Kerala, It Could Still Be The God’s Own Country.

This is apparently an index prepared in a UNDP and Oxford University study showing Kerala topping the list.

Nicknamed God’s Own Country, the state has been under the scanner of late, even among us residents. For one the infrastructure is poor and the latest ‘highest crime rate in the country’.

But then the lack of organised development of infrastructure could have preserved the natural beauty making it a fabulous tourist destination.

But crime rate! Something is wrong somewhere. And I did try to give an answer to one of social media ridicule suggesting that most crimes are reported.

I also mentioned a news, quite sometime back that Chengannur railway station in Kerala returned highest revenue for railways adjusted to size. Amazing for a state where railway infrastructure is poor and is not the preferred mode of transport. Then someone told me, ‘everyone here buys a ticket’.

Same could be the case for crimes. First in reporting and registering crime. Otherwise it’s difficult to fathom something like it, the notorious first rank.

This then proves. The conviction rate is highest, way above the rest.

Kerala, It Could Still Be The God’s Own Country.

Water Metro. It Could Change Kochi.

India’s first Water Metro is coming to Kochi. It is expected to be plying by November 2020, an year from now.

It connects 10 islands in Kochi through 15 routes, spanning a distance of 78 km.

“Once completed, water metro will be the best water transport project in the entire Asia,” said the Managing Director of Kochi Metro Rail Limited which will manage the water Metro also.

The KMRL project proposal says that the project is expected to reduce pollution and traffic congestion in the city and also ease access to business areas on the mainland for urban households along the Kochi lakeshore. Water transport is also inherently more energy efficient than rail and road transport. The project plans to inroduce modern energy efficient environment friendly and safe boats.

There will be a fleet of 78 electrically propelled hybrid ferries plying to 38 jetties. The number of stations identified is 38. It is envisaged to be a ‘socially inclusive transport system than being just a transport service’, says the proposal.

I hope this will be the precursor to linking rivers and a state wide water transport in Kerala. In fact preliminary steps are being taken and this could change the way people travel in God’s Own Country.

My stop in the Water Metro is Thevara, the fifth from bottom in the map.

Water Metro. It Could Change Kochi.

Tea Gardens- Beauty Spots of Munnar

It’s like a pedicure and manicure to nature that the tea gardens give to the natural beauty of hill resort Munnar.

I felt a love affair being developed with this beauty on our visit there this last weekend.

Of course, there are many other places and things to see and do in Munnar, the best resort spot one can get to. But Munnar is mostly about the tea gardens.

Aided by the mild wintery weather of the hills and prevalence of world class resorts, tourists rush to this heavenly abode in ‘God’s Own Country’, Kerala.

A tea factory visit is a must to understand the process involved in making the tea that we are so fond of. Green and black tea are touted as health drinks, but I would recommend a cup of garden fresh tea with milk and sugar.

There’s something personal here, as my childhood memories are fresh with the aroma of the tea factory that my parents owned in our small town. Now rubber plantations have taken over the tea and the factory.

Tea Gardens- Beauty Spots of Munnar