Let Me Do It Before The Season Is Gone!

Mango season is going away! And I haven’t made the chia seed inspired, falooda like, healthy, display friendly, dessert.
And here it is.
Soaked in thick coconut milk and refrigerated, chia seeds form layers, in between mango, pineapple, papaya, musli and pumpkin seeds fillings, in glasses. Honey is poured in to the attractive layers.
Thank you @neethu.nambiar1 for the inspiring idea, two years back.

Let Me Do It Before The Season Is Gone!

A Healthy Option From Halo-Halo and Falooda Family!

It’s actually inspired by the nature loving, organic oriented and display specialist Neethu Nambiar, that I made this dessert.

It’s healthy, it’s natural and it’s very tasty. But mistakes are to be accepted. I had the colour pages of Bangalore Times to place my display product. Neethu was kind in not commenting on it, but I know!

Halo-Halo of Philippines and Falooda of Middle East/ Iran are treats by themselves. But they may have sugar, processed ingredients etc.

This has chia seeds, fresh coconut milk, fresh mango, papaya, apple, slightly roasted peanuts, natural honey and freshly grated coconut as contents. All natural and unprocessed if you pardon slight roasting of peanuts.

Refrigerate chia seeds soaked in fresh coconut milk. Take out after sometime and make a lower layer in a Mason Jar. Add a layer of puréed fresh mango, then a layer of peanuts, another layer of chia-coconut milk, pureed papaya on top, honey above, another mango layer, peanuts, apple, papaya, chia, mango and grated coconut.

Our Mason Jars are in Kochi and since we’re stuck in Bangalore Lockdown, we used plain glasses.

The healthy and fresh factors make this a highly desirable dessert above the famous Halo-Halo and Falooda.

A Healthy Option From Halo-Halo and Falooda Family!

My Work on Healthy Ice Cream. Inspiration, Neethu Nambiar

I was fascinated by the social media display of a lovely looking icecream by Neethu Nambiar. The display was so beautiful and i wanted to see what best i could do.

Importantly it was a healthy option, something we ignore when it comes to ice creams.

Neethu’s recipe had chia seeds in it, and I always wondered how chia seeds can be used, having heard that it is healthy.

So I had Chia seeds soaked in milk, added with mango, apple and peanuts. Instead of sugar I used honey. The mixture then got refrigerated.

That was a mistake, Neethu advised me later. Refrigeration was sufficient. Somehow I transferred the frozen stuff into a plate.

The look reminded me of ‘spotted dick’ the English dessert eaten with custard. I apologised to Neethu for the tardy look but assured her that it tasted good and was healthy, though I wanted to use coconut milk instead of diary milk. She suggested I could have used oat milk or almond milk.

Yaay, i can make ice cream

My Work on Healthy Ice Cream. Inspiration, Neethu Nambiar