Homeopathy For Immunity! Worth a Try, If No Side Effects

AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy) ministry of Government of India, recommended use of Arsenic Album 30 homeopathic medicine as an immunity booster during the Covid pandemic.

We see a lot of criticism, especially from people practicing other branches of medicine, against the recommendation.

However, there seems to be a unanimous consent that the medicine has no side effect. Some even call it just purified water and sugar. Just a placebo.

If so, there’s no harm in using it, especially when the price of some 500 globules is about $2 only. And a placebo effect may do more wonders than the expertise of a doctor.

Nobody is talking about compromising any of other preventives such as wearing mask, washing hands several times, keeping distance, stay at home etc.

Then let people swallow four of the sugary globules on empty stomach for three days and repeat after a month or 15 days.

If you remember, homeopathy globules are best consumed by allowing them to melt under the tongue.

I wish someone do a study, a research on the Immunity boosting homeo medicine.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that it boosts immunity.

Homeopathy For Immunity! Worth a Try, If No Side Effects

Immunity Booster! It’s Homeopathy.

I just got 3 small bottles of Arsenic Album 30, a immunity boosting homeo medicine.

This hit Kerala news when a municipal chairman gave the medicine successfully to 107 primary contacts and 2000 others in a place where two people contracted Covid virus.

I did some reading, including a talk by former head of department of Govt Homeopathic Hospital in Kerala. Apparently the medicine has been around for about 200 years, no side effects and recommend by the Government of India. I understand it is recommended and used World over.

Dosage according to Professor is 4 tablets (small usual homeo balls) each for 3 days for adults and 2 for 4 days for children, on empty stomach. Repeat after 2 weeks during the Virus threat.

Diet mentioned is reduce coffee/ tea intake. Can be taken along with other medicines. Importantly, follow other preventives like mask, distancing, washing hands etc.

please take a look, do your own research and consult when necessary. I got it from Amazon. Dosage may differ for tablet, powder

Immunity Booster! It’s Homeopathy.