An Easy and Keto Recipe- Creamy Mushroom Soup!

A little bit of innovation makes this soup quite healthy and Keto friendly.

Chop mushrooms into slices and take about a fourth of it and sauté nicely in a pan in butter along with sliced ginger and garlic. Add some salt.

In a blender add some water and blend the remaining mushroom into a nice pulp.

Add the pulp to the heating mushroom mix in the pan. Add some more butter and pepper and continue heating.

Add thin coconut milk into the mix and allow to boil. I added a few curry leaves into it.

Here’s now the trick. Without cream or refined flour, the soup may not be creamy. And here comes the coconut flour. A couple of tablespoons of coconut flour makes the soup creamy.

Transfer into a bowl and enjoy the healthy keto creamy mushroom soup.

An Easy and Keto Recipe- Creamy Mushroom Soup!

Healthy Options in Lockdown Times.

Most baked items used maida/ refined flour, which is not regarded healthy.

Health, now is in focus more than ever before. As such it’s worthwhile to look at healthy options, even in making bread.

Here the pumpkin bread, adopted from recipe from ‘coconutmama’ is almost keto.

Healthy Options in Lockdown Times.

Keto, Ketone, Belly Fat, Muscles, Six Packs!

Health is evolving and in focus with the pandemic of Coronavirus. Immunity is highly desirable and you’re what you eat and also when you eat.

Fat was bad till a decade ago, and now good fat is really good. One of the interesting forwards is Avacado saying to the mirror ‘I may not look good, but I am good fat’.

There’s at least one consensus, belly fat is bad! And we want to get rid of it, come what may!

It’s not easy, there are so many calculations, calorie counts, calories from carbohydrates, from fat and even proteins.

And then the brain likes ketones.

We want everything. So eat less, have good fat, get into ketosis, exercise, fast, build muscles, look good, stay healthy! All!

Here’s dinner of toasted multigrain bread, with fresh avocado and moringa leaves on top, and egg fried in butter with pomegranate seeds to decorate.

Keto, Ketone, Belly Fat, Muscles, Six Packs!

Whatsapp Broadcast Group. Connected By A Theme

When I learned that many of my friends are interested in Intermittent Fasting to be healthy, I thought about forming a group to share information and for mutual support.

Whatsapp group is perhaps the easiest to manage such a requirement, but a regular group has it’s own limitations. For example, when a group is of members who are not otherwise connected, some may not be comfortable with giving personal details in the group.

A broadcast group is the solution. Here we can have upto 256 members and none of them need not know other members, except the person forming the group.

Accordingly I have started a broadcast group ‘Intermittent Fasting’ and happy to see many of my enthusiastic friends in it.

The only thing is that, I, as the originator or admin of the group, have to make sure that commonly beneficial feedback and updates are broadcast to every member of the group.

So far we have a collection of about 9 exclusive and greatly informative videos/articles. And these informations are making the program more valuable and taking it beyond just Intermittent Fasting.

The most interesting fact is that, out of the nine, only one is contributed by me. This shows how successful the group is.

I am happy to invite my friends who are interested in reading more on Intermittent Fasting, autophagy, keto diet etc., to join in this broadcast group. Send me your whatsapp number on my phone +91 9400056031 or mail: And let’s pool information and support each other.

Whatsapp Broadcast Group. Connected By A Theme