Cuckoo is a Secret Bird. But Always Heard.

A wake up call is usually attributed to a rooster. But you don’t hear anything else when a cuckoo is around.

The cooing starts very early, something like 4 am, and well, it can be a botheration.

It doesn’t stop with that! He continues throughout the day. The cooing is melodious when you are in good mood.

And a nuisance when you are not.

The black one is not easy to see as he’s clever to hide among the tree leaves. The photo here is thus exceptional.

Cuckoo is lazy, never build it’s home. But of course, will enter a crow’s nest and lay eggs.

Poor crow brings up the little ones and wonder why they don’t say ‘ka ka’ but says ‘coo coo’.

Cuckoo is a Secret Bird. But Always Heard.