A Visitor From Siberia

From the waters of Baikal lake in Siberia, this crane traveled thousands of kilometres to land here in the backwaters of Kochi, to give me a beautiful morning balcony view.

It may be a reminder of world travel, or a warning that we will remain locked down unless we take steps and be smart to halt the viruses and the like on their tracks.

Or, to think positively, it’s a sign of hope. Hope which has taken a beating. An assurance that we can coexist with the nature and ensure survival of all.

In hope, we trust

A Visitor From Siberia


This is live morning news on the waste washed onshore in FortKochi beach as part of the rising waves in the cyclonic weather.

Clearly the nature is complaining of the pollution and unmindful waste disposal into the precious waters. And we’re asked to take notice.

The pandemic, the diseases, the extreme weather are all the consequences and display of anger by the nature. It doesn’t matter if it starts, for example in Wuhan, for nature it’s the homo sapiens who are responsible.

It’s time for humans to take note and respect nature, if not to worship it.


My Cleaning Dilemma

Lockdown, means no domestic help and I volunteered or as usual I was expected to take over the cleaning and mopping of the floors.

Well, I am sort of prepared with accessories brought in from Walmart in USA when we visit our daughter living there.

And we have seen the cleaning agencies there, cleaning the house on contract. Quite impressive cleaning indeed.

I then took some tips and learned that they use a drop of Vim liquid in the water for mopping the tiled floors.

So I poured Vim into the bottle of my spray mop. Not to be outwitted by the maid’s performance, I did add a little more of the liquid.

It cleaned well, but left a sticky floor to navigate and worse it left rainbows on the floor, looking more like an oil slick.

My Cleaning Dilemma

Synchronised Fishing

Lockdown is on and the local fishermen on country boats are absent in the backwaters.

That’s not a concern for these waterbirds. They are a bunch landing in to do a strategic fishing effort.

A pleasing view for me sitting in the balcony

Synchronised Fishing

Evolution and Me.

Student, Romeo, Worker, Me

I have evolved in a mini evolution. As the theory says, all species are related and gradually change over time.

The only thing I am willing to let go is my hair. For the others, there should be a reverse evolution.

Intermittent Fasting by itself denotes age reversal as one of the benefits. Autophagy is then the icing to it, as fasting activates Autophagy.

That’s what many are trying. And along came the Nobel Prize winning idea of ‘Autophagy’. A Greek word for self eating, it talks about cell repair and replacement with healthy ones.

Reverse travel perhaps is not just a dream.

Evolution and Me.

The Way To The Heart Is Through The Stomach!

Picture credit Pinterest.

Remember this when everything fails. There’s nothing more alluring and effective than some good food. Especially when hungry.

I have found this to be true in Instagram. Ever since I started talking about food, I became a good boy in Instagram.

I am a blogger on WordPress with more than a thousand blogs and matching number of followers. I write what comes to mind mostly.

I am inherently fond of tradition in food and I am willing to be a revolutionary if traditions are trampled. That’s when I found Instagram full of activists like me, promoting traditional food.

I love to be among the sweet heart foodies there. Doesn’t matter if I am an intermittent faster. After all it’s not denying food, but only delaying it.

I found the way to sweet hearts, and it’s through the stomach and it works ‘vice versa’.

The Way To The Heart Is Through The Stomach!

About Cholesterol, Do We Know Enough!

Picture credit, heart foundation New Zealand

Cholesterol has been a bad word. It has been used as the single most important measure of our heart strength!

But off late, there are murmurs about it and doubts about if the doctors are right.

Statin, the ‘go to’ medicine when the cholesterol reading is above 200 may be a worse word, considering the side effects. Especially when it’s used without understanding when cholesterol is bad.

Apparently 200 is just a number. What adds upto 200 is more important.

Moreover, proven techniques like intermittent fasting can give us good markers on cholesterol, without statin and the likes.

I watched a video by my favourite wellness practitioner and thought I should share it with my friends.

Please watch this video for a detailed explanation.

About Cholesterol, Do We Know Enough!

The Second Wave

The second wave is too serious for us in India and even in Kerala where we’re getting into the official lockdown starting today.

Last year we were caught unawares in Bangalore, going there for a couple of weeks, but staying on for 10 months due to travel restrictions etc.

Life turned upside down, almost everything got adapted and we thought that was the end of the pandemic. But not so. This time it’s heartbreaking, lack of oxygen is man made and slow vaccination due to negligence. The only consolation is that my state Kerala is supplying excess oxygen elsewhere.

Homes are now identified as primary source of virus spread. If so, it’s individual responsibility to stop it. That’s by protecting others as different from staying away from others.

One of the many ways in doing that is with self discipline. And one area in that includes wellness. Lead a healthy life and the immunity and resistance protect others around us too.

My agenda for six packs is back. Home routine includes yoga, walking and anabolic high intensity interval training. All ably supported with extended intermittent fasting.

And be a mentor to those wanting to start the best wellness program, intermittent fasting.

The Second Wave

Vegetable Art, And Quite Crafty Indeed.

It’s beautiful, she can convert ordinary vegetables into exotic flowers, my wife does this as a hobby and also to decorate her party table when she’s a house party hostess.

Then a teacher is a teacher. She’s a qualified teacher after acquiring a teacher training degree on top of her post graduation. But then she chose to teach in schools where our daughters went, and was the driver of our Ambassador car turned school bus.

She then became a much loved supply teacher in international schools in Philippines, HongKong and London where we were posted earning significant per diem pay.

However our final international location, Kuwait’s international schools had a blanket rule, teachers are to be native English speakers. That’s the passport should be of a English speaking country. No debate on it, but the students lost a good teacher.

I said, a teacher is a teacher and our guests in Kuwait were attracted to the explanations on what and how each flower was made.

One of them, secretary of British Women’s Association requested a demonstration for some 20 of their members. And 38 turned up at our residence. And thus started her Vegetable Carving classes. I am a beneficiary when she bought the Omega watch of the type James Bond wore, on my birthday with the money.

Once she got a call from the chef of a five star hotel wanting to be a student.

The best part was the vegetable flower soup after the classes.

Vegetable Art, And Quite Crafty Indeed.

Life Goes On. Rummikub Plays A Role

Covid is taking it’s toll for people’s activities also, the second year in running. 2021 World Masters Games to be held in Kansai Japan was postponed to 2022 (it’s a once in 4 years event like Olympics). And we were in lockdown most of 2020.

Right now, in 2021 it looks like the same and definitely much worse in India. Activities are severely curtailed and vaccination process is slow.

On activities, the only silver lining this year, was the state level masters swimming which the organisers managed to hold in an excellent manner. And us winners were supposed to be competing in National meet in June in Hyderabad.

Now it’s canceled and the announcement said it’s treated as a zero event. 2022 national will be at the same venue in February. And Swimming pools are all closed.

To make matters worse, the Cricket extravaganza IPL is postponed when the Covid bubble created burst and players got infected.

There’s nothing to do, we’re all forced to be indoors as no one knows which way the virus will enter!

That’s when Rummikub is coming to the rescue. We have a fantastic wife-husband bonding, playing this game which apparently combines the properties of Rummy and Mahjong. It challenges the brain adequately, not excessively and thus perhaps less boring as Chess.

Putting it in perspective, Chess has no jokers, but Rummikub has two.

Life Goes On. Rummikub Plays A Role