Happy to Get Up for Office and Happy to be Back in Evening!

That’s office for you, the second home. Even Starbucks at it’s popular best called themselves only ‘the third home’

There’s talk about ‘end of office’, zoom replacing bricks and mortars offices!

I remember days of business setting up, when most time like 18 hours in a day spent with office colleagues.

And the whole building of 6 floors in my care, when I personally met and spoke to everyone of 120 staffers, every day in what I called ‘Management by Walking Around’

Office is important when you rate your success with how you are remembered.

Like everything else, this too will pass!

And we will be happy to get up in the morning to go to office, and happy again to come back home in the evening.

Happy to Get Up for Office and Happy to be Back in Evening!

Keto, Ketone, Belly Fat, Muscles, Six Packs!

Health is evolving and in focus with the pandemic of Coronavirus. Immunity is highly desirable and you’re what you eat and also when you eat.

Fat was bad till a decade ago, and now good fat is really good. One of the interesting forwards is Avacado saying to the mirror ‘I may not look good, but I am good fat’.

There’s at least one consensus, belly fat is bad! And we want to get rid of it, come what may!

It’s not easy, there are so many calculations, calorie counts, calories from carbohydrates, from fat and even proteins.

And then the brain likes ketones.

We want everything. So eat less, have good fat, get into ketosis, exercise, fast, build muscles, look good, stay healthy! All!

Here’s dinner of toasted multigrain bread, with fresh avocado and moringa leaves on top, and egg fried in butter with pomegranate seeds to decorate.

Keto, Ketone, Belly Fat, Muscles, Six Packs!

All Natural Alternative to Sugary Sweets!

It was the food photography and details of @neethu.nambiar1 that I got interested in food art.

Here’s an all natural and healthy and of course delicious alternative to sugary fruit salad or ice cream.

Neethu introduced me to chia seeds and the health benefits of it are amazing.

I have chia seeds, soaked in coconut milk and refrigerated for the right consistency.

On top of a layer of chia pudding, here I have scooped winter melon and then some pomegranate seeds. Another layer of chia pudding, then a layer of crushed pineapple, topped with slightly salted and roasted peanuts. Then a layer of papaya. Alternative these till the glass is full. Pay some attention to design and food art.

The result is, all natural, healthy and most delicious dessert. I didn’t even have to add natural honey.

Totally good, healthy and enjoyable!

All Natural Alternative to Sugary Sweets!

The Largest Honeycomb From the Old Oak Tree!

A large silver oak in our land in Bangalore fell in the recent windy turbulent weather. Along with came this large honeycomb.

The bees abandoned their beautiful architectural work without leaving any honey. In fact two hives in a nearby building were abandoned by bees in the rain and wind.

My estimate is that this comb would have yielded about 20 litres of honey at the right time.

The bees must have started work on their new home somewhere.

The Largest Honeycomb From the Old Oak Tree!

Love Handles, How to Handle Without It!

The Times of India’s ‘Sunday Times’ last Sunday carried an article titled ‘In The Mood For Self-Love’. The survey based story about the individual behaviour of people stuck in lockdown is quite revealing and comforting to those who actually have that behaviour.

The story here is not exactly about that story, but related one or frankly complimenting to it.

I have taken working out seriously along with strict intermittent fasting, during the lockdown, burning some crazy calories to the tune of 1700, and naturally it shows.

Then the self-love factor prompts images like the one here, reflecting the results of that workout passion.

And one has to be in a position to be a ‘self critique’ while practising self-love. That’s why I am focusing on the ‘love handle’ still remaining on my waistline.

Self-love and the love per-se will be enhanced if I manage to get rid off it. That’s still love without handle, an enhanced and more effective version.

Love Handles, How to Handle Without It!

Is There a Play With Our Money!

Sometimes it doesn’t meet the eye! And then it goes on!

I am thinking about three things and I have been desperately looking for someone else to pick it up and highlight. That’s because I may not be the expert.

1. Banks deduct tax at source when they pay interest on deposits. The depositors, including older people who depend on the interest, get the net amount credited to their accounts. That’s the law, but what about the tax amount deducted! Are they being credited to the government in time or are the banks enjoy this amount in their books for quite sometime, without any obligation to pay interest!.

2. State Bank of India reduced the interest on savings bank accounts and fixed deposits significantly compared to other banks. We know that many people including pensioners have accounts with this banking giant. The Bank usually step in to rescue failed banks, the recent Yes Bank for example. Is the reduction on interest to common man used to fund the loses in such takeovers!

3. Last date for filing income tax return extended from July 31 to November 30 in view of the corona virus! Last date to pay taxes was March 31. And refunds are processed after the last date of filing returns. That means, tax payers refunds are delayed by 4 months.

Did I miss something!

Is There a Play With Our Money!

A Dream And It’s Hard Journey!

Six packs! It was a dream when I was young. The dream had it’s accompaniments. Acquire the six packs, wear a body-tight T-shirt, shave off the hair and walk around to show off.

Hair is done, T-shirt is easy; but the raja part is pretty tough. In fact, I abandoned the dream for some long time and it’s back, full and in glory over the past year.

I had set a goal, to get it by end 2020. That’s when the Coronavirus interfered. The gym and swimming pools were to be substituted.

Yoga became regular and in full throttle, walking advanced to running on the terrace, strength training is without weights and even swimming actions mimicked on land. Intermittent Fasting gives the required energy to burn over 1500 calories from these.

And yesterday’s raid in the storage room yielded the abdominal cruncher, a direct aid for six packs.

The result is here. A long way still to go. Protein powder and supplements could accelerate and bulge it out! Na, I want it naturally, and maybe with more of plant based protein.

A Dream And It’s Hard Journey!