A chance shift from using willpower to sustain an intermittent fasting schedule of 20.4 to planning and preparation is working well.
It also helps in being crudely creative like designing this breakfast emoji.
Now I plan what to have for breakfast and lunch, the two meals I have in the day. Make them to be taken at the desired time.
Bonuses are a circadian clock, better quality food and conquering the sweet tooth (I don’t know how, it just happened).
Bullseye 🎯 🍳


Ekadashi Fast Breaking Breakfast.

With a fasting lifestyle of mostly 20 hours in a day, I am very close to the full day fasting norm of Ekadashi. It’s then a good way for me to do one day fast twice a month aligned to it’s timing for any additional benefits.

As such my first Ekadashi fast is done starting at 6am on June 6, ending now at 7.05 am on June 7.

This is what my wife prepared as breakfast to break the fast.

She knows my favourite is Puttu and it’s accompanied by an egg, Kerala style fish curry, chicken roast, steamed kerala banana, chia pudding and coffee. some walnuts and dried cranberries roasted in ghee are added.

It’s not everyday that Puttu gets so many accompaniments, though.

Worth waiting for 25 hours.

Ekadashi Fast Breaking Breakfast.


image credit-pinterest

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. ‘Don’t skip breakfast’ are frequently repeated health advisories.

But breakfast technically is just the first meal of the day.

Intermittent fasting is now recognised as the best wellness program. And a sustainable fasting schedule is made easier by skipping the morning breakfast.

Actually, morning breakfast is a difficult meal, if prepared from scratch. As most people generally are most busy in the morning.

That’s where the ready mades make their entry and they are big business, formidable. Naturally, breakfast then becomes the most advertised group of products.

On their own, they can’t get even an F grade in quality. That’s why a psychological war is required. Hence the term ‘breakfast is most important’.

Unfortunately some health experts are compensated for repeating the slogan.

The truth could be very different.