Sun-drying Bananas. How Not To Share With Birds.

Sun-dried bananas last for over a year and I got some cut ready to be spread in the balcony for drying.

There’s a problem though, birds come visiting. Not that I am bird hater or something like that; just that what is due to Ceaser is Ceaser’s.

I remembered the old trick of warding off pigeons. By the way pigeons are calm, nice, soft etc. but number one in using your space as toilet.

The technique is to hang CD discs on a thread. The shine in sunlight and the swing in wind would keep the birds on neighbors balcony, temporarily.

They will come back to sing for you once the banana is dried.

Sun-drying Bananas. How Not To Share With Birds.

ശർക്കര വരട്ടി (jaggery coated banana). New Style.

I visited my cousin yesterday and saw this innovation to Sharkara varatty.

Sharkara varatty is a must item for onam celebrations.

Now it’s being packaged and made readily available at shop shelves.

Usually raw bananas are cut into a typical size and fried in melted jaggery to give it a sweet coating.

Here sun dried ripe bananas slices are used. Ripe bananas are cut lengthwise into four, after removing the skin and dried in sun for a few days. This can be just preserved for over a year.

I had dried bananas available and decided to make the new version.

The dried ripe bananas are cut into squares and fried again in melting jaggery. Once the jaggery thickens, remove from fire and spread out for drying so that they will not stick together.

This sweeter version can be named ‘ ഏത്തക്ക പഴം വരട്ടി’. (Ethakka Pazham Varatty).

Note: Kerala bananas are used.

Health hint: use palm jaggery.

ശർക്കര വരട്ടി (jaggery coated banana). New Style.

Abundance Is Not Always a Bliss. Excess Sometimes Hurts.

I am back with the problems of people who grow seasonal produce. And this is on Kerala bananas.

Kerala bananas are unique and I have seen the same ones in some other countries like Ghana. It is used for making banana chips, banana fritters etc. Though available throughout the year, there’s bumper crops during the season.

Like all perishable produce, the excess in the season is a problem. And we see abundance along the highways selling at low prices like 4 kgs for 100 rupees.

We can help the farmers by buying this excess to process them for storage for later use.

Here it’s just a natural process without any additives. I have 6 bananas here, skinned and sliced into 4 slices for each banana.

The slices are then kept in the the sun to dry. A few days of good sunlight will process the slices into sun dried bananas.

These then can be stored in glass jars for over a year in room temperature. It’s delicious on its own. Fabulous with some grated coconut, honey, sugar or jaggery.

Cut into small pieces, the sun dried bananas can be used as dry fruits for any preparation needing dry fruits.

Banana planters get to sell their produce at a reasonable price when we individuals buy them in larger quantities and preserve for future use.

It’s again a win-win and provides the satisfaction of fulfilling a social responsibility.

Abundance Is Not Always a Bliss. Excess Sometimes Hurts.

An Easy & Healthy Snack.

Ragi powder (Finger Millet) is healthier than wheat, rice, maida etc that we usually use to make adas, chappathy and other snacks.

Ripe Kerala banana enhances it’s taste when boiled or cooked. And banana fritters is a famous evening snack.

But the batter is refined flour (maida) and rice powder. What if we bring in ragi here.

I used a simple, easy to make technique and the output is a wonderful snack option which is healthy too.

Roast two cups of ragi flour. Steam two Kerala bananas with skin till it’s soft (4 to 5 minutes)

When cooled down sufficiently, mix and mash both together. Add one cup of fresh grated coconut and half a teaspoon of cardamom seed powder. Add salt to taste.

Make the dough into small sized balls, fitting in the palm. No water is required. Spread them into round ada shape by hand on a chappathy rolling wood.

Shallow fry them on both sides in a tawa with coconut oil.

Delicious and healthy ragi ada is ready.

An Easy & Healthy Snack.