Those Floating Vessels On The Backwaters!

It’s not only the migratory birds that make the balcony view exciting. There are these boats and barges of different sizes, shapes and purposes that’s a treat to the eye.

And occasionally something like this happen! Identical boats traveling in opposite directions meet giving almost a mirror image.

They didn’t stop, they didn’t speak but I am sure there was a glance. Perhaps it’s love at first sight, for they moved on faster, excited.

There went many and more are coming. It’s fascinating to capture them all.

It’s then boat watching also for the birdwatcher.

Those Floating Vessels On The Backwaters!

Book Blitz: ‘Mercy’ by Stephen Bentley.o

I am doing a Book Blitz for the book ‘Mercy’ by author Stephen Bentley, thanks to Shalini and her Digital Reads Blog Tour.


His daughter was taken. He’ll never get her back.

Set in the near future, Matt Deal is a British businessman married into a wealthy Florida family.

Mercy, his fifteen-year-old daughter, is the glue in his rocky marriage to Lorey. His life is changed forever after Mercy is brutally sexually assaulted on a Destin beach leaving her in a persistent vegetative state.

Trusting the local detectives to bring the rapists to justice, mixed martial arts expert Deal concentrates in vain on his Florida gym business, only to have his world further explode on learning the men responsible for his daughter’s injuries may escape justice. Deal is isolated and at his wit’s end after his rich father-in-law sends death threats blaming him for all these ills.

Who can he turn to? Where can he go? What will he do? Who can he trust?

Will he return to a post-Brexit Britain or ultimately will he seek revenge?

Fans of Jack Reacher, Barry Eisler, and any vigilante justice novel will love this book.

Genre: crime fiction (noir)/thriller/urban fiction with some graphic scenes and language.



It is on pre-order for only 0.99 until release date November 30 then it will be $3.99.


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As much as he tried to hide it, Deal felt nervous as he knocked on the door of Internal Affairs.

The voice resonated in his head. “Enter.”

It was the tone, the command, the authority in the voice that reminded him why he was nervous. One false word, one false move and I’m fired, he thought.

Reading the open file, Emily Breen looked up through heavy-rimmed glasses before speaking again. “We meet again, Detective Deal. Sit.”

Breen pointed to a regular-looking seat on the opposite side of the desk from her high-backed executive chair. She continued reading. Deal sat watching her in silence.

Peering over her glasses, Breen said, “Remind me. When was the first time we met?”

“I think you know. It’s all there in my file. Larry Etchwell, Coroner’s Court. I was still with the Human Trafficking Department.”

Breen was silent. She appeared to be deep in thought.

Her next words broke the silence. “The psych evaluation is all good. Says you are fit to remain on active duty.”

“Good. I knew that but it’s good to hear the experts say it too.” Deal emphasised experts. The sarcasm wasn’t missed by Breen.

“Deal. You know the score. Why do you make things difficult for yourself?”

Deal ignored caution. “I always do things the hard way. Haven’t you heard?”

Breen ignored him. “What is this thing with the stutter?”

“How do you mean?”

“You’ve seen the report. What you told the shrink.”

“Remind me. What did I say?”

“If you were a rattlesnake, the stutter would be your rattle.”

Deal smiled at the thought of that meeting with the shrink. “Yeah. That’s what I said. It’s a fact.”

“But why? Why a stutter?”

“I don’t fucking know why. Why does a rattlesnake have a rattle?”

“There you go again, Detective Deal.”


“Not helping yourself.”

“Are we done?”

“No. We are not. I have to tell you, one more loss of control. One more death, self-defence or not, you are finished. Do you hear me?”

“I hear you.”

“Good. Is there anything else you wish to say?”

“Can I ask a question?”

“You may.”

“Why does a bird fly?”

“What do you mean?”

“Asking me why I stutter if threatened is like asking a bird why it flies. Why an elephant has big ears. It’s just so. And one other thing – ask these guys what they were going to do to me.”

“I can’t. You killed them.”

“Too right. Before they killed me.” 


Stephen Bentley

Stephen Bentley is a former UK Detective Sergeant, barrister, and author of a bestselling undercover cop memoir. He also writes crime fiction.



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Book Blitz: ‘Mercy’ by Stephen Bentley.o

Alluring Colour, Tasty Too! A Unique Fruit And Drink.

Perhaps this has the best natural food colour. This drink made out of the egg fruit (canistel) is my favourite, not only for it’s taste, but the colour also.

My mother planted this unusual fruit tree which now is about 40 feet high, bearing these fruits, the inside of it resembles the egg yolk.

It’s sweet as such when fully ripe. And it must be healthy too, the proof of it is from animal instinct. The chickens in the house are in their shelter at night as protection against prowling foxes. They are released in the morning and their feed is kept outside.

But the moment the doors are opened, they literally fly towards the tree to feed on the fruits fallen overnight. Then only they turn to their feed.

Though it’s good to eat the yolk like scoop, I prefer this blend. This one is two of the fruits with some skimmed milk, natural honey, ice cubes and water mixed well in Nutribullet.

I look at the colour before drinking and imagine a scan of my body where the yellow flow can be traced on the screen.

Colour is also a sense like sweet, tasty, yummy etc.

Alluring Colour, Tasty Too! A Unique Fruit And Drink.

Sometimes It’s Just Words That Answers!

This is sent by a good friend and it immediately struck a cord. Beautiful words that set you off to a fabulous life.

Doesn’t matter if we can’t read the name below it (Bob who) but read the text again, it’s wonderful.

A lot have been said on what’s really important. Gone are the days when it was ‘healthy, wealthy and wise’. They are important but we needed more!

‘To be happy’ appeared revolutionary. But they couldn’t tell us how to be!

That’s when the idea of self love came up. It’s unique, impactful and makes sense.

Remember the aircraft security announcements. When it comes to oxygen masks, it’s ‘help yourself before attending others’.

That’s exactly the point. We have to know us as individuals and then others will see us and turn to us. Who said we advocated selfishness. It’s just saying that Charity begins at home.

It will be wonderful if we can set the goal to decide our life is our own.

And watch the start of a new life!

Sometimes It’s Just Words That Answers!

Commitment In A Group.

Team, team and team work! We have all heard this mantra. And it’s very true, in fact vital in sustaining anything, including a passion.

I have been health conscious always. It doesn’t mean that I have done everything to take care of the health. For example exercise sometimes was to impress the neighbour. But distractions many a times got the better.

Early this year, a close friend from Kuwait sent me some information on Intermittent Fasting and asked my opinion of the weight loss program.

More since that I wanted to assist my friend I did some study and more importantly both of us started doing the program.

It was not easy, but since we started a daily exchange of notes on the program, there was sort of a compulsion in doing it right.

And our discussions moved on to some Facebook groups on the subject and we joined them. Being a popular subject, hundreds of thousands of followers made the groups rather impersonal.

That’s when I decided to start a whatsapp broadcast group to give sort of a personal touch in a group. Team work of course.

But since the members are not known to each other, I thought it may not be right on my part to start an open group and the broadcast group served the purpose.

Initially we had articles and videos on the group pages, but now we’re slowly moving into discussions and sharing of experiences. This is where the real team work begins.

Still we keep the mobile numbers private, but mention names when feedbacks are broadcast.

It’s working.

In fact the entire program is working. The confirmation came yesterday when I chanced to meet a few members of the group in a function. All of them looked good and enthused.

There was even a consensus that when stored fat is used for energy later into fasting, the belly fat is used mostly.

That’s great news as one of the insurmountable problems in putting on weight is the bulge in the middle.

And if one can get rid of it, it’s priceless.

Team work is working. I am inviting more friends to join the program. Just send me a whatsapp on +91 9400056031 and we can enjoy the benefits of teamwork.

Commitment In A Group.

Intermittent Fasting Group And Messages.

I felt good after sending a broadcast message to the small group of us Intermittent fasters and I thought it’s worth sharing here as a post. Here it is:

“Broadcast on Intermittent Fasting.

I hope the group will now be more active with members sharing experiences.

I would like to give this occasional summary.

The basic intermittent fasting is for 16 hours clean fast with only water during fasting. Please ensure at least 16 hours when you fast. For better benefits people do one day, 48 and 72 hours fasting. Some advocate dry fasting which is fasting even without water. 16 hours is not difficult and we get used to it.

There are articles that breakfast should be eaten. My personal take is that it’s okay to skip breakfast as long as minimum 16 hours are ensured. There could be benefits in including breakfast but remember the words of important scientists like Jason Fung and Nobel laureate Yoshinori Ohsumi, they call it ‘starving’. And we can’t completely disregard the lobbies and consumerism influencing articles. Breakfast is the most branded food and lot of money like cereal makers are at stake. I saw one saying dark chocolate eaten during fasting accelerates autophagy (give me a break). If you find it convenient to skip breakfast, skip. And if you can have breakfast and follow clean fasting, it’s even better.

IF is good for reducing inflammation, normalising blood sugar and diabetes, generating new growth hormones, anti ageing. It fights osteoporosis, heart problems, blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s- you name it.

The 2016 Nobel Prize winning study of Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi tells us that we should go for autophagy, which activates when we fast and undergo rigorous activities. Autophagy the Greek word means self eating and in the face of acute depreviation repairs and consume even damaged cells. Autophagy is our medium term goal.

The 2018 Nobel Prize for medicine and physiology went to James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo for their separate but identical studies on immunotherapy for cancer treatment. Though much more complicated, there’s probably a link with autophagy and fasting as they also talk about repairing cancer cells.

So friends, we are on the best, easiest and most proven wellness program. Actually we are not depriving ourselves much, but only delaying the pleasures of eating our favourite things.

By the way, weight loss is a good side effect, but need not be the primary objective.

Let’s set autophagy as the goal and work together on it!

(Kurian Jacob).

If anyone is interested in joining this group, send me a whatsapp message on +91 9400056031. It’s a broadcast group and your phone number will be confidential.

Intermittent Fasting Group And Messages.

Apple Watch And Swimming

I do some serious swimming six days in a week. Of late I have changed my swimming style to two laps each of freestyle and breaststroke, alternating and pausing for a few seconds after each fast lap.

The pausing has two intentions, one to stabilise the breath and the other related reason of converting the exercise into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

And I do sixty laps in the 18 meters pool for a total of 1080 meters.

Apple Watch is used to keep the count and it used to count accurately and also used to list the style of swimming and the distance in that style in the summary.

To be more efficient, I started viewing YouTube videos of training on the styles. It certainly helped and speed increased. It seems to be helping in my dream goal for sporting a six pack.

But look at the summary in the picture. It should have recorded 522 breaststroke and 558 freestyle (29 and 31 laps respectively). But it’s only 414 freestyle and where are the 144 butterfly strokes coming from!

Perhaps Apple Watch is unfamiliar with the almost Olympic style freestyle swimming and got confused with butterfly strokes for some of them.

It shouldn’t be, as in freestyle the hands move in opposite direction and for butterfly both hands move concurrently.

It used to be accurate earlier when I was less stylish.

Will Apple Company take a look. I am tagging them here.

Apple Watch And Swimming