We’re Wired, Wirelessly!

It’s not only work from home, online deliveries and digital schooling, we’re wired with gadgets to do many things.

‘How’s your oxygen’ neighbour asked. I thought he was referring to oxygen cylinders and I said I don’t have it.

He was asking for my reading on pulse oximeter. ‘Everyone has it’ and i too got one from Amazon.

But I am not innocent! My Apple Watch monitors me on everything from my moves, idle time, yoga, workout, walking, steps, stand hours and even my sleep. How much of my sleep was deep, quality and disturbed!

One can pull out any statistics and feel good or bad about it.

Measuring oxygen with just a finger inside a minuscule gadget. Well, that takes the cake.

We’re Wired, Wirelessly!

Apple Watch And Swimming

I do some serious swimming six days in a week. Of late I have changed my swimming style to two laps each of freestyle and breaststroke, alternating and pausing for a few seconds after each fast lap.

The pausing has two intentions, one to stabilise the breath and the other related reason of converting the exercise into HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

And I do sixty laps in the 18 meters pool for a total of 1080 meters.

Apple Watch is used to keep the count and it used to count accurately and also used to list the style of swimming and the distance in that style in the summary.

To be more efficient, I started viewing YouTube videos of training on the styles. It certainly helped and speed increased. It seems to be helping in my dream goal for sporting a six pack.

But look at the summary in the picture. It should have recorded 522 breaststroke and 558 freestyle (29 and 31 laps respectively). But it’s only 414 freestyle and where are the 144 butterfly strokes coming from!

Perhaps Apple Watch is unfamiliar with the almost Olympic style freestyle swimming and got confused with butterfly strokes for some of them.

It shouldn’t be, as in freestyle the hands move in opposite direction and for butterfly both hands move concurrently.

It used to be accurate earlier when I was less stylish.

Will Apple Company take a look. I am tagging them here.

Apple Watch And Swimming

Sleep Measures and Quality

One of the things I am obsessed with is ‘Measures’, digital ones for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the digital that will come to your mind in this digital era! It’s some simple statistics, personally of me.

Apple Watch is my primary tool and my weighing scale my active companion.

Apple Watch measures my performances when I do yoga, swimming, strength training, walking and other physical tasks. It also counts active and total calories for each activity and gives a daily total. It measures and compares performance against a standard. All good.

Five days moving average and even comments on achievements are all there. Even better.

The one area which is close to my heart is the sleep measurement and heart rates.

Obviously I wear the watch when I go to bed. And I have problems with sleep.

It’s not that I can’t sleep, but my nightly sleep is what I get before 6 am on a night. If I go to bed at 10 pm then I get a total sleep of 8 hours. If I am a night owl (I am one) and go to bed at midnight, then total sleep is 6 hours.

The watch then analyses my sleep for quality like deep sleep, disturbed sleep along with heartbeats like resting heartbeat, waking heartbeat etc.

All good, but my ‘HeartWatch’ app fails many a time. I downloaded pillow and the two show different readings.

What the Heck!

Sleep Measures and Quality