Parippu Vada (Dal Vada)…… Kerala’a Popular Snack.

Parippu Vada with Palayamkodan Pazham (a banana variety in Kerala) is a popular tea time snack for the common man in Kerala.

In rural villages, the combination is enjoyed with a glass of Kattan Kappi (black coffee from freshly ground locally grown coffee beans). When the coffee is to be sweetened, its not the refined sugar that is used, but the healthy Karuppatty Chakkara (black palm jaggery) is grated and mixed.

I had Palayamkodan pazham at home and decided to make the Vada the healthy way on the Air Fryer.

A friend asked if we get the same taste as the ones deep fried in oil!

It doesn’t! Frying in coconut oil, as all the frying in Kerala, has the corresponding unique taste.

Then, can anyone guarantee that the frying oil is not reused over and over again in Chayakkadas (local tea/ coffee shops)!

And for that matter, how many have the heart to throw away a good quantity of oil, remaining after the frying?

There is a clear danger of deep fried food in reused oil.


Parippu Vada (Dal Vada)…… Kerala’a Popular Snack.

Red Lady……Papaya.

Friends of ours came home and brought with them this papaya of ‘red lady’ variety, produced in their farm near to Thidanad where we are planning to grow fruits and vegetables.

After listening to some details, papaya is sure to be one of the items to grow in the farm.

A visit to the friend’s farm is scheduled to learn more on the cultivation.

The plant grows to only 4 to 5 feet and fruits grow in abundance. An attraction is that the fruits are available in just about four months of planting.

The reddish and sweet inside give it the ‘red lady’ name.

A growing health conscious population is welcoming such produces grown without the harmful pesticides.

Red Lady……Papaya.

The Flight……

Flight 1

Photography is interesting and exciting when it is difficult and a challenge.

I have been aiming my camera for such a long time to capture this take-off.

All such flights are beautiful and quite satisfying

IMG_3517 (3)

This was taken some four years back from the same balcony in Uparika Malika

Flying fox

A flying fox

I must try harder, with tripod ready and patience

The Flight……

Healthy Cooking …… Experience Counts

AirFryer gave the idea of another healthy food choice, vegetable cutlets.

When you choose vegetables for cutlets, you won’t like to fry them in oil.

So the AirFryer was out once more.

Well it was not that simple as I thought it would be. Looking back I should be amused by the comedy of errors.

I had beetroot, potato, carrot and raw banana for main ingredients. Pressure cooked all together and proceeded to mash the boiled output to see that the potato and carrot got over cooked and the required rolling into balls was not possible.

The inexperienced has many options and there came 100% atta (wheat) and the balls formed. Application of whipped egg holding powdered bread crumbs made the cutlet form.

Of course some finely chopped onions, green chilies, crushed fresh ginger, pepper, turmeric, chilly and garam masala powders were sautéed separately in a frying pan.

The rolled, egg dipped and crump coated cutlets went into the AirFryer set to fry for 15 minutes.

Oh my God, it’s six minutes into frying that I noticed the frying pan sitting idle with the sautéed items.

Recovery step again, took the frying cutlets out, operated on on side with a knife, stuffed the masala inside and pressed back into cutlet shape, back into AirFryer for healthy oil free frying.

You may wonder about salt. Yes that was almost another goof up. But I remembered just before rolling into shape and dipping in egg and coating with bread crumbs.

When Sunu came to taste, she had a good laugh and suggested bread instead of atta for the consistency. She approved the innovatively recovered Air fried healthy vegetables cutlets.

Experience counts……

Healthy Cooking …… Experience Counts

Air Fryer and Banana Fritters……

One of the most popular snack delicacy of Kerala is the ‘pazham pori’ (banana fritters).

We had some ripened Kerala banana at home and one look at the Air Fryer gave the idea.

Deep fried in oil, the fritters are enjoyed, but with some regrets. We often see people using paper tissues, desperately trying to squeeze out the deep fried oil.

The traditional batter has rice powder mixed with some maida. Maida of refined wheat is not considered very healthy and I decided to use fresh fibrous wheat powder instead. The mixture then made into the batter with some skimmed milk.

And I did another innovation. To add some majja (excitement) included some crushed almonds and kismis to the batter.

15 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade and another five minutes on the other side produced this delicious fritters fried without oil.

Using fresh wheat flower (atta) appears to be an accidental discovery. When I published this to my whatsapp Broadcast Group, I got some feedback of batter dripping down into the tray and some unsuccessful outcomes.

Well then the fresh atta may help making some sticky batter (patent-Kurian).

The plate got empty in no time, between Sunu (my wife) and me. Enjoyed without the guilty feeling of deep frying in oil.


Air Fryer and Banana Fritters……

Hummus ……More than a starter dip.

As part of a healthy cooking and sharing with my Broadcast Group “Cooking Exotica & Fitness”, I had done Hummus when I was in Kuwait.

That time I could not get the ingredient Tahini off the super market shelves and ended up making own Tahini from Sesame seeds.

A few days back, while scanning through the shelves of ‘Nilgiris’ in Panampally Nagar Kochi I saw Tahini and decided on making hummus again. But I forgot to buy some parsley.

Then why not try the local favourite coriander leaves which were handy, and I must say that the result is equally good if not better.

Here I followed a recipe which serves 8!

Ingredients of this adopted recipe:

2 cups chickpeas pressure cooked

1/2 cup Tahini

1/4 cup olive oil

4 garlic pods

1 tablespoon cumin powder

Powdered black pepper and salt to taste

Freshly squeezed lemon juice

Coriander leaves (you can use parsley instead)

Put the above except coriander leaves into a food processor (I have my favourite Nutribullet) and make into a smooth mixture.

Take out into a dish and pour some olive oil and sprinkle of cumin powder. It’s better to use paprika in place of cumin powder.

You can place some cooked chickpeas into the olive oil floating on the surface.

Decorate with coriander leaves and hummus is ready to enjoy.


Be liberal with lemon juice adding to the taste

Use only two pods (here we are handing big sized pods) of garlic instead of four if you want to reduce the garlic impact

Keep tasting while the food processor is working (I know you have to stop the machine) and add ingredients to suit your taste.

A healthy dish 👍

Hummus ……More than a starter dip.