Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

The world is fighting an epidemic and most of us have no clue as to how to manage it.

Wash your hands several times, social distancing, wear masks etc are precautions. Then there are lockdowns, quarantine, containment zones etc as imposed restrictions.

Herd immunity is something being spoken about. Let me start with what I imagined what it could be! (Caution: this has no scientific backing or verified results, just a figment of my imagination).

Healthy people get the virus. Their strong immune system attacks the virus and make it very weak or kill it. They in turn pass the weakened virus through contact to others. These transmitted viruses are weaker after being attacked by the strong immune humans. The transmitted weak virus gets resistance inside the new body.

This then become the norm and the virus is defeated. This is what I thought herd immunity is all about.

Look at the above Pinterest image. It’s telling something similar.

No blame on anyone who keep people away indoors. But did the lockdowns and quarantine work? Perhaps yes and perhaps no.

Then we’ve the Swedish model where the government just took the backseat and relied on people to take precautions on their own. No specific lockdown and least damage to economy and livelihood of people.

Now Sweden has the least bad news from the pandemic.

Not many want to experiment which could be termed as playing with people’s lives. But the need to survive is getting countries to unlock even before the vaccine.

There will be a spike, but results already show that the mortality rate is majorly down.

People may go bankrupt and die economically if not unlocked. If herd immunity is acquired in the process, it’s a blessing. Albeit, late!

Herd Immunity! Through A Layman’s Lens.

Intermittent Fasting and Life Beyond Lockdown

This is my message today to our intermittent fasting group.

We are starting at the prospect of having to live with the Coronavirus lurking in around us! Some predictions such as ‘no international travel for 2 years, no holiday for a year, huge job loses etc’ may well be rumours, I hope.
There are so many things impacting personal life. Health, perhaps is the only happiness. We need to at least preserve it, knowing that gyms, swimming pools, play grounds and even walking tracks are going to be very restricted.
Months long lockdown have taught us new skills. Some of which we can further them with some imagination and efforts.
The dance for TikTok video may be modified to learning some of the fast paced Bollywood/ Tamil dances. A good way for aerobic workout.
You will be a star at dance parties when all these get over.
The cooking skills acquired could be fine tuned for healthy food with focus on fresh and plant based as far as possible.
And very importantly, do yoga. If you are new, do at least Pranayama (three times) and breathing exercises. Also do a 20 minute meditation. If interested I can send videos showing how to do Pranayama and breathing and on assisted meditation.
For us Intermittent fasters, we should not let go the benefits we have been enjoying.
Perhaps this is not the time to experiment new things. Let’s be careful not to try anything extreme if it’s new.
Weight loss is a big target to many of us. I have read that those obese are more vulnerable to viruses.
Two of the weight reduction methods are diet and intermittent fasting, both supplemented with some physical activity.
We have chosen the Intermittent fasting route and if we add the diet program of sensible eating during eating window, the results could accelerate. This could be low carb, medium protein and high natural fat (preferably plant based protein and fat).
I would recommend watching the Netflix program ‘Game Changers’.
On Intermittent Fasting, let’s try and make it clean fasting for 16 hours. Those who can may extend to 17 or 18 hours. That’s when autophagy and benefits such as cellular repair take place. However, let’s not rush into 24 hour fasting etc now, if new to it.
We have seen so many expert commentaries that IF would boost immunity. One of them gave a simple example that our immune system will not be overworked fighting food based bacteria when we fast, as there’s no food intake. And the rested fighters will be more effective to combat viruses.
Last item for discussion today is diabetic and IF. I am a beneficiary of lower glucose readings and reduction in medicine intake to half, as a result of IF.
A recent discussion with a medical director was an eye opener. There are two high level dangers for diabetic in doing prolonged fasting. Hypoglycaemia and Ketoacidosis.
I would suggest, those of us on diabetic meditation ( tablets only) please send me a message and I will share more on the discussion with the good doctor.
If there’s anyone taking insulin, please contact your doctor and discuss fasting.
Intermittent Fasting is being promoted as perhaps the best for controlling diabetes. If so, we should not be denying the opportunity to the affected people. But with sufficient precautions and checks that the doctor friend alluded to.

Intermittent Fasting and Life Beyond Lockdown

Lockdown Fitness to Emerge Stronger!

All these activities in one day which separately burned 1329 calories! Perhaps it’s possible only in a lockdown situation.

There are clear objectives, to come out intact. Competitive swimming to continue and at least the swimming muscles should be worked out.

The ambition of wearing a six pack should be kept alive. Strength Training included but without weights.

Apple Watch got quite confused with swimming. But it insisted on using the water eject button after the session.

So far so good. The show must go on!

Lockdown Fitness to Emerge Stronger!

Grated Coconut, The Hard Way!

Having stuck in lockdown in Bangalore has some advantages and some adventurers. Though our place is fully furnished, there are some tools found wanting

So in place of an electric scraper and a manual machine, all I have here is a spoon sized hand held scraper for grated coconut.

But that’s an opportunity to get a tick on the daily goal of cooking. Otherwise with my wife being a maestro, there’s hardly any chance.

Here I am using my strength more than the tool to scrape out the coconut.

In the activities update, there are other exceptions too, like I broke the intermittent fasting schedule, the first time after my birthday.

Then with 1341 calories burned in yoga, floor cleaning, land swimming and walking, I was tired even to watch Netflix.

Grated Coconut, The Hard Way!

Lockdown Self-Challenge. April 17 Summary.

Active day. Did most of the 16 challenge areas. Didn’t work on my book, but did a book review and posted here, on Facebook, whatsapp group and on amazon review.

Burned 1086 calories in Apple Watch monitored activities of yoga, floor cleaning, land swimming and indoor walk. This is against target of 700 calories.

Washing is only dinner plates, but managed to do that in spite of my wife refusing to allow me the work.

Calling friends included college time good friend, but incommunicado for ten years. Priceless!

Lockdown Self-Challenge. April 17 Summary.

Lockdown Days! Self Challenge

Another satisfying day. Apple Watch showed 972 calories burned for the monitored fitness activities and cleaning job. This was 1123 yesterday. All well above the target of 700.

Land swimming is innovative, prompted by blog friend elizabeth with her comment ‘swimming in bathtub’. Thank you Elizabeth.

Didn’t get time to work on the book though

Lockdown Days! Self Challenge

Lockdown Challenge! It’s Self Challenge Though!

People in the know tell us that self-love is the start of all love. Likewise self-Challenge could be the best among all challenges!

I have been shying away from the challenges that are posed on social media. May be that i am not sure if i can live upto expectations, or is it that I don’t like to be challenged!

That’s when I realised that I have been looking at the many challenges coming up in social media in this lockdown period. Yes I have been following them as a voyeur.

So, like the passionate love starting with self love, here I am with self Challenge!

I have selected 16 items, if done, i am doing very well in the lockdown.

Land swimming, included here is from an idea posed by a blog friend. And it helps at least in keeping some of my swimming muscles engaged.

They could keep me fit, focused, healthy, helping and overall gainfully engaged. Here with 12 of the 16 being yes, I have used up the full day April 15, and perhaps exhausted.

I am loving it! And like they say here, show some love by liking and commenting on it.

Lockdown Challenge! It’s Self Challenge Though!

Lockdown Fitness!

I am now stuck in Bangalore during the lockdown and travel restrictions. Of course the Bangalore trip was planned and we have a complete set up here. Almost!

One item missing is a weighing scale. Of course, the focus of intermittent fasting is not weight loss, but the other numerous benefits including immunity booster; But I enjoyed getting on the scale everyday and see the weight. And it gives happiness when the weight is going down.

The situation is different now. When I came to Bangalore, I was thinking about the luxury access to Olympic size 50 meters swimming pool which we don’t have in Kochi. And the gym, though second only to the Kochi one, is still very good.

With swimming and gymming closed and with restrictions on walking, the only solitude is yoga.

Here of course, we have three yoga mats but I brought only one yoga track suit. The intention was to use one of the two swimming trunks I brought with me on other days.

Though the weighing scale is not there, the readings will climb if I am not careful. So it’s yoga on one mat, Pranayama and breathing exercises on the second and the third for some stretching workout or even Tik Tok! Why not.

The underlining principle is that ‘weight, once goes up, doesn’t come down’.

Yo Newton!

Lockdown Fitness!

Zoo, Role Reversal! They Came to See Us in Lockdown!

I was sitting in the living room after lunch, when I thought I felt some movement in the reception. Yes he was sitting there looking at me. He was not alone, he came with family. Father, mother and two kidos. Like we used to take our family to the zoo.

I know I have to be tactful, somehow or other I had to get him out of the house before my wife sees him. And then I heard ‘Oh my God, Oh my God’ from the kitchen. She just spotted the mother and two kids in the balcony from the kitchen window.

Now I had to act. My friendly requests to the guy didn’t even get any sign of response. I was talking to him saying that my wife doesn’t like more animals in the house and that I am quite sufficient for her.

Even such humour was ignored. That’s when one of the boys decided to come inside the cage to see who was talking to daddy. Fatherly love emerged and in the urge to protect the offspring, the big guy moved slowly taking the kido out into the balcony.

My wife came with the broom and before any war act, I manged to close the balcony door.

Well they stayed for a while and left after satisfying that they had a close encounter with the caged sapiens.

Zoo, Role Reversal! They Came to See Us in Lockdown!

Be With Us in Bad Times Too!We Feel Betrayed!

(Picture courtesy Pinterest)

Online purchase and delivery has been revolutionised by big players led by the multinationals. We were happy, and they were too, as happy customers mean more cash in the kitty.

But where are they now! They may have their own reasons, but we also have a right to be upset. One would expect them to take the lead and manage the delivery of essential goods to us, stranded by the lockdown.

Even better, they could have used their expertise in designing effective, safely distanced, virus protected delivery methods.

We clapped for the brave health angels and law maintainers and these giants missed the chance to receive any piece of it. We will continue to clap and don’t miss the chance to be there, at least now.

But they won’t! History says so. In 2018, Kerala was submerged by the biggest of floods and the first to stop service were these multinationals. It was the fisherman of Kerala who kept the stranded alive, delivering bread and water. I thought that these giants with all their experience, resources and knowledge could have shown that kindness and bravery.

So, frankly it’s not a surprise to see them washing their hands off this current requirement to get the essentials and medicines across to the stranded needy. Of course, we are seeing the likes of fishermen in the kirana/ corner stores. And we are alive, still.

I am not demanding goodwill from these giants for the money we paid them to be rich. But I am wondering why the kindness is not inherent. You need some qualities for that. One we say in Malayalam, ‘nanma’ (goodness). The other is ‘karuna’ and there’s no appropriate translation and close one is ‘empathy’, but still very distant.

I hope good sense will prevail. They are anyway sure to reap benefits of the new habit of digital technology that we in isolation are forced to learn. But memories remain.

Be With Us in Bad Times Too!We Feel Betrayed!