A Powerful Swim in My River

My river in my hometown Thidanad is flowing in full force and it was a pleasure to swim in my favourite spot and refresh some sweet memories.

It was great then to lead a pack against the rapids in the youth years.

And it’s wonderful to do that now. Swimming against the strong current over some eight feet of powerful water flow to land on the rock upstream.

Yesterday’s trip to Thidanad was fulfilling for this reason alone.

And I must go again.


Athirappally Waterfalls- Again

We took our guests to the waterfalls yesterday. It rained again and it was good to see an increasing number of tourists enjoying the falls, mostly from the Middle East.

The main falls were in full flow

And the Cherpa falls further up is something you can nearly touch.

Not that Jackfruit Icecream and Kerala Tea are the best combination. Just that both were on hand.


House Guests

We have house guests again. This time our first friends from Bangalore. Just picked them up from the airport and they will be with us for four days.

When Standard Chartered moved me from Bombay to Bangalore, the first priority was school admission for our daughter. And the couple were just behind in the line for their daughter.

From then on , this is a special friendship.

In addition to food, shopping and sight seeing, she is looking forward to swimming with me and doing Suryanamaskars and Yoga together.

By the way the rules I mentioned for house guests are not applicable to them.

For information my wife Sunu is in red and if anyone has forgotten, I don’t want hair, which is in preparation for the six pack.

And for those waiting to know the house guests’ rules, here they are:-


It’s Everyday!

Yesterday while wishing on Friendship Day, I mentioned to my friends who I interact everyday that friendship day is everyday.

I think I can say that here also, as I make it a point to post something everyday. And it’s important that I do get some good response from my friends here.

That’s why it’s friendship day everyday for us.

I have mentioned it a few times that I find the friends and friendship here very special and satisfying.

We don’t know each other that very personal, but we know what we’re and what we stand for and what our interests are.

I think we find true friendship here and it’s priceless.

Friends everyday and friendship everyday ❤️


Alcohol & Harvard Medical School

Please don’t get ideas like I did the moment I typed the title; it’s not about any issues with Harvard.

Issue, perhaps yes, their issue, meaning periodic publication on health, priced @ $30 offered to regular suckers like me with 30% discount.

The latest on offer is on alcohol and why is a teetotaller like me interested in it!!! That’s because it says that alcohol and age are deadly (not the cool meaning, really dead-ly) combination and even a reduced consumption is dangerous as one grows old.

Why I am curious!!! Well an elderly doctor acquaintance bullies me for not drinking saying alcohol including wine is good for health. Yes, he drinks.

Now I can have a conversation with him.

Buy the publication? na, I stopped buying sometime back as their snippets, tempting people to buy, is good enough for me.


My Favourite Juice

It’s not always that we get Avacado at the right stage of ripeness for the best results in making this juice. And yesterday I got it.

The three here are from one avocado with some milk, water, ice cubes and natural honey.

Scoop of avocado with the rest in Nutribullet produces the most refreshing drink. It’s my favourite


Two of These May be Ideal. Which One to Go!

Yesterday I burned 1632 calories with Yoga (two sessions including 12 suryanamaskars), Swimming and Strength Training. Additionally the Apple Watch clocked 12,236 steps.

Two of them are enough, but which one to be left out. Weights can be alternated, but it will be three on alternate days as Yoga is to be daily and swimming is a passion.

I am in a slight dilemma. But the prayer is for health good enough for all the three.