Lockdown Times and Food Delivery

Lockdown, triple lockdown and resultant home confinement are actually ideal time for making food at home with my Interest in experimenting with culinary adventures and my wife one of the greatest cooks.
But then we need to see how food tastes outside. That’s when I saw this combo meal offer from next door food delivery centre ‘Asian Kitchen by Tokyo Bay’.
The combo was of:

  1. Spicy Thai Fried Prawns
  2. Spicy Seafood Soup
  3. Wok Toasted Fish With Black Pepper Sauce
  4. Shrimp Butter Garlic Noodles
  5. Shrimp Chilli Garlic Fried Rice
    All good for 3 people at an attractive ₹1150 price tag.
    Yummy. It pays to indulge in luxury, sometimes.
Lockdown Times and Food Delivery

Start Ups Show the Way When Multinationals Ducked!

Licious, a local food delivery start up, kept the locked down customers supplied with food ingredients and here’s the story how they did it when the multinational delivery conglomerates stopped orders and delivery.

There are many more examples where local corner/ kinara stores came to customer rescue.

It’s a shame that the giants who grew manifolds with our money, dropped us at our worst hour.

I wish we will continue to patronise these small but efficient outlets after we come out of this crisis .

Please read the inspiring story here


Start Ups Show the Way When Multinationals Ducked!