Thyrocare, a Billion Dollar Company Testing Blood

I have been using Thyrocare for a few years now, for the periodic blood tests. They are good, have a convenient home service and the range of tests quite extensive.

Well, they may not be a billion dollar company as yet, but I am sure they are closing in. Amazingly it’s a one man’s initiative and the USPs are best in class service and competitive pricing.

They have convenient and discounted packages. It covers all the usual tests (actually more than usual) at probably less than a third of cost compared to other sources.

If you find one or two of the tests that you want to include, there’s provision to cover them on top of the discounted package.

For example, I wanted to add PSA and a test on pancreas performance and they are included without breaking the package.

Highly recommended service.

Thyrocare, a Billion Dollar Company Testing Blood