statement, and it’s only a derived one of something I heard from a wellness expert who was talking about Alzheimer’s.

We do many things during the lockdown times, including experiments in culinary skills.

AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) ministry of government of India has published some healthy recipes, and it’s a good starting point.

If carrot halva is good, then beet root version can’t be any less, especially when it’s in the AYUSH list.

The wellness doctor suggested to try do things with left hand if you’re right handed. I tried using left hand to prepare the beet root, but it was difficult. Of course this is a right handed version.

Remove skin of three beet roots, grate them and add to melted ghee (2 tbspoon) in a hard bottom vessel. Allow it to cook for a few minutes.

Add 300 ml milk. Wait, I want to do it differently and better. So I made thin coconut milk using coconut milk powder and used it. Keep on slightly lower fire to get it cooked.

Add sugar. Again sugar is a bad word. Someone called it poison. Palm jaggery is novel and rare. So I used it instead.

Roast some crushed almonds, cashews and kismiss in a teaspoon of ghee and add to the mix.

Half a spoon of cardamom seed powder enhances the flavour.

Allow all water to vaporise.

The beet root halva assumes a deadly colour of the beet and dark palm jaggery and it’s lovely.

Doing Things Differently, This Covid Times.

Homeopathy For Immunity! Worth a Try, If No Side Effects

AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) ministry of Government of India, recommended use of Arsenic Album 30 homeopathic medicine as an immunity booster during the Covid pandemic.

We see a lot of criticism, especially from people practicing other branches of medicine, against the recommendation.

However, there seems to be a unanimous consent that the medicine has no side effect. Some even call it just purified water and sugar. Just a placebo.

If so, there’s no harm in using it, especially when the price of some 500 globules is about $2 only. And a placebo effect may do more wonders than the expertise of a doctor.

Nobody is talking about compromising any of other preventives such as wearing mask, washing hands several times, keeping distance, stay at home etc.

Then let people swallow four of the sugary globules on empty stomach for three days and repeat after a month or 15 days.

If you remember, homeopathy globules are best consumed by allowing them to melt under the tongue.

I wish someone do a study, a research on the Immunity boosting homeo medicine.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that it boosts immunity.

Homeopathy For Immunity! Worth a Try, If No Side Effects

Glider Crash in Kochi! Feels Like a Personal Loss.

(not the actual image)

It’s a sad news from Kochi. Two precious lives were lost when a glider of the Kochi Naval Base crashed.

I used to watch with fascination, the glider from my balcony when I used to do yoga in the morning while in Kochi.

While grieving the loss of brave lives, I am also sad at the loss of the glider, which used to motivate me.

May the souls of the brave Naval officers rest in peace.

Glider Crash in Kochi! Feels Like a Personal Loss.

The Dilemma with ‘Social Dilemma’.

‘The Social Dilemma’ is touted as a Netflix sensation. I saw many Victor Frankenstein‘s coming up and apologising for creating tech monsters.

It sounded more like a warning with probably a hidden pride at creating such an addiction.

The best message perhaps is the mention that only two industries call their customers ‘users’; the drug cartel and technology!

Or that I am an addict, I use social media extensively. Not quite yet as I don’t use Twitter, the largest circulator where people talk in riddles and hashtags.

The Frankenstein here doesn’t kill the creators. They are laughing all the way to the banks.

How about this, we become custodians of morality, nature lovers and all things good. And we use social media to talk about these good things extensively.

The algorithms are stupid and may defy the intent of their creators and start focusing on good things. Whenever someone access social media, he will be bombarded with good messages.

Beat them at their on game. We are the ‘users’.

The Dilemma with ‘Social Dilemma’.

Kerala Prawn Ulathiyath, Slightly Crafted by a Mallu.

Here’s the tasty prawn dish, altered slightly from a recipe available on web, to make it truly mallu and immensely tastier.

1 kg of Prawns whole prawns, shell removed and cleaned and vein removed.
1 1/2 tablespoons each of Crushed Ginger & garlic

1 tbsp of chilli powder.

1 tsp of Turmeric powder.
1/2 tsp Coriander powder.
1/2 – 1 tbsp Garam masala (optional, add more if you need spicy).
2-3 small pieces Kokum (kudam puli) ( soaked in water for around 10 minutes.
1/2 cup Thengakothu (tiny coconut pieces, more if you like that mallu special bite).
2 medium Onions (sliced finely).
10 Small onion (shallots, sliced thinly).
Curry leaves.
Coconut oil.
Cooking Method

Wash and clean the prawns. Add half of the ginger & garlic and chilli powder. Add turmeric powder, kokum, thengakothu, salt & some curry leaves to the prawns. Mix and marinate well.

Prawn needs only a few minutes of cooking. I remember watching a host family in London cooking paella. The prawn went in to the cooked rice mix and jumped back with it to the dinner plate, ready to eat, in a couple of minutes.

And thus here’s a twist to the original recipe. We mallus (Keralaites are called) like everything cooked well. Also we like coconuts, even when it was accused as poison by other oil lobby. Then it’s important now when coconut is super health food.

So instead of water, I added three tablespoons of thin coconut milk and cooked the marinated

prawns and other ingredients for 5 minutes.

In a separate vessel/ pan heat some coconut oil and add sliced onions and heat till it becomes golden brown. Add remaining ginger & garlic, chilli powder & curry leaves. Add coriander powder & garam masala (if using) and fry till the raw smell goes and oil starts appearing.

Though prawns are not to be over cooked, sliced coconut pieces do well with some cooking. So I separated the prawns and added the half cooked coconut into the mix. Again, I did a mallu thing and added half a cup of thin coconut milk.

Cooked the contents till the mixture became almost thick. Now add the the prawns and mix well in slow heat till we have the right thick consistency of prawns ulathiyathu, truly mallu style.

Serve with rice or roti.

Kerala Prawn Ulathiyath, Slightly Crafted by a Mallu.

Story of Grand Old Tree and Why I am a Teetotaller!

This is the landmark tree (before the branches were cut) that represented my village, Thidanad in Kerala by standing tall and assuming the central position of the small town.

The story about the tree is truly heartwarming and ably narrated in the news channel video, the link of which is given below.

The video is in Malayalam, but please see. You wouldn’t have seen anything like this before, so please don’t miss seeing it.

While the story about the tree is absolutely stunning, my story linking to it is a cock and bull one. The common link is that both talk about being guides to people searching for the place, something like a manual GPS.

The video tells about the age old landmark tree at the epicentre of Thidanad which was sentenced by authorities for removal. And how the passionately loving villagers treated the stem with Ayurvedic meditation for revival when all the branches were cut.

The elaborate treatment process had 14 Ayurvedic ingredients applied to the wood for reviving it in about 6 months. But love and affection can do miracles, the tree sprouted with vigour in a few days.

Ingredients include milk, honey, soil, mud from anthill and others. Watch how the bark was treated in the video.

Seeing the tree, one can know that he reached Thidanad. But there’s a problem if he needs further directional guidance. That’s when my story comes in.

Thidanad was part of the area in Kerala known for alcohol usage. Since people were sort of drunk, a visiting stranger couldn’t get proper guidance if he wants further directions.

So the village chief decided to task one person to be sober to perform the duty. Since no one was willing, he decided to draw lot and I got the number and I became a teetotaller.

That’s my ‘Cock & Bull’ story. Things have changed since then. Now people are more charismatic, worshipping places are chockablock and people are polite and nice. Like all Thidanad born people I am proud of the place and the tree.

Story of Grand Old Tree and Why I am a Teetotaller!

“Daivathinte Kunjadukal” (God’s Little Lambs)

The sky above was like this when I was lying down on the terrace for my yoga session.

‘Daivathinte Kunjadukal’ is what we called it in childhood. The clusters of white clouds resembling sheep and it’s God’s Own when it’s on deep blue sky.

That was a good way to begin yoga and workout, with something reminiscence, rekindling the innocence of childhood.

Moreover, the best motivation for a strenuous but welcome workout is to be happy about it. What’s better for it than some sweet memories!

“Daivathinte Kunjadukal” (God’s Little Lambs)

Flowering Seasons in Bangalore!

It’s Jacaranda and Gulmohar trees that colour Bangalore in March. That’s not all. Come September, the trees wear colours again.

Here I have four frames of our terrace view of September. The usual terrace view has been the 270 degrees view of the Bangalore skyline across lush green trees of Jayanagar water works and adjacent Nimhans. The trees entice the eyes with a magnificent display of flowers.

The greenery, sanctuary to an incredible breed of birds, sport flowers during March – April (purple and red), May- June ( rose pink) and now September- October ( crimson and yellow).

I have to keep an eye for what it would be during the rest of the months.

It’s stunningly beautiful!

Flowering Seasons in Bangalore!

Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

The world is fighting an epidemic and most of us have no clue as to how to manage it.

Wash your hands several times, social distancing, wear masks etc are precautions. Then there are lockdowns, quarantine, containment zones etc as imposed restrictions.

Herd immunity is something being spoken about. Let me start with what I imagined what it could be! (Caution: this has no scientific backing or verified results, just a figment of my imagination).

Healthy people get the virus. Their strong immune system attacks the virus and make it very weak or kill it. They in turn pass the weakened virus through contact to others. These transmitted viruses are weaker after being attacked by the strong immune humans. The transmitted weak virus gets resistance inside the new body.

This then become the norm and the virus is defeated. This is what I thought herd immunity is all about.

Look at the above Pinterest image. It’s telling something similar.

No blame on anyone who keep people away indoors. But did the lockdowns and quarantine work? Perhaps yes and perhaps no.

Then we’ve the Swedish model where the government just took the backseat and relied on people to take precautions on their own. No specific lockdown and least damage to economy and livelihood of people.

Now Sweden has the least bad news from the pandemic.

Not many want to experiment which could be termed as playing with people’s lives. But the need to survive is getting countries to unlock even before the vaccine.

There will be a spike, but results already show that the mortality rate is majorly down.

People may go bankrupt and die economically if not unlocked. If herd immunity is acquired in the process, it’s a blessing. Albeit, late!

Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

God’s Own Country Needs God’s Own Intervention.

The pandemic has everyone affected. And we are resigned to the fate of practically writing down one year from our lives.

A recovery is required and it’s happening differently in different places.

It happened in China first and let’s not waste time to know how they recovered too. And there are bright spots where the happening itself is little.

But the world has to bounce back and so does Kerala.

There are a few things special to Kerala. Those include natural beauty, hospitality, emancipation etc.

There are also political dramas and extreme devotion to it.

And ‘Kerala Model’ is something like a self praise and it covers even the pandemic. The only thing that’s not a self praise probably is the title ‘God’s Own Country’. That’s a term used by outsiders as Keralites have some honesty.

Kerala Model is something that’s still talked about but we’re clueless on it. No one knows if keeping people indoors indefinitely, hoping to be vaccinated while still indoors is the right strategy.

So we won’t lift quarantine even if the rest of the country have forgotten about it. Of course, we haven’t acknowledged that people from outside and the tourism inside are the ones who supported us. So hurt them, both!

Again ‘herd immunity’ is a bad word. And Arsenic is poison. But then, we don’t know what’s herd immunity, but we know homeopathy is good.

And we take homeo medicine Arsenic Album 30 to boost immunity. Then herd immunity could be not be by accident! We are basically jealous people and we don’t like gold being brought in by a few. What if we get beaten up by police, it’s worth shedding blood for herd immunity.

We’re clever too. Make the return of non residents the hell, and they will stay back to send money.

But what about tourism! Someone has to pay a price. Let it be tourism industry, which will get killed if tourists are to be quarantined.

I have been waiting for the quarantine to end for the past 6 and 1/2 months for returning home from Bangalore. See we have always a vested interest.

God’s Own Country Needs God’s Own Intervention.