Cooking During Fasting Window!

It sounds like a paradox! But that’s exactly what I enjoy.
My fasting lifestyle is 20 hours of water only fast with just 4 hours for eating. And I have taken up cooking with a passionate Instagram account.
Call it willpower, penance or sacrifice, and perhaps it’s an attempt to make some enjoyable quality food to savour during the limited eating window.
It’s definitely highly satisfying.

Cooking During Fasting Window!

It’s Unique, It’s Vegetarian!

Rasovara in UB City in Bangalore is an interesting place to have a meal. They serve dinner only.

It was the birthday of a friend and they invited us for dinner there.

I didn’t have much of an expectation as the place serves only vegetarian and it’s Rajasthani cuisine, if I am not mistaken.

But it was nice, different and a must try at least once place.

We all went for the Thali as it’s an easy way to get most items without knowing their names.

First to arrive was the laddu in a small brass container with a lid along with jaljeera, the spicy starter drink.

The starter had four delicious items. Main thali was of umpteen items with chappathis, naans, kulchas, rice and dum biriyani (vegetarian). Pani puri (golgappa) with the puri as lid to the pani below was a hit. The pickle tray was also very assorted.

The dessert again was of four items, matching the starter which made me to call it the ender.

A wonderful meal at a wonderful place. I said initially that it’s a one time must try as it’s ₹800 per person.

That for a foodie like me who enjoys, say a fish meal for all of ₹150 is a one time affair.

It’s Unique, It’s Vegetarian!