Foodies Too Have a Role In This Pandemic Times.

Immunity Food

Another wave of Corona Virus is hitting the world. People are getting vaccinated, but unfortunately the minuscule vaccine failure is highlighted by the gossipy world.

I came across the following food items as immunity boosters in an article.

Citrus Fruits, Red bell peppers, Broccoli, Garlic, Ginger, Spinach, Yogurt, Almonds, Sunflower seeds, Turmeric, Green Tea, Papaya, Kiwi, Poultry, Shell Fish.

We have foodies showing off the tempting recipes and dishes. Perhaps a calculated effort towards popularising immunity boosting food would be a small but noble objective.

Let’s stay positive. When the first wave got under control in places like the biggest slum and in some places where masks were not used, we thought herd Immunity in layman’s definition was taking effect. But not so.

Perhaps the vaccination will prepare the world towards a herd Immunity. That, along with the established habits of covering face when required, washing hands and possible distancing plus immunity boosting food would eradicate the pandemic.

Foodies Too Have a Role In This Pandemic Times.

Herd Immunity! Just A View.

Herd immunity, I believe is a rather complicated phenomenon. And the experts are reluctant to give credit to it, where the virus cases decreased over a period of time.

Here’s an assumption of a phenomenon, something similar to herd immunity, that was observed in a journey by road covering three Indian states.

It started from one state where the mask was seen the norm, though many if not most were worn below the nose.

Entering the next state, it was difficult to find people with masks. The story my brother told me alludes to this.

His helper in Kerala from the neighbouring state, went home and returned saying that there’s no Covid in his home town as no one was wearing a mask.

Continuing the interstate journey, we entered Kerala. It’s complete, all with masks, without exception and there’s even masked police primarily enforcing the mask rule to the letter.

Herd immunity then! Well yes, the two states with much larger population are reporting decreasing new virus cases and in fact at a fraction of Kerala’s, where even the positivity rate is perhaps the highest.

Will herd immunity then is like the virus entering a healthy body, get attacked by the strong immunity, get weakened and enter another healthy body, to be weakened further and so on and on to be ineffective even inside a weak body.

Of course, we can’t abandon the good acclaimed practices and it’s strict enforcement. That’s why it’s only a view.

Herd Immunity! Just A View.

Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

The world is fighting an epidemic and most of us have no clue as to how to manage it.

Wash your hands several times, social distancing, wear masks etc are precautions. Then there are lockdowns, quarantine, containment zones etc as imposed restrictions.

Herd immunity is something being spoken about. Let me start with what I imagined what it could be! (Caution: this has no scientific backing or verified results, just a figment of my imagination).

Healthy people get the virus. Their strong immune system attacks the virus and make it very weak or kill it. They in turn pass the weakened virus through contact to others. These transmitted viruses are weaker after being attacked by the strong immune humans. The transmitted weak virus gets resistance inside the new body.

This then become the norm and the virus is defeated. This is what I thought herd immunity is all about.

Look at the above Pinterest image. It’s telling something similar.

No blame on anyone who keep people away indoors. But did the lockdowns and quarantine work? Perhaps yes and perhaps no.

Then we’ve the Swedish model where the government just took the backseat and relied on people to take precautions on their own. No specific lockdown and least damage to economy and livelihood of people.

Now Sweden has the least bad news from the pandemic.

Not many want to experiment which could be termed as playing with people’s lives. But the need to survive is getting countries to unlock even before the vaccine.

There will be a spike, but results already show that the mortality rate is majorly down.

People may go bankrupt and die economically if not unlocked. If herd immunity is acquired in the process, it’s a blessing. Albeit, late!

Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

God’s Own Country Needs God’s Own Intervention.

The pandemic has everyone affected. And we are resigned to the fate of practically writing down one year from our lives.

A recovery is required and it’s happening differently in different places.

It happened in China first and let’s not waste time to know how they recovered too. And there are bright spots where the happening itself is little.

But the world has to bounce back and so does Kerala.

There are a few things special to Kerala. Those include natural beauty, hospitality, emancipation etc.

There are also political dramas and extreme devotion to it.

And ‘Kerala Model’ is something like a self praise and it covers even the pandemic. The only thing that’s not a self praise probably is the title ‘God’s Own Country’. That’s a term used by outsiders as Keralites have some honesty.

Kerala Model is something that’s still talked about but we’re clueless on it. No one knows if keeping people indoors indefinitely, hoping to be vaccinated while still indoors is the right strategy.

So we won’t lift quarantine even if the rest of the country have forgotten about it. Of course, we haven’t acknowledged that people from outside and the tourism inside are the ones who supported us. So hurt them, both!

Again ‘herd immunity’ is a bad word. And Arsenic is poison. But then, we don’t know what’s herd immunity, but we know homeopathy is good.

And we take homeo medicine Arsenic Album 30 to boost immunity. Then herd immunity could be not be by accident! We are basically jealous people and we don’t like gold being brought in by a few. What if we get beaten up by police, it’s worth shedding blood for herd immunity.

We’re clever too. Make the return of non residents the hell, and they will stay back to send money.

But what about tourism! Someone has to pay a price. Let it be tourism industry, which will get killed if tourists are to be quarantined.

I have been waiting for the quarantine to end for the past 6 and 1/2 months for returning home from Bangalore. See we have always a vested interest.

God’s Own Country Needs God’s Own Intervention.