We Learned to Visualise and Grow Fonder. Meeting of Hearts is Hope.

The pandemic forced us to be least exposed. Students didn’t go to classrooms but studied online.

Online food delivery fed the population. Smart phones became the accessory for most things.

People met hidden behind masks. Namaste 🙏 became the greeting medium for the world.

Temples, Churches and Mosques shifted to homes.

Theatres gave way to Netflix.

In spite of all these hidings and escapes, heart just grew fonder. That’s just amazing.

There lies the ‘hope’. Hope is not in hoping for the better future. Hope is in the heart. Hearts meet in a place called heaven.

To put it simply, heaven is where hearts meet. That’s Hope.

Let there be‘hope’ in the new year.

We Learned to Visualise and Grow Fonder. Meeting of Hearts is Hope.

Waste Management. Edible Options.

Amla (gooseberry) juice is a healthy drink and I was making it from fresh berries.

Boiled and pulped amla was squeezed through cheesecloth to extract the juice.

The residue smelt exciting and I added some roasted ragi (finger millet) and palm jaggery powder. The mixture was cooked on medium flame in a thick bottom vessel adding some fresh ghee so that it will not stick to the vessel.

The cooked mix was rolled into small balls, ready for enjoying its katta-mitta (sour and sweet) tang.

It’s maximum utilisation of resources, a theme learned in Covid time survival.

Waste Management. Edible Options.

Cuckoo is a Secret Bird. But Always Heard.

A wake up call is usually attributed to a rooster. But you don’t hear anything else when a cuckoo is around.

The cooing starts very early, something like 4 am, and well, it can be a botheration.

It doesn’t stop with that! He continues throughout the day. The cooing is melodious when you are in good mood.

And a nuisance when you are not.

The black one is not easy to see as he’s clever to hide among the tree leaves. The photo here is thus exceptional.

Cuckoo is lazy, never build it’s home. But of course, will enter a crow’s nest and lay eggs.

Poor crow brings up the little ones and wonder why they don’t say ‘ka ka’ but says ‘coo coo’.


Cuckoo is a Secret Bird. But Always Heard.

‘Pettiyum Parayum’, Keeping Paddy Fields Green.

We have been to the new fabulous house of my niece, built near their paddy fields. It was an opportunity to learn something about rice cultivation which was getting relegated on profitability concerns.

Not any more! At least that it’s what I learned. It’s profitable with a Minimum Support Price (MSP) from the government.

There’s something else that’s keeping the paddy fields green. The traditional “Pettim Parayum” seen in the short video here.

Water is moved in and out from the enclosed paddy fields using this traditional mechanism.

The machines are back to life with MSP and citizens are happy with a backing subsidy which is 100% in Covid times.

Is MSP on threat! Oh no, that will upset everything. Perhaps Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to be recognised. It’s even putting up candidates for election and winning. But not at the cost of farmers.

But in my story here, the heroes are not the government or the farmers or the citizens enjoying food for free; it’s the taxpayers like us.

Our contribution is to be recognised as PSR (Personal Social Responsibility). To make everyone happy!

‘Pettiyum Parayum’, Keeping Paddy Fields Green.

It Tastes Better With Traditions!

A hot coffee or tea from the roadside while on a drive is quite refreshing.

Coffee and tea get ingrained into our daily routine as a necessary beverage.

And there comes the likes of Starbucks, taking the beverage to different levels. Convenience brings in disposable cups with combinations and additives trying to justify the price.

That’s when one yearns for a quiet coffee or tea, sitting down at home or restaurant, sipping it in a regular porcelain cup.

And then, once in a while you drive rural and get refreshed in a roadside stall. Coffee and for that matter Kerala tea are frothed in glass tumblers, making it uniquely tasty.

Well, then glass tumblers have something to do with it.

So I am here with my coffee in a glass tumbler and it’s better.

It Tastes Better With Traditions!

Best Food is, When You Make It. And It’s Fun Too!

Food is taste of it and presentation. Well there are somethings more to it!

It can be healthy, it can be pure and it can be fresh along with being good looking and tasty.

I managed (I think) to do all of these in the three items that I made.

1. Avacado and poached egg on toast with parsley topping.

Poached egg, well it was so amateurish! I did add a tablespoon of vinegar and created the vortex. But the yellow and white went in separately. But yes, it was tasty.

2. Avacado juice

It’s quite simple. Ripe Avacado with milk and water in NutriBullet give the perfect juice. Used coconut sugar for healthy reasons and taste.

3. Mushroom Soup

Voila! It’s a Michelin Star product. Used fresh mushrooms, onion, bay leaf, butter, chicken broth, coconut flour instead of maida, milk, fresh cream, pepper powder, parsley and little bit of grated nutmeg.

Delicious and healthy.

A satisfied cook ☺️

Best Food is, When You Make It. And It’s Fun Too!

Happy Anniversary in WordPress.

I am excited to get this anniversary message from WordPress.

I have posted 1260 posts in these five years. With 1740 registered as followers and millions who can view the posts, it’s such a vast platform to express freely and communicate.

I need to give more importance to this platform in the coming years and spend more time here in the wonderful community.

Thank you everyone for being part of this journey

Happy Anniversary in WordPress.

Now the Coconut Sugar!

Sugar is a bad word, and for many it’s a sin. As we know sins are somethings we commit as most sins are pleasurable.

Coconut was sin when I was growing up. But it just got through the scrutiny of St. Peter at the gate of heaven. Coconut is good and coconut oil better.

Coconut and other palms gave us the common man’s alcohol, toddy. For the connoisseur there was the sweet derivative paani, the honey like concoction which went best with the iconic Kerala puttu.

Those days when we had paani in abundance, it used to crystallise in glass bottles. And we knew it tasted better to paani even.

Now they have come up with coconut sugar. It’s not made from coconut per se, but from the sweet extract of the coconut flower which if not tapped would be coconuts.

Toddy is fermented version of this extract. Paani is the boiled down version of fresh toddy before fermentation.

Another sweet version of the extract is neera and coconut sugar is made from neera.

The beauty of coconut sugar is not that it is not sugar, but the fact that it’s glycemic index is said to be 30. That’s just half of sugar or honey. That’s why it’s a good alternative to sugar.

If you must have added sweetness, and be healthy, try coconut sugar.

Now the Coconut Sugar!

Herd Immunity! Just A View.

Herd immunity, I believe is a rather complicated phenomenon. And the experts are reluctant to give credit to it, where the virus cases decreased over a period of time.

Here’s an assumption of a phenomenon, something similar to herd immunity, that was observed in a journey by road covering three Indian states.

It started from one state where the mask was seen the norm, though many if not most were worn below the nose.

Entering the next state, it was difficult to find people with masks. The story my brother told me alludes to this.

His helper in Kerala from the neighbouring state, went home and returned saying that there’s no Covid in his home town as no one was wearing a mask.

Continuing the interstate journey, we entered Kerala. It’s complete, all with masks, without exception and there’s even masked police primarily enforcing the mask rule to the letter.

Herd immunity then! Well yes, the two states with much larger population are reporting decreasing new virus cases and in fact at a fraction of Kerala’s, where even the positivity rate is perhaps the highest.

Will herd immunity then is like the virus entering a healthy body, get attacked by the strong immunity, get weakened and enter another healthy body, to be weakened further and so on and on to be ineffective even inside a weak body.

Of course, we can’t abandon the good acclaimed practices and it’s strict enforcement. That’s why it’s only a view.

Herd Immunity! Just A View.

Adding Happiness to Water

Drink eight glasses or two litres of water every day. And have more when you workout and definitely often when you’re on intermittent fasting.

We get convenient water in plastic bottles. Plastic is not good for health and disastrous for the environment.

Glass bottles are okay, but will break if not careful.

Ancient wisdom says water stored in copper containers enhance the benefits.

So copper is an alternative for water bottles. And Mr. Butler bottles (available on Amazon) was recommended as genuine.

And here I am with the copper water bottle.

And the bottle says “Add Happiness To Water”.

Adding Happiness to Water