Alluring Colour, Tasty Too! A Unique Fruit And Drink.

Perhaps this has the best natural food colour. This drink made out of the egg fruit (canistel) is my favourite, not only for it’s taste, but the colour also.

My mother planted this unusual fruit tree which now is about 40 feet high, bearing these fruits, the inside of it resembles the egg yolk.

It’s sweet as such when fully ripe. And it must be healthy too, the proof of it is from animal instinct. The chickens in the house are in their shelter at night as protection against prowling foxes. They are released in the morning and their feed is kept outside.

But the moment the doors are opened, they literally fly towards the tree to feed on the fruits fallen overnight. Then only they turn to their feed.

Though it’s good to eat the yolk like scoop, I prefer this blend. This one is two of the fruits with some skimmed milk, natural honey, ice cubes and water mixed well in Nutribullet.

I look at the colour before drinking and imagine a scan of my body where the yellow flow can be traced on the screen.

Colour is also a sense like sweet, tasty, yummy etc.

Alluring Colour, Tasty Too! A Unique Fruit And Drink.