‘മൊനേ മനസിലൊരു ലഡ്ഡു പൊട്ടി’ . Bull Active In Stock Market.

The Economic Times’ Market Column is a must watch item on a weekday starting from 9am. It gives the stock market indexes and the day begins in a happy note depending on whether you see green or if it’s red.

In fact, in a lockdown situation, the weekends are boring without the point by point monitoring of the index and the real-time values of the stocks held.

I am actually not fully recovered from the Ruchir Sharma article in Financial Times on how the super rich soaked up the Covid cash!

And the first title you see on Economic Times is ‘SENSEX at 200,000 in 10 years! That’s 4 times from now

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Literal translation from Malayalam ‘Laddu exploded in mind’

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‘മൊനേ മനസിലൊരു ലഡ്ഡു പൊട്ടി’ . Bull Active In Stock Market.

The When Way to Eat Healthy.

Credit: Today.com article by Dr. Michael Crupain

Follow Circadian Rhythm, eat all meals during daytime.

It’s not what to eat, it’s when to eat.

Change meal timings to take advantage of the body’s circadian rhythm.

Read the article below and watch the video in it where Dr. Oz speaks


The When Way to Eat Healthy.

Bring in a Rhythm in Breaking Fast Too.

I just read that planning and preparation along with habits and rituals are good to sustain intermittent fasting than willpower.
Incorporating circadian rhythm to the fasting schedule is a good way. In there, a method to break the fast is ideal.
Dates are considered ideal while breaking fast during Ramadan time. Dates are with high glycemic index.
Ekadashi fast is broken with a raitha made of Amla, leaves of Agathi (hummingbird plant) and curd. But Agathi should not be consumed for not more than twice in a month.
Here I am substituting Agathi with Red Cheera (spinach) which has no such restrictions.
And to make it traditional I used a stone grinder. Probably this is a good way to break the fast.

Bring in a Rhythm in Breaking Fast Too.

Ekadashi Fast Breaking Breakfast.

With a fasting lifestyle of mostly 20 hours in a day, I am very close to the full day fasting norm of Ekadashi. It’s then a good way for me to do one day fast twice a month aligned to it’s timing for any additional benefits.

As such my first Ekadashi fast is done starting at 6am on June 6, ending now at 7.05 am on June 7.

This is what my wife prepared as breakfast to break the fast.

She knows my favourite is Puttu and it’s accompanied by an egg, Kerala style fish curry, chicken roast, steamed kerala banana, chia pudding and coffee. some walnuts and dried cranberries roasted in ghee are added.

It’s not everyday that Puttu gets so many accompaniments, though.

Worth waiting for 25 hours.

Ekadashi Fast Breaking Breakfast.

Fasting, Rhythm, Astrology….

What is common in religion, nature, science, astrology, traditional wisdom, health and medicine – Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is not a fad, it has everything natural, spiritual, scientific and good in it.
By definition it’s eating only during a certain period in the day and fasting during the other bigger period.

Actually it is something more. It’s best done observing a rhythm, code and clock known commonly as Circadian. That’s circadian rhythm, circadian code and circadian clock.

Ancient wisdom advocated the practice which is followed one way or other by all religions – Christian, Islam, Hindu, Jewish, Jain- all.
Verifications have been scientific, astrological and statistical.

Adopting it as a lifestyle, thus makes immense sense.

Fasting, Rhythm, Astrology….

Grand Old Tree and My Teetotaller Story

The tree in my hometown Thidanad, cut by authorities but treated and nurtured by loving locals is getting back to life.

The tree is at the heart of the town and perhaps the most significant landmark.

My story is about the village chief realising that everyone in the town was high spirited by evening and too unable to guide any direction seeking visitor. One person has to be sober. And I got the lot number. Hence a teetotaller.

And what better place than to sit under the tree and guide the lost ones.

Clockwise: 1. the majestic gulmohar, 2. cut 3. treated with medicines, 4. growing back now.

My blog link of September 2020 on the tree, where the tv news channel coverage is also available


Grand Old Tree and My Teetotaller Story

Synchronising Intermittent Fasting with Circadian Code. A Typical Day.

Breakfast at 9.30 am. Here it’s 2 fried eggs on brown bread toast. Walnuts and dried cranberries roasted in butter. Two sausages. Chia seeds pudding in coconut water, layered with pineapple, pumpkin seeds and no added sugar muesli. Coffee with milk and no sugar.

Lunch at 1.30 pm has parboiled brown rice with plenty of vegetable preparations of grated carrots and coconut, snake gourd with coconut, lentils gravy and pumpkin and dal and chicken cutlets.

Yoga, stretching, suryanamaskars from 8 am to 8.50 am. High Intensity Interval Anabolic workout from 8.55 am to 9.15 am ( fasted state for 18 1/2 hours for start of exercise).

40 minutes walk outside from 6.20 pm to 7 pm. Other routine in the lockdown situation include afternoon nap to compensate sleep deficiency at night, Netflix, time in balcony for natural light and playing Rummikub for two hours with wife.

Bad habits include snacking in eating window on bakery items and tracking stock market movements. For any consolation, it’s going up.


Synchronising Intermittent Fasting with Circadian Code. A Typical Day.

Reset The Circadian Clock In Lockdown.

picture credit: pinterest

The Circadian Rhythm is upset in our modern life where we tend to be mostly shift workers or night owls.

Ancient wisdom and lifestyle were led by environmental advantages of bright daytime and peaceful nighttime.

Then came the viruses limiting life expectancy to below 50. The scientist in man invented vaccines and life expectancy is shooting up to 80 and beyond.

Unknowingly all work and play moved to nighttime upsetting the rhythm which accelerated chronic diseases into the longer life.

In the ongoing battle between virus and vaccine, there is an opportunity to reset the clock during the lockdown by bringing back most work and play to daytime.

Adopt the Circadian Rhythm into lifestyle. Absorb daylight, eat only during daytime, sleep well at night and exercise morning and or early evening. Thus enjoy a healthy aging.

Recommend reading: ‘The Circadian Code’ by Dr. Sachin Panda.

Reset The Circadian Clock In Lockdown.

Jack of all Fruits. It’s the Jackfruit Era.

News Channel Wion covered Jackfruit in one of their broadcasts and it’s heartening for me coming from the jackfruit place Kerala.

The biggest and probably the most beneficial of all fruits was once a backyard nuisance (as mentioned in the broadcast). It’s true, as I remember from the childhood days.

The Vegan food preference is now taking jackfruit to the world stage. Culinary experts say that it is the most resembling taste substitute to meat.

I am a jackfruit lover. The best is the ripe fruits, but now there are many things to explore such as cutlets, burgers, biriyani etc. made of jackfruit.

This is in addition to the chakka varatty, chakka undas and chakka chips that I have the privilege to make myself.

I am sharing the news channel link. It’s the jackfruit era.


Jack of all Fruits. It’s the Jackfruit Era.

World Milk Day

Image credit: Pinterest

Today’s World Milk Day. And let’s celebrate it at a time when physical celebrations are orphaned with pandemic and lockdown restrictions.

Milk is sacred word, linking every child to the mother in the most loving way of transferring love and life.

A child in everyone then grow out of it, but get tied down again mostly with cow’s milk for growing up.

Some of us think it’s macho if we change the colour from white to brown with strong coffee. But milk is milk and today’s the world day.

Interestingly the white revolution in India is credited to my name sake from Anand in Gujarat.

As a mark of my respect and honour to this symbol of love and affection, I am celebrating the Milk Day by using cow milk for my coffee today instead of the coconut milk.

Well then coconut milk is also white and milk.


World Milk Day