My Work on Healthy Ice Cream. Inspiration, Neethu Nambiar

I was fascinated by the social media display of a lovely looking icecream by Neethu Nambiar. The display was so beautiful and i wanted to see what best i could do.

Importantly it was a healthy option, something we ignore when it comes to ice creams.

Neethu’s recipe had chia seeds in it, and I always wondered how chia seeds can be used, having heard that it is healthy.

So I had Chia seeds soaked in milk, added with mango, apple and peanuts. Instead of sugar I used honey. The mixture then got refrigerated.

That was a mistake, Neethu advised me later. Refrigeration was sufficient. Somehow I transferred the frozen stuff into a plate.

The look reminded me of ‘spotted dick’ the English dessert eaten with custard. I apologised to Neethu for the tardy look but assured her that it tasted good and was healthy, though I wanted to use coconut milk instead of diary milk. She suggested I could have used oat milk or almond milk.

Yaay, i can make ice cream

My Work on Healthy Ice Cream. Inspiration, Neethu Nambiar