Taking a Break From Rains

It has been raining heavily over the last several days. The best period for me, especially from my waterfront balcony and also when driving through the thick wooded interior Kerala.

And we had a mild breather from the heavy downpour yesterday. It’s fascinating to see the white Storks (herons) flocking along the water boundary, as if they are discussing and exchanging notes about the rains.

I remember the days when there were no strict control on protecting wildlife and people took on to shooting these lovelies, in the pretext of protecting their cultivation, while the birds actually ended up on their dining tables.

Those days it was difficult to spot one and we used to get excited seeing one. The birds on their part were sensitive to humans as enemies and fly off at the mere sight of us

Now there’s no killing. The birds are plenty and friendly.

Nice welcome change.

Taking a Break From Rains

It’s Small Things, Making Us Happy or Sad

Most of us are simple people, with small outlook but dreams bigger than life size.

Then it’s the small things that make us happy or sad.

And hence, excitement is also in seeing and experiencing small things.

It can be some stupid things like the favourite blogger ignored the comments or refuse to acknowledge

Perhaps that’s not so stupid. Because small and stupid to some can be big and vital for another.

There may be situations when out of enthusiasm, you make comments which are not understood.

That’s possible since you’re one with small skills. But with huge enthusiasm.

Normally such comments are treated as such. Sometimes the skilled person may ask for details or explanation.

Naturally you struggle as you’re not skilled in the area.

Then confess simplicity and apologise. It should work

It’s Small Things, Making Us Happy or Sad

Athirappally Waterfalls, the Victoria Falls of Kerala

We are at Athirappally in Kerala where the natural waterfalls are a treat to the eye. I would compare this to the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe which I like better than the Niagra.

The first one is the Athirappally Falls, second Cherpa and the third Vazhachal all three within a short distance of the river.

An enjoyable stay with some fishing included

The drive through the forest is just fabulous in the rains

Athirappally Waterfalls, the Victoria Falls of Kerala

Surprises. Pleasant Ones for That Matter.

In the WordPress community, it’s national that we locate favourites and follow their favourite posts.

This makes the pages interesting and it’s definitely a pleasure to read and comment on favourite posts of favourite people.

Then like the saying goes ‘you like some people more than others’, that’s quite natural.

Then imagine, one day you lose all contacts with one of your favourites! The feeling is quite like losing your best friend.

Life goes on, though it would have been better with everyone on board.

In the process you acquire new friends with equal or enhanced talents.

One day you decide to form an affinity association with like minded and like skilled people. You get a subgroup of good friends, joined together for a purpose.

And then suddenly, you get a loving message from the lost one. And naturally you invite to the subgroup.

How about an answer then like ‘I am already in’. That’s the beauty of assumed names. Great writers have that.

Beauty is the message ‘I never left you’. That’s priceless 😊🌸

Surprises. Pleasant Ones for That Matter.

In Their Shoes

Selfish, a word no akin to selfie

As selfie’s what everyone’s sport

Where skills match, ur looks and smile

But selfish’s without a print, just imprint

We’ll smile and demand emojis

Make comments, but don’t know any

Definitions, senseless and private

Dare to step into their shoes

Everything is no entertainment

So private are their tears

Stand up, does the shoe fit

Walk, and it opens skin wounds

Empathy’s feeling the scars

Many inflicted none other than you

Blood appear, only in the heart

Run, no option ‘cause you are in the shoe

It’s no pearl nor diamond, just tears

Brave a face, for they’re survivors

Judge not, for you know nothing

What goes in, those beautiful minds

In Their Shoes

Rains in Kerala

My nephew sent this photo where due to heavy rains, some roads in Pala were flooded.

That brought back fond memories when I was studying there and once in a year, usually in July, the place gets flooded.

And, as part of the swimming team, we used to take lead in swimming from the hostel to the sports stadium which is about two kilometres. This is no swimming in the river, it’s through the regular road.

The cutest and weirdest thing was that the days of flooding was accurately predicted in advance by Cherpunkal Appi, the local weatherman who operates without any tools to assist.

All very pleasurable, if you can pretend to be totally unaware of the miseries some people face because of the flooding.

Rains in Kerala

Wiping a Tear

Pillar of strength, moaned the beautiful girl

For she lost the pillar, victim of cancer

Father, be there for me

But the stage’s three or four

Most has to face the day

When you become an orphan

You’re strong and can be own

But where’s the shoulder to cry

Worry not, for you’re special

Most talented, n’ most humble

Poetess of the heart’s musings

Of a style so unique

Responsibilities on petite shoulder

Still a daughter, and mother too

Worry not, you little brave

The feeling here, is to adopt

Wiping a Tear