Sky is a Wonderful Place……

I love this seat in Qatar Airways Doha-JFK-Doha sector. I had my personal cabin 5A for the to and fro journeys.

Sunu, my wife was on 6B. Well, the airline is not insensitive, the layout is carefully designed for privacy within privacy. Both are window seats, one behind the other, but I have to stand up and lean over, if I have to see her or speak to her.

Clearly, both of us loved the internal privacy.

Kudos to QR.

No wonder, when the pilot announced the return flight time as something over 11 hours, I was concerned! It’s some two hours less than the onward journey. Certainly less time for movies and sleeping time on the spacious flat bed.

One or two things, which perhaps I will alert the airline. The movie list for the March and April flights were more or less the same!!! What’s the use of 21″ screen if you don’t have the show!

Personal care, well it could turn the cheek pink. Perfect. Of course, the super polite, non complicated Kurian can disarm even the best (boasting). And I refused the offer to make the bed, coyly, of course!

(I looked up the dictionary meaning of coyly- in an outwardly shy or modest way intended to be alluring)☺️

Sky is a Wonderful Place……

The Journey Back……

I am getting ready for the long flight back to Kochi. Last month and a half have been fabulous with family getting together and a memorable holiday in Cancun, Mexico.

Florida has been pleasant but Kochi will be a furnace (to many), this time of the year. But I don’t mind and somehow, I tend to find positives in such circumstances.

Apparently the summer rain is on. My brother told me that the river in front of the land where I am planning some dream things, is full.

And the ‘private suite’ in Qatar Airways is to be comfortable for about 4 to 5 (may be more) movies. My wife is also happy with the seating in the Florida- Doha sector, where I won’t be overlooking on what she would do in her space.

Lots to be done when back at home.

The Journey Back……

Aquaponics, for Doing it Well……

It’s difficult to get good quality and poison devoid green vegetables and fish.

How about growing them yourselves? Well, do it well, when you do it.

That’s why Aquaponics is in the plan.

The most simple definition that I have seen of Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system. … Solid fish waste is turned into vermicompost that also acts as food for the plants.

It’s new, but it’s there. And I need all the help to do it well.

Any suggestions, recommendations and help are highly appreciated.

Aquaponics, for Doing it Well……

Do it Well, When You’re Doing it……

A month and a half of sojourn is good enough to train the mind for some immediate action than that of a two year long deliberation.

Now that I am heading back home from Florida, I have some clear vision to be implemented.

I admit I expressed in a similar manner after my last two year long work stint in Kuwait. I must now do it all which are possible to do.

What if I can sit on that thin line which separates the dreamer Kurian with him, the Walter Mitty. That will be beautiful.

The dreamer has plans to develop the Thidanad land into a planter’s dream while Mitty wants all of you to be part of it.

That’s a start. Let’s make Walter Mitty work hard so that you’ll can be participating/ visiting.

Do it Well, When You’re Doing it……

Data Use……

Now is the time when a lot of hue and cry have been raised about data abuse by leading social media and otherwise groups, using analytics.

It’s big news because the world’s most powerful nation got it’s new president elected using analytics cues supplied by an intelligent analytics company using social media data.

It sounds evil, but it also can be considered as smart. I am saying this because the option was available to the other side also and again, the analytics sorted out characteristics peculiar to sections of voters for the candidate to form a winning election strategy.

I have seen similar processes during my stint as advisor to the world’s largest pure play analytics company.

One must admit that private data is used. But I don’t think any individual is identified for the profiling. It must have created groups with similar characteristics.

Such information can be of immense use if utilised for beneficial aspects. Big data and analytics are set to stay and grow.

Data Use……

An Upgrade……

Ever since I got the first series of Apple Watch, I have been hooked on to some of its applications.

And I started wearing it for Heartbeat measurements (particularly the waking Heartbeat), sleep measurements, workout statistics etc.

However, swimming, which occupies a central role in my workout schedule, could not be measured.

And then Apple brought out new series watches which are waterproof.

Birthday is an opportunity to get what you want (sometimes) and my wife was very sure what I should get, especially since we are in USA now.

So I get the upgrade and it’s not only waterproof, it supports GPS and cellular (of course some telephone service provider in India has to offer the connection).

I am now ready to get back to Kochi and get the new Watch wet.

An Upgrade……

Happy Birthday to Me……

Birthday is a special occasion to celebrate. We do that irrespective of whether the Birthday person is happy about getting older and reminded of it or not.

It’s certainly an occasion for family to celebrate and if possible to assemble together, cut a cake and sing Happy Birthday.

I have developed a habit to count the number of greetings received on Facebook. Well, i don’t have to count, Facebook does that for me.

Then, when the greetings running into hundreds give me the satisfaction of being in company.

Today (April 8), when I have my birthday, I am noticing a slow pick up in the number of friends greeting me on Facebook.

And you can now see that I am concerned about it.

I must console myself with the argument that Facebook is losing popularity with all the talk about data breach etc.

It’s then not the superpowers that are on scanner and thus affected by analytical use of Facebook data.

I am also affected by the decline in number of greetings on my birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Me……