Six Packs. Staying on Course in Bucket List.

The dream is still on. Hard work is also on schedule, in spite of gym and swimming pool remaining closed.

More work required, much more to achieve, but the outlines are quite heartwarming.

Six Packs. Staying on Course in Bucket List.

Bucket List and Resolutions!

I have listed some things under ‘bucket list’ and I have new year resolutions.

Interestingly, there’s no overlap and that’s why my thoughts today are on the two.

My vote is for resolutions, though a bucket list has more profound and lifelong implications.

Sometimes I feel that a bucket list is not very positive, as it’s something one would like to do before he hits the bucket. When you don’t want to die anytime soon, the items in the list could be postponed.

But a new year resolution is taken somewhere near to the previous year end or on the new year’s day. As such it starts immediately.

And one has to work on it during a period of one year, after which it can be closed, renewed or discarded. Then there’s new new year when resolutions are taken.

It’s upto us to be honest and imaginative with the resolutions. Three from my resolution list, for example, are:

1. Get a six-pack.

2. Try and get qualified for world masters swimming competition.

3. Build on the lucky chance and appearance in the movie and try and get more movie roles.

Started working on them.

Bucket List and Resolutions!

It’s Time To Look At The Bucket List.

Last night in a function, I met two ladies who are amazing on what they are capable of doing. One is in her forties and the other in the fifties. One is almost a public figure and the second from a popular business family with strong planter background.

Diving is in my bucket list and one of them is an accomplished diver. In a brief conversation, she became eloquent on how diving in the deep sea gives her so much of mental peace and valuable learning.

Bungee Jumping is not in my bucket list. And I don’t think it will come in there at all. Having said that, whenever I see skydiving, I tell myself ‘I won’t do it voluntarily, but will without hesitation if I have to jump from a plane’.

Both the activities of these brave ladies are an inspiration to take a serious look at my bucket list.

It’s Time To Look At The Bucket List.