Stay at Home- Pick up a new Skill.

It all started with an impulse decision, facilitated by a practical ‘nothing to do’ situation with closing of swimming pools and the need for social distancing to protect self and others from the spread of virus.

But why something that I have never done before! There’s a reason, we just did a modification to the kitchen in our Bangalore house and the cabinets were polished.

The varnish job was done by the contractor with much ease and we were stunned by the simple job and the contracted amount.

The realisation that the job is simple and the regret of the feeling that probably we were duped by the disproportionate charges led to the idea of trying it out on the other wood furnishings in the house.

That’s how the ‘project polishing’ started. And now I have the satisfaction of acquiring a new skill. Of course, this also has given the opportunity to spend time in the lockdown scenario.

There’s however a small glitch! The varnish is used up and I can’t buy a new tin now. But there’s much wood when we get back home in Kochi.

Friends, try and learn a new skill now that we’re locked down.

Stay at Home- Pick up a new Skill.

Staying Safe Against the Virus

I sent a route map prepared to describe my trip to the local medical shop during the ‘stay at home’ time to buy some random over the counter medicines to some of the whatsapp groups and received good feedback.

Perhaps it could give some broad guidelines to those going out as to what to do when they are outside and when they get back home. As such I am copying it here. Please read and adopt with required modifications and stay safe.

Route Map
Here’s a simple route map of my going to a medical store to buy some medicine during the lock down period.
I have had in mind, the various health department and government instructions and whatsapp forwards on precautions during the current virus threat.
I am narrating it here as suggested practice for benefit of others.
As public and private transport were closed, I walked to the medical store. On the way I was careful of minimum contacts with surfaces. I used my finger to press the lift button, but ideally a tissue can be used which is to be disposed off in a bin.
Be careful not to touch the face at any time during the outing.
Medical shop, like hospital, is a place where people with symptoms come.
Try not to touch the counter top and other things in the shop
Careful to maintain a distance from other shoppers
Pay the invoice, collect the medicine and walk back. Careful not to touch face with the hand.
On reaching back, keep the medicine, wallet and phone at a higher place.
Store the footwear separately, not to be touched at least for 12 hours.
Wash hands with soap water for about 20 seconds as specified.
Go to a corner, balcony or terrace and carefully remove shirt and trouser (outer cloth). Keep or hang them for a minimum of 12 hours.
Take the phone and wipe it with a tissue, preferably with sanitizer
Do the same for the eye glass if you are wearing one.
Wash the hands again in soap water
Take a shower using soap liberally
The medicine and wallet may not be touched for at least 12 hours.
And you are ready to carry on normal tasks in a ‘stay at home’ situation.
Always keep in mind to wash hands as early as possible after contact with public places and surfaces used by others.
Remember not to touch mouth, nose or eyes.
Avoid contact with others as far as possible. Keep at least a meter distance if talking with others.
I hope the above is taking abundant caution.
Please suggest practical modifications to ensure better care to be followed by everyone.

Staying Safe Against the Virus

The New Era, BC and AC!

Thomas L. Friedman, author and columnist is profound in his thoughts. He has just coined what it would be the new transition era BC (before corona) and AC (after corona).

Like BC ( before Christ) and AD (after dominion), Friedman’s BC may start hopefully from only a few months from now and counted backwards.

Thomas says things in some great style. For example in his book ‘World is Flat’ he referred to western world mothers telling children, something like this ‘finish your breakfast, people in India and China are starving’. But he said instead the words ‘finish your homework, people in India and China will take your jobs’.

On the era After Corona (AC) he says ‘Only generosity will save us’.

Then Yuval Noah Harari, captured people’s imagination with his Sapiens. His prediction on virus is equally profound. He says ‘In this time of crisis, we face two particularly important choices. The first is between totalitarian surveillance and citizen empowerment. The second is between nationalist isolation and global solidarity’.

We are seeing that surveillance oriented nations handle the virus better. So will there be a transition from freedom oriented to surveillance oriented!

Noah says ‘Asking people to choose between privacy and health is, in fact, the very root of the problem. Because this is a false choice. We can and should enjoy both privacy and health’.

Apparently technology can measure the temperature when a person presses on the keyboard of his mobile phone. That’s fine, but we have heard about ‘under the skin surveillance’. Scary indeed!

It’s interesting here. Consider, for example, washing your hands with soap. This has been one of the greatest advances ever in human hygiene

He says ‘Both the epidemic itself and the resulting economic crisis are global problems. They can be solved effectively only by global co-operation’.

For us now, what needs to be done is to follow instructions, stay at home, follow social distancing, wash hands and try to survive to witness the transition and hope for the best.

The New Era, BC and AC!

Workout Well and Think Hard.

I learn most from my young friends and it’s one of them, a Harvard trained medical research student, who introduced to me how the brain exercise compliment overall fitness.

I have been contemplating on regulating my workout schedule to stay fit, train for the next level in swimming competition and become a worthy fitness consultant, when the new dimension comes into attention. Exercise the brain by thinking hard.

While the planned workout schedule of yoga, swimming and weights could border extreme workout at my age, I am a novice when it comes to challenging the brain.

That’s I avoid crossword puzzles, complex maths, chess, riddles and even scrabble. The same young friend introduced ‘Dopamine’ to me sometime back and I let it pass thinking it’s complex.

My thought process and thus any brain challenge is like that of an idiot. Now I have to think how to change it. And it’s complex and hard. Perhaps that’s just the beginning of challenging the brain.

I can feel the brain is in attention and what’s required, perhaps, is to pursue the thinking process though difficult and very hard.

Yes, think hard!

Workout Well and Think Hard.

1000th Blog Post

This is my 1000th blog post. I am taking the liberty of just posting a blank page and request you to write something as comment in the comment box,which I will save, keep and cherish. Thank you all for the support and company


1000th Blog Post