Enjoying Avacado……

Availability of good avacado is often a challenge. That’s why I am excited when I found a few good looking and mature avacados.

The simplest and most satisfying preparation using Avacado is perhaps Guacamole.

And when the Nacho chips are at hand, one can empty the contents in no time. But this may be the only unhealthy part of it.

Scooped avacado with liberal lime squeezed, mixed with diced onions, half tomato, coriander leaves and adequate salt make the simple dish. Some jalapeƱo is recommended, but hot green chilli makes it truly Indian and spicy.

That’s not the end of the avacado celebration. Premium and fresh avacado juice is perhaps the best of fresh juices. Scooped avacado flesh with diluted skimmed milk, honey and some ice mixed well in Nutribullet is fit for a king.

Enjoying Avacado……

Simple but Great to Eat. And Nostalgic…… Kaachil (Yam)

Kachil Puzhungiyath (Steamed Yam). A friend gave Kachikka (yam) and I remembered childhood evening snack and went ahead and steamed it. The difference is the purple colour for this, while what we had at home was white. Made the side dish of mulaku chammanthi, which is dried red chilli, grated coconut and salt, garnished with home made virgin coconut oil. Nostalgia all the way!

And yummy……

Simple but Great to Eat. And Nostalgic…… Kaachil (Yam)

Sun Bathing & Vitamin D ……

Our Yoga Master recommends sun bathing for the much required Vitamin D.

The ideal time, in fact is from the morning sun. For effectiveness one has to be sitting or lying down, allowing the sun rays to bathe you.

For us the morning sun is on the East side balcony and it is not suitable for privacy. I say privacy because one has to expose the body to the sun rays and someone from the terrace on the building across the road may wonder what is happening.

The late afternoon sun is also good and this is available in plenty in my favourite balcony facing West.

I enjoyed the bathing, first twenty minutes lying on my back and completely stripped. Then another ten minutes face down and flat on the floor allowing the backside to enjoy the rays.

I must have found a solution for the intake of vitamin D from natural sources for an overall wellbeing.

Sun Bathing & Vitamin D ……

A Little Bit of Concern……

It’s not only that a research found out the importance of relationships and social activities, but even otherwise I am concerned at the slowing down in interactions here.

I enjoy the company here, though most of us really don’t know each other. The compassion and affection shown while interacting is certainly worth a lot, even though they don’t come under the real relationship and social activity categories.

Then if a slowdown is felt, it’s certainly a matter of concern.

I am at wrong in not taking enough time to see the friends here, which I will correct.

And I hope to get back to the busy days.

And with a wish to take friendship to a higher level I am leaving my contact details, hoping to be in touch more often.

Kurian Jacob, email: jacobkurian@hotmail.com

Phone: +91 9400056031

A Little Bit of Concern……

Live Long……Happily

This video is on a research predicting factors assisting long life. Social Interactions and Relationships top the list which probably would make many of us surprised.

Well, then why don’t we focus on them? They are good things, not very difficult like strenuous work out but sure to bring in happiness.

I know, talk to people is not entirely talking on social media and chats. But these may be the stepping stones.

I would earnestly seek to have the top two with each one of you.

If it helps here’s my:

Email: jacobkurian@hotmail.com

Whatsapp: +91 9400056031

Live Long……Happily

Kopi Luwak…… & My Coconut Coffee……

Coconut Coffee. The idea came from the coffee tasting place in Bali, which highlighted Kopi Luwak. Coffee in the bigger cup by the side of the array of coffee and tea samples is Luwak. The place had a Civet cat in the cage and coffee on various stages through it.

Kopi Luwak is from coffee beans eaten by Civet Cats in the wild. It doesn’t digest well inside and the cat poo will have half digested beans. They are collected and processed for the coffee Luwak.

Since I was sure that one cat can’t process that much for all tourists I tasted the supposedly most expensive coffee in the world.

But coconut coffee among the concoctions attracted my attention. And here I am with my own homemade coconut coffee. Fresh roasted coffee beans on the coffee machine with grinder for very fresh coffee added with freshly squeezed coconut milk, sweetened with honey instead of the palm syrup (paani) in Bali. I am seriously thinking of replacing milk with fresh coconut milk for my coffee. I don’t have to then worry about which milk; full cream or skimmed which is more harmful!?

Kopi Luwak…… & My Coconut Coffee……