A Beginning To An Ambition

I was back again in my hometown in connection with a function and one of the visiting relations quipped “it’s so green and calm”.

Yes it is. And we jumped into the river where the water was fresh with recent rains. We could relive the childhood days.

And my dream is to make my small piece of land along the river, a green forest.

The Avacado plant perhaps is the beginning. The sapling is a present from a friend whose daughter grew it in water using a technique of half immersing the seed.

There are plenty of fully grown trees in the land, which include a mango tree estimated to be 100 years old.

The river has a number of winged visitors. There were white storks, water birds and I saw two kingfishers flying across shrieking at top voice.

They were different, they were big in size, like the ones we had in the childhood days. They are back.

Two disappointments, one the river has good water only when it rains well, creating a swift flow to wash the muck dumped by insensitive humans.

The second is a thriving vehicle body repair shop with a dump of abandoned vehicles and polluting the river with waste water.

Nature has demonstrated umpteen times that it can bounce back like the kingfisher birds.

And we need to cooperate.

A Beginning To An Ambition

There’s Merit in Getting Back to Ancient Wisdom

I am not talking about the wisdom of great philosophers, gurus and teachers. I am referring to simple day to day living practices of our ancestors.

Olden times, hunters spend time to gather food for the families, groups and clans. And when the food was brought, everybody assembled to eat.

Probably the hunters spent 16 hours to catch enough food so that everyone could eat for the rest of the time. And that’s exactly the, now popular, Intermittent fasting.

Olden times food was raw, fresh, natural and without external stimulants. We now advocate fresh, unprocessed and organic food.

Humans and animals had the ability to identify and use natural herbs and medicines. Though we lost the ability to spot the right herb, there’s a quest for herbal medicines.

Animals, however haven’t lost their instinct, but the challenge is destruction of nature for them to spot remedies.

And we make a hue and cry about this destruction and replacement of virgin jungle with concrete jungle.

Basically the challenge now is to acquire the animal instinct, back.

There’s Merit in Getting Back to Ancient Wisdom