Bucket List and Resolutions!

I have listed some things under ‘bucket list’ and I have new year resolutions.

Interestingly, there’s no overlap and that’s why my thoughts today are on the two.

My vote is for resolutions, though a bucket list has more profound and lifelong implications.

Sometimes I feel that a bucket list is not very positive, as it’s something one would like to do before he hits the bucket. When you don’t want to die anytime soon, the items in the list could be postponed.

But a new year resolution is taken somewhere near to the previous year end or on the new year’s day. As such it starts immediately.

And one has to work on it during a period of one year, after which it can be closed, renewed or discarded. Then there’s new new year when resolutions are taken.

It’s upto us to be honest and imaginative with the resolutions. Three from my resolution list, for example, are:

1. Get a six-pack.

2. Try and get qualified for world masters swimming competition.

3. Build on the lucky chance and appearance in the movie and try and get more movie roles.

Started working on them.

Bucket List and Resolutions!

And Let’s Make it the Most Wonderful 2020

It will not be just another year, this is going to be just wonderful.

That’s because we are going to make it different by doing simple things that we would have ignored or not done before.

Let bygones be bygones. If there’s something we couldn’t do or didn’t do, but wanted to do, let’s do it now. That’s, look at every opportunity to do it.

Let’s be happy and let’s make everyone touching our lives happy.

And it’s possible to do all these in a simple way. Perhaps a smile, a word of appreciation. If there’s something we should tell someone, tell it. If we feel we have to do something, do it.

Love everyone, love the family, friends, neighbours, everyone – loving and lovable.

Aim high and work on to achieve it.

Do the resolutions.

Be good!

Happy New Year!

And Let’s Make it the Most Wonderful 2020

Thank you all for the company in 2019.

I must say, I have had a good 2019, thanks to your support and company. Among all the social interaction avenues, I regard this blog opportunity the best.

We all know that personal interactions of meetings and conversations over the phone are the ideal route to sustainable friendship. But there are limitations.

Groups of common interests are enjoyable and sustainable. These include sports, games, art and think tank. If we can continue and enhance the enthusiasm, it’s beautiful.

Then we have any number of social media opportunities. These have their own pros and cons. Some are good, some are not so good.

But the blog world stands out. If I give my example, I don’t personally know most of my blog connections.

But I have a strong relationship in there, healthy friendship and frank discussions. How else would I reach out to people of 91 countries! We discuss small things with much passion as if we have known each other for ages.

I have always reached out to my blog friends whenever i have something new, achievements and ideas and got supported.

Friends encouraged me to dream. New focuses like trying to be a world class swimmer, movie actor, six packs etc are supported.

So before I wish you all a happy new year, let me thank you all in my last blog of the year, for the wonderful company in 2019.

Thank you all for the company in 2019.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas 🎄

Sunu (my wife) has the best Christmas Tree in Christmas time. This year it’s a blue and silver combination.

She has about six to seven combinations for decorations, procured from practically all over the world and carefully stored away.

As such the chances of seeing a repeat would be in a number of years, provided she doesn’t find yet another combination for the coming year and so on!

Even the skirting at the bottom is quite matching. Perhaps the only common item over the years is the crystal ones she got from Germany.

Standing tall in the corner of the living room, the tree and the crib, by the side, brings Christmas to home.

Merry Christmas!

We Wish You A Merry Christmas 🎄

Practice, Practice; Aim for the Moon and Train to Reach at least the Rooftop!

Having qualified to compete in the National Masters Swimming Meet, I have been working on the technique and for the first time under coaches.

The immediate target is the National Masters Games at Vadodara, Gujarat. But I am a dreamer and I am doing what dreamers do usually.

The next step is the World Masters Games in Kansai, Japan in 2021.

That’s it, the eyes are on participating in the World Games and for that I have to do well in the National level.

Going for a disciplined training and hope the body will cooperate to get through the rigour.

Practice, Practice; Aim for the Moon and Train to Reach at least the Rooftop!

Is This A Proof Of Anti Ageing In Intermittent Fasting!

The top is my finger with the election ink applied when I voted in the Kerala Assembly by-election on September 23, 2019. The bottom photo is the same finger today after about 90 days. I am intrigued when someone told me that it’s amazing to have the ink on the finger nails even after 90 days! If so, it’s the slow or reverse aging as a result of intermittent fasting. Wow! Really!!

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Is This A Proof Of Anti Ageing In Intermittent Fasting!

I Have Done It. On Cloud 9, Ecstatic, Even Self Actualised!

That’s two gold medals and two silver medals in the Kerala Masters Swimming Competition in Tiruvandapuram.

It’s in my age group which actually makes it more satisfying.

The two golds are in the 50 and 100 meters breaststroke. But the two silvers are also quite satisfying as I came behind my college days pal, swimming champion and coach.

Something to be absolutely happy about. And the news is that I might have qualified for the national masters swimming competition in Vadodara in the state of Gujarat.

That’s something to work for.

Watch this space.

I Have Done It. On Cloud 9, Ecstatic, Even Self Actualised!