It’s Supposed To Get Better

When global cab services Uber and Ola came to India, people were talking in terms of revolutions like www and internet.

It got into the killers list like mobile phones replacing most of camera based photography.

Claims like the future scenario when both the CEO and tea boy getting chauffeur driven by the same type of transport, ushering in equality etc etc.

But is it not to be! On a rainy evening in Bangalore, I waited for an hour to get a ride, having been abandoned by three cab drivers who moved up and down on my mobile screen, systematically increasing the expected time of arrival from something like 8 minuets to near 20 before cancelling the booking from their side.

And it’s there in the newspaper today. The cab services have actually deteriorated clocking just a 4% growth, with waiting time multiplying and prices increasing,

This is just the reverse of a healthy growth which ideally clocks significant growth in business with healthy decreases in cost and sharp rise in availability and reach.

Now we are not sure if a booked service will materialise and we have started to look at alternatives to make sure that important appointments are not missed.

It’s Supposed To Get Better