Fry Eggs Without Oil or Nonstick Pan. Use Asahi Kasei Frying Pan Foil.

Asahi Kasei Cooking Contest:
Entry by Kurian Jacob (@kjacob125).
Fried Eggs using Frying Pan Foil of Asahi Kasei.
It’s non stick with silicone coating. No oil used and it’s healthy cooking.
Pan is intact. It doesn’t matter if it’s nonstick which could be unhealthy or cast iron which is healthier.
No need even to clean the pan after cooking.
This is new style cooking, new technology and healthy.

Fry Eggs Without Oil or Nonstick Pan. Use Asahi Kasei Frying Pan Foil.

ചക്കക്കുരു (jackfruit seeds) Undas and Bars.

It was a recipe from a friend for chocolate dipped lollipops of jackfruit seeds with a tongue in cheek commentary that prompted this.

I have made chakka (jackfruit), pulinkuru (tamarind seeds) and ari (rice) undas (balls) as part of my experiments with traditional food before.

Here the jackfruit seeds are roasted well in earthen vessel (ചട്ടി) and powdered after removing the skin. The powder is then mixed with honey, sliced dry dates and cranberries.

And I made a variation to my usual style. That’s to try and get the output binding into a ball or bar (I am still searching for a natural healthy ingredient to do that)

So I made some sugar syrup nearing caramelised stage added with a spoon of ghee and poured into the mixture.

Half the quantity were spread on a greased baking tray and the other half made into balls. The mixture in tray was then baked and cut into bars.

Chakkakkuru undas and bars are ready.

ചക്കക്കുരു (jackfruit seeds) Undas and Bars.

SLEEP, and the Science of Circadian Rhythm.

This is what my Apple Watch measured when I got up this morning. I have set a target of 7 hours sleep and just made the grade.

Currently I am reading the book ‘the Circadian Code’ by Dr. Sachin Panda. Actually I am listening to the audible version of the book.

Incidentally, the subject won Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 2017. And remember the 2016 prize was for Autophagy, the most important subject in intermittent fasting.

I am now about to combine intermittent fasting and circadian rhythm into my wellness journey. Actually, in addition to sleep, time restricted eating (TRE) which is the other name of intermittent fasting that is central to circadian rhythm.

It’s important, considering that the objective of both are not just weight loss, but methods to avoid chronic diseases into old age.

It’s clearly a need, as we have a growing population who live longer, but with one or many chronic illnesses, thereby becoming a burden to themselves and others.

SLEEP, and the Science of Circadian Rhythm.