It’s All Positive So Far! And The Benefits Too!

I started on Intermittent Fasting on January 19, 2019 after getting alerted on the subject by a friend. And I have been fairly regular with my 16.8 schedule. That’s fasting for 16 continuous hours and eating during the remaining 8 hours with two meals and liberal snacking in between.

Like all diets, weight loss has been the primary measure of success and it was good by about 12 ponds within the first 45 days. And then it started remaining stationary.

And there are any number of articles and videos on the subject with each one giving valuable information and all being positive and good.

There are some takings from these. Like ‘it’s not a diet, it’s lifestyle’. ‘Weight loss is just a side effect and other benefits outweigh’ etc.

There are big Facebook groups with several thousands of members but those started getting dominated by mere words and comments. So I started a whatsapp broadcast group with known people and we are sharing valuable experiences and motivate each other.

Pooling literature on the subject is of great benefit with information on autophagy etc. Thus it has become aspirational as healing and growing new cells are like a dream.

There’s a catch though, for best benefits, one has to progress towards at least a 20.4 schedule. And I want to do it.

Yesterday was my first 20.4, achieved almost accidentally as we got into a movie theatre at 16 and half hours of fasting. And I achieved 20 by refusing Theater snacks. Now the challenge is to continue.

The videos and articles in our group are so informative that IF is clearly the most significant health initiative. The videos include one from the Nobel Prize winner for his work on IF and autophagy.

Actually, all my friends should spend some time listening to them and reading the material available in the group.

For joining, send me a mail on with your whatsapp number or whatsapp me on +91 9400056031.

Member privacy is ensured in a broadcast group where members can’t see or message other members.

It’s All Positive So Far! And The Benefits Too!

It’s Easier And It Works Better In Group!

I am talking about Intermittent Fasting and it’s benefits. Most people, like me, start on the basic 16.8 program. That’s 16 hours of fasting with the remaining 8 hours as eating window.

We see significant benefits and like all good things, the progress gets stunted. And there’s no further reduction in weight, though the overall benefits lingers.

Well, this is blog is about doing in groups. We have a small group connected as a broadcast group on whatsapp. It’s already working well.

Being a whatsapp group, the members don’t know each other and a privacy is maintained. Except that, me as admin has an overall view.

We have a collection of valuable videos and articles on the subject. These are mostly contributions from members which I repost on the group as contribution from a fellow, member, without giving the name of the member.

And I sent all these valuable information to any new entrant to the group.

In fact, I shared this morning, my interaction with a doctor who lost 14 kgs with a year adopting a 20.4 fasting schedule. There are tips to sustain such prolonged fasting hours in a manageable fashion.

More the merrier, and everyone benefits from contributions and experiences of others.

I am happy to invite those who are interested in the group, to send the whatsapp number to my mail or my whatsapp number +91 9400056031.

It’s Easier And It Works Better In Group!

Whatsapp Broadcast Group. Connected By A Theme

When I learned that many of my friends are interested in Intermittent Fasting to be healthy, I thought about forming a group to share information and for mutual support.

Whatsapp group is perhaps the easiest to manage such a requirement, but a regular group has it’s own limitations. For example, when a group is of members who are not otherwise connected, some may not be comfortable with giving personal details in the group.

A broadcast group is the solution. Here we can have upto 256 members and none of them need not know other members, except the person forming the group.

Accordingly I have started a broadcast group ‘Intermittent Fasting’ and happy to see many of my enthusiastic friends in it.

The only thing is that, I, as the originator or admin of the group, have to make sure that commonly beneficial feedback and updates are broadcast to every member of the group.

So far we have a collection of about 9 exclusive and greatly informative videos/articles. And these informations are making the program more valuable and taking it beyond just Intermittent Fasting.

The most interesting fact is that, out of the nine, only one is contributed by me. This shows how successful the group is.

I am happy to invite my friends who are interested in reading more on Intermittent Fasting, autophagy, keto diet etc., to join in this broadcast group. Send me your whatsapp number on my phone +91 9400056031 or mail: And let’s pool information and support each other.

Whatsapp Broadcast Group. Connected By A Theme

A Whatsapp Group For Better Health is Up. All Are Invited.

This is a broadcast group, meaning individual members keep their privacy and I volunteer to share relevant individual contributions to the group.

I started Intermittent Fasting when one of my friends sent a video on it and started feeling the good results.

Then I was privy to some great videos and articles shared by various friends.

The best was when I chanced on one on autophagy and cell cleansing and rejuvenation. That’s, it’s possible to clean our body cells in addition to fat burning.

Hence the idea of the whatsapp broadcast group named ‘Intermittent Fasting’. It has just entered double digits of membership and deemed to be limited to a manageable number, so that I can filter individual contributions to share to the group.

I am happy to offer membership to my friends here who are interested in this new health program. The idea is to share information and experiences and more importantly to support each other to stay on course of best practices.

If interested, please send your whatsapp number to my email: or to my whatsapp number: +91 9400056031.

A Whatsapp Group For Better Health is Up. All Are Invited.

Lifestyle of Ancestors! That’s What It’s All About!

Autophagy won the Nobel Prize in 2016 and Intermittent Fasting is spreading faster. The two help in getting rid of excess fat and unwanted cells from the body.

It’s about stressing the body to derive the benefits. And our ancestors were stressed with exposure to sudden variations in temperature for example.

Hydrotherapy is simulating it and I am happy to repost below my earlier blog on experiencing it.

My blog on Hydrotherapy in Cancun.

Yesterday i had a unique experience of hydrotherapy in ‘the Finest ‘ Paya Mujures resort in Cancun.

I was allowed only the swimming trunk and had to keep everything else including the phone in a locker and hence missed any detailed photos.

First it was in a sauna where body got warm and next was in a bathroom where a barrel with a hanging string was there. I pulled the string down and a barrel full of cold water bathed me. Wow

Then there was another bathroom where hot and cold alternating jets of water sprayed with power systematically all over the body.

Then it was a steam room with some salt all over the body. I could feel all pores opening and sweat pouring down. Then ice water was brought and poured on me head down. Double wow

Then there were a series of walking through small pools alternated with hot and cold water and different water jets worked on the body systematically.

Then another set of pools where very powerful water jets worked on you from above, sides and below.

Finally taken to a relaxing chair made of some stone and heated. Cold towel covered me and a small folded towel with perfumed and organic medicated was placed covering the eyes. Shoulders and neck were massaged making me fall asleep.

Overall a unique and rejuvenating experience.

Lifestyle of Ancestors! That’s What It’s All About!

Autophagy, the Science of Getting Rid of Unwanted Cells in the Body.

Everybody with excess fat in the body, wants to get rid of it.

I am one of them and now follow the intermittent fasting technique with some remarkable success.

When you are in such a program, one of the ways of getting better in it, is to share experiences and support each other, from among similar minded people.

I have a few of my friends supporting and sharing experiences, which is priceless.

Right now we are on a question of what would be the best food choice during the eating window of intermittent fasting.

And now I chance upon a write up on ‘Autophagy’ and there are some tips to get better in what we are doing.

We can’t do everything that’s written as good. But we can pick and choose our own individual routine and see if it works well.

I am now in the process of doing that. Hopefully we will have more interested friends in joining in the support group.

The idea is to get rid of excess fat and now the unwanted cells through the steps in autophagy, while aiming to loose weight, tone up and feel energetic and healthy.

All those who are interested in more information on Intermittent fasting and autophagy are welcome to join in, to share experiences and for mutual support.

Autophagy, the Science of Getting Rid of Unwanted Cells in the Body.

There’s Merit in Getting Back to Ancient Wisdom

I am not talking about the wisdom of great philosophers, gurus and teachers. I am referring to simple day to day living practices of our ancestors.

Olden times, hunters spend time to gather food for the families, groups and clans. And when the food was brought, everybody assembled to eat.

Probably the hunters spent 16 hours to catch enough food so that everyone could eat for the rest of the time. And that’s exactly the, now popular, Intermittent fasting.

Olden times food was raw, fresh, natural and without external stimulants. We now advocate fresh, unprocessed and organic food.

Humans and animals had the ability to identify and use natural herbs and medicines. Though we lost the ability to spot the right herb, there’s a quest for herbal medicines.

Animals, however haven’t lost their instinct, but the challenge is destruction of nature for them to spot remedies.

And we make a hue and cry about this destruction and replacement of virgin jungle with concrete jungle.

Basically the challenge now is to acquire the animal instinct, back.

There’s Merit in Getting Back to Ancient Wisdom