My Book and Writing Block

My book is for a tick in the bucket list. I am facing a writer’s block after the initial pages.

I think I know the reason. When you’re not a talented writer to create something absolutely from imagination, a lot of you will influence your episodes.

And then it’s my ‘weakness’ which, to me, the greatest asset that’s causing a dilemma.

A lot of it is flowing through the pen when I write and many of them involve lovely people. Now the dilemma splits into two.

One, you; how can you Mr.Hyde expose your Mr. Jekyll for all to read.

Two, those associates of Jekyll; shouldn’t Mr. Hyde protect the unwritten confidentiality.

If I resolve the dilemmas, the story will read like a cooking class.

So, Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde have their works cut out to proof read each and every episode, if not the word.

I now, have to get Mr. Jekyll spice up the episodes and Mr. Hyde to moderate them.

But then I am the self proclaimed Walter Mitty.

My Book and Writing Block

It’s An Effort To Catch Up. But It’s Worth It.

We in this blog community, have a desire to follow everyone’s posts and support them.

But it’s not easy, especially with the community growing.

And when you take that effort, it’s a good feeling for both the follower and the blogger.

So it’s really worth the while to take that extra effort and be active among the priceless friends that we have here.

I have that great desire not to miss any of your valuable posts. And I hope I will succeed in there to my best efforts.

There are great messages, advices and love all meshed in there and it will be a great loss letting them go into archives without a glance.

It’s An Effort To Catch Up. But It’s Worth It.

An Egg A Day

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Ironically it’s the Apple News (of Time) which is joining the bandwagon of egg promoters saying that an egg a day is good, even for your cholesterol.

That’s music to my ears. I like eggs and the best way of eating it for me is the boiling method.

Sometime back when I experienced some bad effects of my adoption of whey protein while doing some intense workout with an ambitious target of six packs, friends here suggested eggs instead.

The recommendation included suggestion of 7 to 10 eggs a day from those into extreme bodybuilding.

And i have good friends doing egg diet while being active in the gym. The husband has 7 eggs and wife 4 or 5. And they look healthy and fit.

But there were concerns on egg yolk, driven by a fear of cholesterol. Now cholesterol need not be a bad word and according to this article, eggs boost good cholesterol.

Taste of the egg is in the yolk. Avoiding it according to the article here is losing half the protein and most of the good vitamins.

Go for it ☑️

Are Eggs Healthy? Here’s What Experts Say – TIME

An Egg A Day

A Morning Routine

I have a ‘feel good’ morning routine. I wish good morning to an exclusive list of friends. I do this everyday.

Of course, I have told them that I am not expecting them to take time to respond and just that I get a good feeling in wishing them.

They are from different regions and for some of them it’s evening when I wish in the morning.

I use mostly Instagram DM for this and a few of them on whatsapp.

If I briefly describe the benefit of doing this, it’s the priceless feeling of being with close friends.

There are a few more I want to add to the list, but they are not on Instagram or Whatsapp. Actually I don’t know if they are there.

This morning routine is a good start to the day. And in fact I get motivated to post something here practically every day after greeting friends.

By the way my Instagram account is: kjacob125 and whatsapp +91 9400056031

A Morning Routine

Available Reunion

I have taken the title from the Marxist Party coinage of available politburo where emergency meetings on issues are held with available members.

One of our postgraduate batchmates came down to Kerala from USA and we decided to have a get together with us batchmates available.

Someone suggested an agricultural theme park ‘Mango Meadows’ and we spent the day there. We were a batch of 16 of which two are no more. Out of the rest 14 only 6 could join.

Mango Meadows is a wonderful place developed by an individual with about 15 years of dedication. It’s all of 40 acres out of which 9 acres are earmarked for visitors to explore.

It has everything, cottages, food, swimming pool, go-carting, cycling, limited water sports, fish, fishing, birds, pets, cows and the most important the undoubtedly world’s best plantation of rare and ancient plants; medicinal, fruiting or otherwise.

It’s this plantation that makes me recommend a visit. I have to go back, as to read, hear and study the names and folklore around the rare trees and plants will take a lot of time. If I have to give a dimension, there are 111 varieties of mango trees.

Then the ancient trees around which Malayalam poets composed and sang many a poem.

A very good experience and great reunion. Got back in time to prepare the greeting card, online present and messages for the birthday of the dearest little person. And when that finished around midnight, saw the birthday baby online and called and sang Happy Birthday.

Total BLISS.

Available Reunion

Hospitality At Home

I have a daughter in Dallas and the second one in London. For this Christmas we decided to meet in Dallas and reach there the required number of days ahead of my daughter’s Birthday and continue through to January 2019.

That’s family

However some relations, close relations of course thought they are doing us a favour by joining us. It’s alright if it’s for a Christmas party. But then came up the question to my daughter in Dallas, ‘can we stay with you?’.

That’s including two teenagers and for 16 days.

This is when I got a chance to analyse people. I for one am very egoistic and avoid staying with anyone, instead would look for accommodation in the locality.

Naturally my family get exposed to that concept.

And so my daughter sort of freaked out. As the hostess she could visualise trouble especially when the visitors are known ‘high maintenance

I had to be the bad guy to tell them of our desire for an exclusive family get together which I did to the relations from in-laws.

I like friends staying with us with a few what I call, ‘house guests rules’ which I posted sometime back,

But then we can pick and choose likeable friends and even change friends.

Relations however are fixed and members within the family are not unique.

Perhaps here we see an edge for friends over relations.

Hospitality At Home

Pleasant Surprise. True e-Government

I made an online contribution to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund at the time of Kerala floods. Hundreds of thousands of people must have contributed and I was wondering how to get the tax certificate to claim the allowed tax reduction on it.

I had earlier mentioned that the tax rebate could go into the future donation corpus.

I made the transfer from my Bank account and there the provisions for my tax account number or telephone number were not available.

In fact I was wondering later whether I should have used the government site to make the contribution where there is a form to be filled in.

I have this verified whatsapp message from ‘Kerala Government’ and obviously they have a method to electronically extract contact details of contributers from the Bank account.

Pretty smart indeed!

Pleasant Surprise. True e-Government