Is not a feeling when you get zero response to your query in the blog post.

I looked at the messages when I got up and there’s nothing. And then I looked at the mirror.

Oh yes, that’s confirmation, there’s not even a trace of smug in there!


Extreme Moderation

A few years back I set 700 as the calories to burn during physical activities and measured on the Apple Watch.

Sometime back I read out my own slogan of ‘never too late’ and decided to give a try on some six packs and building muscles.

So it was some extreme activities in addition to Yoga and it was 21 suryanamaskars and either of swimming or strength training every day.

The result was about 1400 calories burned against target of 700. Extreme!!

Then I noticed symptoms of protein deficiency and went for some whey protein powder.

And I gained 5 kilos which is not good. I hope some of the experts will read this and advise me.

I have reduced workouts to yoga along with suryanamaskar, swimming and iron pumping alternating. That means I do suryanamaskar, swimming or strength training once in three days. And still I burn about 900 calories. Extreme moderation.

I wonder:

1. Weight gain is fat replaced with heavier muscles

2. My decision of junking protein powder and going for natural sources like eggs are correct. (How many eggs?).

Good news is ‘muscles are visible’.

Extreme Moderation

Book Review, ‘My Heart belongs to you

By Priti Chaubey and Srishti Srivastava Singh

Published: apk Publishers. August 2018

87 pages

A passionately written story of a few friends, starting as freshers in college with three of them, girls, as roommates.

The authors have succeeded in keeping the value of friendship and love throughout the story.

There are enough of friends’ stories, petty rivalry and strong bonds among them throughout the college and through the work life. Friends stick together, quarrels and reunites.

Though friendship is powerfully narrated, the authors want the theme to be love. With not enough pairs, there’s bound to be some love triangles and consequent heartbreaks.

Love is very well handled, though one would suspect a lack of experience from the authors which gives platonic love a dominance over physical. Of course an intruder with the physical motive is providing that also.

The story is perhaps very contemporary as it depicts the modern outlook towards friendship, love and love making. And as such it would appeal to the youth of the times.

Conversations are of high quality, like best in class sermons particularly of love. That’s why I would say the understanding of love is more than the actual performance of it.

A good love story with friendship sort of pipping the love to the post.

And things like ‘karma has no menu, you’re served what you deserve’ are clever.

Non Hindi readers of this English book may have to use some translations at some emotional stages.

A good read.

My rating 4/5

Book Review, ‘My Heart belongs to you

Writer’s Block

Well, my book is on the bucket list. And when you have a slightly colourful past, writing about it just like that may raise some eyebrows.

Solution- you are the self assumed Walter Mitty. So bring it in, some true and some managed dreams like this:-

The well-groomed and thick mustache got glances from the beautiful air hostesses of Air Romana when they lined up to say goodbye to me as I was coming out of the aircraft which landed in Rome.

When will I see you signore! Paula could not conceal her disappointment of missing me after personally taking care of me for the 11 hours flight from Bombay. I remember her covering me with the blanket when I dozed off in the business class after a heavy dinner and champagne which she poured carefully into my glass.

I felt the moist lips on mine and I thought it was a dream, but the side mirror clearly showed her lipsticks on my lips. Oh what a time to fall asleep!

‘I will make sure to book on the flight when you are on-board for my return flight’. I will call you as soon as I finish my meeting with the Pope’, my right hand was busy twisting on the edge of my thick mustache when I was comforting her, while my disarming smile floored her and she looked totally in love with me.

‘Your Ferrari is waiting at pillar 8, just outside the gate 14 where you will be escorted’, the co-pilot came out to tell me of the radio message he just got from the Vatican.

Writer’s Block

Grief is Love

Love is divine, what we crave for

Failing to embrace! It’s grief that strikes

Forget love, and see grief disappear

Does it? for all we want is love

Heart is full, with just pure love

But no one to give, no one to take

Abundance is curse, with no takers

So you grieve, for your love is pure

And you have it, the orphaned love

It’s from the heart, not a place to hide

Heart breaks, with unspent plenty

Safe place to hide, is corners of the eye

What’s that on the throat, clear and big

The lump is nothing, but unspent love

Feel it hollow, in and around the chest

It’s grief which is love, with nowhere to go

(Inspired by a friend’s forward of Jamie Anderson on the subject)

Grief is Love

Pool Swimming and River Swimming

I went to Thidanad yesterday primarily to swim in the river in front of our house. The current in the flowing river was pretty strong and it was a pleasure to swim against the current.

I spent an hour and 29 minuets in the river.

With the Apple Watch on, I could measure the performance

The distance from the start point to the rocks was put as 18 meters.

Incredibly the watch identified the type of swim. Upstream was always freestyle. Downstream was a mix of freestyle, breaststroke and one backstroke.

Occasionally I came downstream dipping up and down to feel the bottom of the river which was about 7 feet to 8 feet deep. The no known style was recorded as ‘mixed’.

The effort was much stronger than pool swim which reflected in calorie burning of 864.

I wanted to spend more time though, but people were waiting for lunch.

Pool Swimming and River Swimming