Is There a Play With Our Money!

Sometimes it doesn’t meet the eye! And then it goes on!

I am thinking about three things and I have been desperately looking for someone else to pick it up and highlight. That’s because I may not be the expert.

1. Banks deduct tax at source when they pay interest on deposits. The depositors, including older people who depend on the interest, get the net amount credited to their accounts. That’s the law, but what about the tax amount deducted! Are they being credited to the government in time or are the banks enjoy this amount in their books for quite sometime, without any obligation to pay interest!.

2. State Bank of India reduced the interest on savings bank accounts and fixed deposits significantly compared to other banks. We know that many people including pensioners have accounts with this banking giant. The Bank usually step in to rescue failed banks, the recent Yes Bank for example. Is the reduction on interest to common man used to fund the loses in such takeovers!

3. Last date for filing income tax return extended from July 31 to November 30 in view of the corona virus! Last date to pay taxes was March 31. And refunds are processed after the last date of filing returns. That means, tax payers refunds are delayed by 4 months.

Did I miss something!

Is There a Play With Our Money!

A Dream And It’s Hard Journey!

Six packs! It was a dream when I was young. The dream had it’s accompaniments. Acquire the six packs, wear a body-tight T-shirt, shave off the hair and walk around to show off.

Hair is done, T-shirt is easy; but the raja part is pretty tough. In fact, I abandoned the dream for some long time and it’s back, full and in glory over the past year.

I had set a goal, to get it by end 2020. That’s when the Coronavirus interfered. The gym and swimming pools were to be substituted.

Yoga became regular and in full throttle, walking advanced to running on the terrace, strength training is without weights and even swimming actions mimicked on land. Intermittent Fasting gives the required energy to burn over 1500 calories from these.

And yesterday’s raid in the storage room yielded the abdominal cruncher, a direct aid for six packs.

The result is here. A long way still to go. Protein powder and supplements could accelerate and bulge it out! Na, I want it naturally, and maybe with more of plant based protein.

A Dream And It’s Hard Journey!

Abdominal Cruncher. A Six Pack Workout

This Cruncher was acquired when I was in London, working for Standard Chartered Bank. And it was in the store room in Bangalore all these years, forgotten as we usually stay in Cochin.

This is a valuable addition when I am trying to keep the quest for six packs going in this lockdown when the gyms and swimming pools are closed.

Just that I don’t want to do away with any of the workouts in the last couple of months, the crunches became additional workout. With the result I clocked 1714 calories burned on these workouts, on the Apple Watch.

Abdominal Cruncher. A Six Pack Workout

An Admirer and a Rare Visitor!

I had a unique visitor this morning. Someone who came all the way up to our place and walked through the terrace inside through the upstairs bedroom, past the upstairs living room and was at the door of my yoga place.

A few minutes before, my wife called me to the terrace to show a husband and wife sitting on top of the building. And I was shirtless warming up for the yoga and did my favourite pose usually done in front of the bathroom mirror. I flexed my muscles to show what I want to be six packs.

The couple looked at me.

And then Sunu went down, I was on my yoga exercises with my back to the door. And when I turned she was sitting there, looking at me.

My first instinct was to take a photo, but the phone was outside. So I started talking to her. I teased her that she dodged her husband to come and look at me. She became shy I think, and walked back. I followed her grabbed my phone, but by then she was out into the terrace and climbed down the wall.

First it was the male monkey who came into the lower floor living room, sat on the carpet and looked at me peacefully when I was on the sofa reading. He brought the family last time.

But this time the mother monkey came alone to look at my shirtless muscles. Naughty!

Like in the case of any visit from a female admirer, I didn’t tell my wife. Of course she’s s..t scared of monkeys.

He came with family
An Admirer and a Rare Visitor!

A Healthy Option From Halo-Halo and Falooda Family!

It’s actually inspired by the nature loving, organic oriented and display specialist Neethu Nambiar, that I made this dessert.

It’s healthy, it’s natural and it’s very tasty. But mistakes are to be accepted. I had the colour pages of Bangalore Times to place my display product. Neethu was kind in not commenting on it, but I know!

Halo-Halo of Philippines and Falooda of Middle East/ Iran are treats by themselves. But they may have sugar, processed ingredients etc.

This has chia seeds, fresh coconut milk, fresh mango, papaya, apple, slightly roasted peanuts, natural honey and freshly grated coconut as contents. All natural and unprocessed if you pardon slight roasting of peanuts.

Refrigerate chia seeds soaked in fresh coconut milk. Take out after sometime and make a lower layer in a Mason Jar. Add a layer of puréed fresh mango, then a layer of peanuts, another layer of chia-coconut milk, pureed papaya on top, honey above, another mango layer, peanuts, apple, papaya, chia, mango and grated coconut.

Our Mason Jars are in Kochi and since we’re stuck in Bangalore Lockdown, we used plain glasses.

The healthy and fresh factors make this a highly desirable dessert above the famous Halo-Halo and Falooda.

A Healthy Option From Halo-Halo and Falooda Family!

Intermittent Fasting and Life Beyond Lockdown

This is my message today to our intermittent fasting group.

We are starting at the prospect of having to live with the Coronavirus lurking in around us! Some predictions such as ‘no international travel for 2 years, no holiday for a year, huge job loses etc’ may well be rumours, I hope.
There are so many things impacting personal life. Health, perhaps is the only happiness. We need to at least preserve it, knowing that gyms, swimming pools, play grounds and even walking tracks are going to be very restricted.
Months long lockdown have taught us new skills. Some of which we can further them with some imagination and efforts.
The dance for TikTok video may be modified to learning some of the fast paced Bollywood/ Tamil dances. A good way for aerobic workout.
You will be a star at dance parties when all these get over.
The cooking skills acquired could be fine tuned for healthy food with focus on fresh and plant based as far as possible.
And very importantly, do yoga. If you are new, do at least Pranayama (three times) and breathing exercises. Also do a 20 minute meditation. If interested I can send videos showing how to do Pranayama and breathing and on assisted meditation.
For us Intermittent fasters, we should not let go the benefits we have been enjoying.
Perhaps this is not the time to experiment new things. Let’s be careful not to try anything extreme if it’s new.
Weight loss is a big target to many of us. I have read that those obese are more vulnerable to viruses.
Two of the weight reduction methods are diet and intermittent fasting, both supplemented with some physical activity.
We have chosen the Intermittent fasting route and if we add the diet program of sensible eating during eating window, the results could accelerate. This could be low carb, medium protein and high natural fat (preferably plant based protein and fat).
I would recommend watching the Netflix program ‘Game Changers’.
On Intermittent Fasting, let’s try and make it clean fasting for 16 hours. Those who can may extend to 17 or 18 hours. That’s when autophagy and benefits such as cellular repair take place. However, let’s not rush into 24 hour fasting etc now, if new to it.
We have seen so many expert commentaries that IF would boost immunity. One of them gave a simple example that our immune system will not be overworked fighting food based bacteria when we fast, as there’s no food intake. And the rested fighters will be more effective to combat viruses.
Last item for discussion today is diabetic and IF. I am a beneficiary of lower glucose readings and reduction in medicine intake to half, as a result of IF.
A recent discussion with a medical director was an eye opener. There are two high level dangers for diabetic in doing prolonged fasting. Hypoglycaemia and Ketoacidosis.
I would suggest, those of us on diabetic meditation ( tablets only) please send me a message and I will share more on the discussion with the good doctor.
If there’s anyone taking insulin, please contact your doctor and discuss fasting.
Intermittent Fasting is being promoted as perhaps the best for controlling diabetes. If so, we should not be denying the opportunity to the affected people. But with sufficient precautions and checks that the doctor friend alluded to.

Intermittent Fasting and Life Beyond Lockdown

My Work on Healthy Ice Cream. Inspiration, Neethu Nambiar

I was fascinated by the social media display of a lovely looking icecream by Neethu Nambiar. The display was so beautiful and i wanted to see what best i could do.

Importantly it was a healthy option, something we ignore when it comes to ice creams.

Neethu’s recipe had chia seeds in it, and I always wondered how chia seeds can be used, having heard that it is healthy.

So I had Chia seeds soaked in milk, added with mango, apple and peanuts. Instead of sugar I used honey. The mixture then got refrigerated.

That was a mistake, Neethu advised me later. Refrigeration was sufficient. Somehow I transferred the frozen stuff into a plate.

The look reminded me of ‘spotted dick’ the English dessert eaten with custard. I apologised to Neethu for the tardy look but assured her that it tasted good and was healthy, though I wanted to use coconut milk instead of diary milk. She suggested I could have used oat milk or almond milk.

Yaay, i can make ice cream

My Work on Healthy Ice Cream. Inspiration, Neethu Nambiar