How About A Meteorite To The Valentine!

Christie’s of London is putting a heart shaped meteorite under the hammer on Valentines Day.

Interested? Hurry then as bids are open from tomorrow, February 6.

“Christie’s website says that a meteorite penetrated the Earth’s atmosphere on February 12, 1947 – breaking into smaller meteorites and blazing over Siberia’s Sikhote-Alin mountains in a fireball “brighter than the sun.”

The heart shaped one is among the many smaller meteorites from the huge impact.

“But the “Heart of Space,” as Christie’s terms it, probably split apart at a far higher altitude. As a result, it’s somewhat more aerodynamic, and filled with regmaglypts or indentations”.

Check your pocket before bidding as Christie’s plans to bring the hammer down the third time, not before the Valentine is worth $300,000 to $500,000.

How About A Meteorite To The Valentine!

Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates

I remember getting a feeling of ‘liberated’ when I read a definition of ‘soulmates’. Until then, I was under the impression that soulmates were essentially lovers or life partners.

But this definition put it as someone with whom one is connected in a special way and a soulmate can be a parent, teacher, friend, sibling, mentor, mentee or even a lover!

I have a couple of blog posts here around that definition.

But, nothing like that happened when I read about ‘twin flames’. The details I read on it categorically said it’s different from soulmates.

And like soulmates, it can be anybody but who’s a mirror image of you. Interestingly a twin flame need not be exact you, but someone who compliments your traits and make it a whole.

For example, one of the twin flames can be very religious while the mirror image twin flame, more practical, while still religious.

I thought I would never have a twin flame till I came across this.

That’s item eleven of the 18 twin flame descriptions which read:

“11. You are one another’s teachers, best friends, therapists, and so on. You have such a deep and layered connection that you do a lot more for one another than expected.”

I have one now. The one who discusses health, workouts, Apple Watch and who introduced me to ‘intermittent fasting’ and checks on me on a daily basis. And we fit into definition number 11 and hence ‘Twin Flames’

Twin Flames vs. Soul Mates

Solar Vortex, Artic Blast and Mid-West Below South Pole.

US MidWest is freezing with temperatures which in some places are reportedly below that of South Pole.

It gives me shivers, as this tropical man found the zero Celsius in Dallas during New Year time, too cold. Then think about minus 29 Celsius!!

A relief is the sense of humour of those fellow Homo Sapiens. Clearly that keeps us warm.

One Iowa woman got 1.67 million social media views on her photo with her hair frozen on mid-air.

Another put the frozen toilet seat out. Then imagine a video of boiling water thrown down the balcony! It froze on mid-air!

Here it matches my famous story of visiting remote Himalayan places in North East India like Bomdila and Tawang. I boasted to friends that since my bedroom didn’t have attached bathroom, a bladder emptying process in the open resulted in yellow crystal arc which needed breaking for further release.

And back to Solar Vortex, in our alumni group, a classmate living in Chicago lamented ‘churches are closed’

Good enough to remind me of the importance of prayer.

Solar Vortex, Artic Blast and Mid-West Below South Pole.

Stressed At Intermittent Fasting! Perhaps This Will Work.

Responses to my post yesterday on Intermittent Fasting is prompting this post today.

I am very new to this type of method for weight loss and as usual with me, I just plunged into it with a 16 hour window, without eating, almost 7 days a week.

And with yesterday’s post, I find out that many of my friends are already on it and if I guess right, they got in step by step, like a day in a week and progressing from there.

That’s worrying! And a few of the friends even suggested that I should progress that way.

Then I got on to Google to see how it is being discussed. Pretty good, I must say, with one Mayo Clinic expert even suggesting benefits including longevity and heart health.

But the suggestion remains, get in slow and progress. A clear stress factor for me.

Another warning is on binge eating during the eating window. Well, I am there, almost. But that I can control!

Clearly, a number of participants, including me are stressed out due to various reasons. Me for example being guilty of jumping in full throttle with 16 hours, 6 and 1/2 days a week.

The best way to destress is to have a platform to share experiences and suggestions. So my fellow participants, how about a fasting group for exchanging notes and for holding hands!

I am in.

Stressed At Intermittent Fasting! Perhaps This Will Work.

Intermittent Fasting! I’m In!

A good friend sent me a video presentation ‘therapeutic fasting’ by Dr. Jason Fung. And it was like my story being presented and I got clued onto the 50 minuets presentation.

I was worried about my gaining weight after a good loss of 7 kilos, taking me back to almost 8 kilos while at a strict workout regimen and reduced food.

The presentation explained how the metabolism got adjusted to lesser food for meeting calorie requirements. As such the fat was never needed to be burned for energy.

The solution suggested is intermittent fasting. And along with my friend, I chose the 16.8 method. That’s 16 hours of fasting and eating only during the rest 8 hours window.

After dinner, I will have lunch next day after 16 hours, simple as that. Drink a lot of water and if necessary some zero calorie black coffee.

A joint venture with my friend, exchanging notes everyday and holding hands through social media has made it possible and interesting.

After about ten to twelve hours of fasting there won’t be any energy available from food and the requirements will be met by burning the stored fat.

We are looking forward to some decent weight loss and more importantly, a reduced waste line and disappearance of the tyre made of fat around the waste line.

I tell you, the sure shot to success is in such joint ventures. Anyone interested, please join in for sustainability and best results.

And of course, anyone wanting Dr. Fung’s presentation and research findings, please ask me.

Intermittent Fasting! I’m In!

What’s In A Name! Maybe A Lot! Or Not!

A recent article in Scientific American titled ‘Proper Breathing Brings Better Health’ is getting some attention in India.

In its tweet sharing the article, the journal wrote, “Cardiac coherence breathing exercises can stabilize the heartbeat and have a powerful ability to dampen anxiety” with a photo showing what Indians know better as the yoga technique ‘pranayama’.

The issue is, why it’s not Pranayama, instead of ‘cardiac coherence breathing exercises’?

Of course, the article does mention ‘pranayama’ but as if it’s something else than the coherent exercise, and practiced in India for long.

That should be okay then! One would argue, but not according to critics as the picture in the article for cardiac coherence is exactly that of pranayama.

If that’s so, it’s better to use the correct name pranayama instead of inventing new names.

Incidentally, I came across a name ‘twin flames’ to describe what it could be ‘soulmates’. While I am quite amused by twin flames but I am not with cardiac coherence!

Then ‘what’s in a name’ depends on personal preferences.

What’s In A Name! Maybe A Lot! Or Not!

Still An Absentee Farmer

Banana plants in our land by the side of the river. Instead of planting and growing them myself, I have given it on contract for a single crop.

I hope to implement my dream plantations after the harvest.

The good thing about the land is that it’s right on the bank of the river, which has water even now when most of the rivers are practically dry due to the advent of the season without rain.

A beautiful sight when we visited the place yesterday. Though I am still an absentee farmer!

Still An Absentee Farmer